A mother Kills her child due to difficult potty training.

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  • Katrina Shangreaux, 28, pleaded not guilty to murder and child abuse in the death of her son, Kylen, 2, on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
  • Her mother, Sonya Dubray, 47, is accused of hindering the investigation by altering or destroying evidence and giving false and misleading information 
  • An FBI agent said Kylen had bruises, bite marks, a torn scrotum and other injuries, and evidence suggests a potty-training issue triggered the killing 
  • FBI agents said the boy’s mother hit him in the head and stomach with her feet and fists until he suffered intracranial bleeding and died
  • Kylen’s father, James Shangreaux Sr., is accused of killing the child’s one-year-old half-brother in April 2015 
  • He pleaded not guilty to murder and child abuse and faces a January trial

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Potty training it’s difficult. I know, I went through it four times. It’s annoying and frustrating when you have people who are in your corner telling you just how easily it was for their child to get potty trained. I used to be so upset when my kids wouldn’t train right.

I had this one kid of mine who was extremely extremely lazy. And she would literally just sit there and poop on herself. And I knew she could get up and go to the bathroom, because she could get up and ask for snacks, and she could get up and get candy and everything else. She was talking very well, at least 3 to 4 years old. Well after a very long time of scrubbing out her undies in the sink or the toilet before I could wash them, I’d had enough. Anyone with common sense knows at a certain age a child that communicates very well can get up and go to the bathroom. She could get up and go grab her drink but she would not go to the toilet. I fixed it.

The next time she shit in her pants, I walked her little ass to the bathroom dropped them in the toilet and said WASH them! Oh my goodness she cried and I did not give a shit. That was the last time she pooped on herself. 😄😄 no spankings, no punishments  just teaching her that it’s not my job to clean up your shit.

Man she did not want to touch those panties at all, and neither did I. I wasn’t doing that shit anymore.

But there is a reasonable expectation for a child to be potty trained. You really potty train children when they’re ready. And they will show you and tell you when they are. If a child is 2 years old I’m not going to be so upset about that. Most of my kids I don’t think they got trained until around 3. Because I wanted to make sure they could form sentences and understood urgency.

I understand that pull ups and things of that nature are a bit annoying because you see that child is really big and that possibly they should be big enough to go to the bathroom. But each child is different. It’s the same thing with walking. Three of my children walked very early like 11 months and I had one child who was 15 months who wouldn’t even try. With that child I just had to be extra tough. Tough does not mean beating them. I would place her juice cup or snacks at a distance and tell her if you want it, go get it. The first time she threw a mean tantrum.  I looked down at her, kissed her cheek, went and sat down to watch television. When she realized I was not going to get it or do it for her she went over there and got it. I just smiled. Sometimes kids are like that. That girl is 17 and hasn’t changed at all. Lol she was born that way.

There are a lot of pressures on Mother’s when it comes to raising their children and what everybody elses ideal is. People will tell you when their child started writing, when their child started speaking, when their child started dressing themselves. And a lot of it makes women feel bad about what they’re doing with their own children. And that’s the reason why this mother was so stressed. Parents just really want their children to grow from that toddler stage to where they are more independent. Independence does not happen overnight.

You have to teach it and encourage it. But some parents just find themselves getting angry. A lot of parents did not choose the life of being a parent. A lot of them once they have their child they’re no longer interested. That’s why we keep seeing so many children being murdered at the hands of their parents. They don’t love them and they don’t want them and they never did. Just because a woman has the ability to give birth, does not mean she has the ability to be a mother. Being a mother is something extremely special. It literally is the hardest job. But why would a grandmother cover up this type of crime? It’s obvious the mother has made some pretty fucked-up choices in life.

Katrina Shangreaux  is accused of killing two year old Kylen. A beautiful little boy who was trying to learn to potty train. But the mother had no patience.

Mother and Daughter


Her husband James Shangreaux is also accused of killing  a year old, who is The Stepbrother to Kylen.


You know, when you look at photos it’s supposed to give you a glimpse into the past. They are supposed to give you a certain inclination of what and environment was like.  I’m looking at the photo above it’s the mother and the daughter. And they look happy I’m looking at the photo just beneath that one and it is the photo of the husband and wife. They look happy and content and in love.

Kylen and his aunt

Everybody looks happy. What the fuck happened ? I’ve heard that a picture is worth a thousand words okay fine if I look at the pictures of this little boy he looks happy he looks  normal .  So when did this family become a group of murderers and accomplices?

My number one question is who the fuck is doing drugs. I swear I barely even gather information anymore when it comes to certain cases.

You don’t even have to look up the story’s almost. It’s so blatant. I think it’s my first story of Native Americans.

But the reason why I talked about all the information up front about me potty training my kids is you don’t defend your children when they’re wrong. I taught my child when she was 3 years old that I was not going to cover for her. And when you have a grown woman whose crimes are being covered By her mother, some people may see honor in that, but there is none. There is no honor in Defending Your guilty child. I understand being supportive and nurturing. But when they are guilty you have to turn them over. My children if they commit crimes know better than to come to me. I am not going to jail for you.

Now I will admit, I cannot say for sure that this mother did not raise this child right. There are some parents out there doing a remarkable job with raising their children and the children still grow up to be idiots. And maybe perhaps mom was defending because she realized she is literally losing everybody. She’s going to lose her daughter, son-in-law and grandson. But no if it were me, I would be defending my grandson because he is too young to defend himself.



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BISMARCK, N.D. — Federal authorities have arrested and charged the grandmother of a 2-year-old boy who was allegedly killed by his mother due to potty-training issues on South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Sonya Dubray, 47, is accused of hindering the investigation by altering or destroying evidence and giving false and misleading information to investigators, court documents show. She allegedly laundered the dead boy’s clothes, cleaned the crime scene, misled investigators about alleged abuse against the boy and falsely told a Bureau of Indian Affairs special agent that the child was potty-trained.

“Potty training was the catalyst for the child abuse and (Dubray) knew the statement and representation was false,” prosecutors said in court documents.

Dubray faces charges, including accessory to murder and tampering with evidence, and could face up to 43 years in prison if convicted. She was arrested Monday and is due to make her initial appearance Wednesday in U.S. District Court in Rapid City.

Federal Public Defender Neil Fulton on Tuesday told The Associated Press that he was still getting up to speed on the case and declined immediate comment.

Dubray’s daughter is Katrina Shangreaux, 28, who has pleaded not guilty to murder and child abuse in the death of her son Kylen on July 28.

The boy was in his mother’s custody and living at his grandmother’s home in Porcupine when he died. He had bruises, bite marks and other injuries, and evidence suggests a potty-training issue triggered the killing, FBI Special Agent Mark Lucas said in an affidavit.

Shangreaux’s trial was recently delayed from early October to early December to give her defense more time to prepare. She faces life in prison if convicted.

The boy was the half-brother of a 1-year-old boy who authorities say was slain in April 2015 by the father of the two boys. James Shangreaux Sr. has pleaded not guilty to murder and child abuse and faces a mid-January trial. He also could face life in prison if convicted.