I don’t like this shit at all. It’s a fucking set up. Its MARIJUANA for fucks sake. How do you charge someone who is selling equipment for marijuana growth?

Money laundering? Bullshit. Yeah you can’t transport more than $10,000 without it being illegal. That’s just ridiculous. He should have moved. No way should he have lived in Florida. I think they need to leave this guy alone. That’s why they are keeping this shit illegal and fighting against it, because they know people of COLOR will come up financially.

Hell everyone who has interest in manufacturing will come up financially. Keeping marijuana illegal makes room for Legal prescription pills that are habitual and deadly with the slightest misuse. Yeah, America has its priorities straight. Marijuana is a PLANT. lol Just a plant. And this attorney called it dirty money. Bitch every dollar you touch is dirty!

Prove that this guy gave advice on growing Marijuana in the state of Florida. How can they prove that he gave advice on selling it in an illegal state. What’s the harm in giving advice? The banks wouldn’t take his money. What is this guy to do?

If it were a hard drug, coke, meth shit like that, I’d be on the cops side, but the fact that its marijuana, hell no.