A few years ago people jumped on the wagon with the minimalist lifestyle. It’s always been in existence but it just did not have a name. And for the average person who is thinking minimalist I wonder if these photos below represent what you thought of as minimalist.

images all of these places are extremely beautiful, but I’m not certain that they qualify or classified as minimalist.The furniture is extremely clean and sleek. The lines are crisp and detailed. But is it minimalistic?

When you look at the word minimal it basically means LESS. A minimum amount, quantity or degree.

Nomadic lifestyle would equate to moving around alot. So what exactly are we doing? Let’s discuss that.

Okay so just because you have modernized your home does not mean you are a minimalist. Just because the restroom is empty and has very few items does not make you a minimalist. How can you be a minimalist when you spent $40,000 to renovate your restroom? To be a minimalist you have to first be economically challenged. If minimalist Means LESS, then why are you spending more TRYING to get the minimalist look? Minimalism is not about a LOOK. It’s about being happy with very little. It’s not about spending $5,000 on one couch and $2,500 on a wooden end table.

You guys are doing it wrong. You’re still trying to be impressive because even though you cut out the quantity of items in your home, you are spending way more for all of the few pieces that you have because the furniture industry is robbing you blind.

That is not minimalist living. They are taking advantage of a TREND. So all the granite countertops and shower walls that you HAVE to have in order to shit, pee, and wash your ass in the bathroom is setting you back a pretty penny.

Nomadic lifestyle? What’s that? Well for the civilized folks it’s a couple steps up from being homeless. Rvers would be considered Nomadic. It’s people who get off the beaten path and create their own road. They dont want to compete. They don’t care who has what. They just live day to day without the constant fears of losing their shit. They are what you call Society Rejects. Then you have some Rvers out there who are just as guilty as the rest. They purchased an RV for $400,000 and they call themselves minimalist. LOL what a joke. Then you look in their RV and you discover that they’ve spent another $50,000 or more to renovate it. Sir or ma’am you are not a minimalist. The word capitalism and minimalist do not go together. They do not coincide and they cannot co-exist.

A Minimalist approaches life from this perspective. They want to live on this Earth in whatever way they see fit and spend as little money as possible. Minimalist are frugal. They are looking for the experience of living life outside the home. They realize that the home is just a place to lay your head and to keep your things. But they are not in competition.

As a person who is a minimalist who owns no furniture, I find that I have the most rewarding life. I eat where I want. Even if it’s in an exclusive community. I do whatever I want to do. Sometimes I drive out a few miles to a more upscale neighborhood and I shop at their stores. I go to their parks and I attend their movie theaters. Honestly I don’t see a difference. They might be a few bucks upward in price, but it’s not noticeable. It’s just a different feeling. I don’t live in a bad neighborhood, thank goodness. I’m not tied down to a lease or mortgage. I don’t have the car payment even though I have two cars. I pride myself on living this way. Life has shown me that it can be very unpredictable. PEOPLE die, employment is lost, cars break down, your health can fail.

Now of course if you are extremely wealthy and have great liquid assets this entire topic does not even apply to you. You don’t have any economic crisis, you are set for life. If your car breaks down you just go buy another one. So I’m not talking to you. I’m really talking about that person who is trying to keep up the appearance, When you know you are drowning. Stop it! The person I am talking to is the one who if they lost their job, in about 30 days they will be homeless. Even if you have a mortgage, you do not own that home.

Everybody knows that DEBT is the American way. Going into debt and using credit cards and borrowing is the way to get ahead in America. And anyone who chooses to go against that is laughed at. But I will tell you something, those who are laughing are upset because misery loves company.

That is why this country frowns upon those who sleep in their car. That is why this country frowns upon the homeless. That is why this country frowns upon the poor. They don’t see them as contributors. Well fuck you America! This is my land you stupid bitch and I’ll live wherever the fuck I want to live and how I want to live. You suck and you need to wake up, because you are the problem! I don’t have to follow behind your dumb ass rule. You can’t make me take out a loan to go to college, you can’t make me buy your land or buy your dumbass overpriced house. I’ll survive my own way. You have the stupidest rules when it comes to your citizens. You have taken all of the land from everybody and put a price tag on everything so that a person who wants to Simply have a picnic can’t even do so without being told they’re trespassing.

This is the perceived nomad lifestyle. But this isn’t always a true depiction

Just because some stupid as Builder decided to go and buy land and take out a loan to build exclusive townhouses and charge $6,000 a month. That is not my fucking problem. You’re the idiot who invested in that and thought you’d get a huge return. Now you’re pissed off because over half of your town homes sit vacant. Good for you, you deserve exactly what you get. I’m not paying for your dreams. The only dreams I’ll support are mine and those who think like me.

So the next time you are thinking about becoming a minimalist. Make sure you do your research and find out exactly what it entails. It is so annoying to hear people calling themselves minimalist when they are clearly capitalist renovating their houses to have the minimalist look.

And if you think American money is so great let me tell you about a few places whose money is worth more than the American dollar. These are current exchange rates.

Euro = $1.09 to the American dollar

British Pound =$1.42 to the American dollar

Omani Rial =  $2.60 to one American dollar

Baihraini Dinar = $2.65 …

Kuwaiti Dinar = $3.28 to one American dollar

The Swiss Franc is = .99 to one American dollar

America is #6 on the list for most expensive currency. Although we are the greatest. Lol yeah keep telling yourself that.

Anytime you do anything in America that does not require the use of gas or energy are related, you are hated for it. I’ve said it before,they want you to pay for their debt. And I’m not paying for it. The fact that I have children, I cannot go off the grid because they really need running water and electricity. But I try to pay and live as cheap as I possibly can. And that is all that I’m suggesting for you. Find your happy place. Not your neighbors happy place but your own.

The American Nomad lifestyle or camper.



Are these people even real? This thing looks fake 



So instead of leaving your home and going out into the woods for a week or two with the kids, you do it everyday. This is your life. This is what you do. And you should not have to make any excuses for how you spend your money and how you choose to live. The point of this blog is to say stop all the judging. I understand maybe it may seem like I’m judging those who go into debt trying to look a certain way. And yes bitches I am! But at the same time I’m saying don’t judge me because I live in a hotel or I’m a full time RVer.

Don’t judge me because I think the woods should be my home and that I love to become one with nature. Don’t judge me because my ultimate dream home is a tree house.

Don’t judge me if my legs take me to the same destination that your $60,000 automobile took you. Don’t judge me if I go into the same restaurant you’re eating at but you’re paying with your American Express and I will pay with $50 cash.

To some of us, this materialistic wealth does not matter at all. I have two older cars that are paid for. I don’t like car payments. I hate owing people. I’ve had car payments before. I did not like it.

I am trying my hardest to respect the way people live. But sometimes I do shake my head at the things that some people consider a necessity for life. Leave your thoughts on the matter. I’d love to hear from you.