Like why not? This series is fantastic. I have no complaints and I didn’t even read the comics! It’s just well written and played by the gorgeous Mike Colter.

Let me tell you. It’s only the first season and it’s addictive. It’s set in Harlem NewYork and it’s reference is in to the establishment of a powerful black family who are trying to protect the legacy that was left for them.


Luke Cage is just a hard-working black man trying to survive and make ends meet. He works menial jobs to skate through life. He starts out just as an employee of a barber shop sweeping floors and another job as a dish washer in a night club. He is placed in the path of a powerful menace who owns the club and is tossed in the throes of their dysfunctional family drama.

The show doesn’t miss a beat. Alfre Woodard is impeccably talented. Every character deserves a 10. Its Afro centric and touches on racial tensions in the black community.  But the overall synopsis is Harlem needs a hero.  Rosario Dawson holds her own. Its full of action, suspense,  and intensity.

This is not just another black cast movie or show struggling for ratings .

Luke Cage is DYNOMITE!!!