Dearborn Heights Michigan…

This is the stupidest shit. First of all NO MOTHER FUCKING SECOND CHANCES. If a bitch kill his first wife ain’t nothing he should be able to say to convince you that he was innocent. What is wrong with all these ex Con lovers? I understand that there is a shortage of men, actually NO THERE ISNT! THERE isn’t a shortage! This isn’t China when there’s tons of men with few women.

Gregory Green Of Detroit Michigan confessed to killing his wife’s 4 children 

Wow, he’s so fucking hot and sexy. Not! He’s a creeper. Look at this. And what is going on with that tight ass shirt?

This man after his fifth attempt at parole was released and look at this. He had already served 16 years for the murder of his first wife who was PREGNANT at the time. He plead no contest to that crime. Do people even change anymore? You ever seen the movies where the guy has to go before the parole board and state his case? Have you ever seen the way the members just look at the guy? They are extremely suspicious. And they have every right to be. Because just think when you say okay you approve releasing this guy before his time, whatever he does when he gets out, you may feel responsible for it. Gregory Green wasn’t supposed to be released until 2012. He married Faith in 2010. Technically they should never have met.

He killed his current wife’s children and his step children, along with torturing his wife. She barely escaped with her life.

He cut his wife in the face with a box cutter and shot her teenage children brutally in front of her.

He also killed his own children that he shares with his current wife with carbon monoxide poisoning at their home.

His charges are first degree murder, assault, torture an a host of other charges.

He had the audacity to tell the judge that he doesn’t want bond because doesn’t think that he deserves it. No fucking kidding!

It is reported that Green called police Wednesday and confessed to the crimes. Faith Green his wife had recently filed for divorce.

After Gregory had been free for two years he decided to tie the knot again. I bet this woman thought she was bringing a role model in for her children. I bet her ex husband ain’t looking so bad after all.

Their father Chadney Allen Sr says he wasn’t aware that there were even any problems in the relationship between Gregory or his children. Chadney and Faith Green have two children together, Kara Allen and Chadney Allen. Kara was a cheerleader and an Honor Society Student. Chadney Jr graduated high school in 2015.

The couple had shared two children, Kaleigh and Koi Green. They were 4 and 5 when their lives were taken.


2009. Background check on ex Con? Is that too much? Listen I’m such a shitty single person, I’ve asked for ID before a date. I just really don’t know what’s out there.

And red flags even more whe he’s an EX CON! HELLO, EXCON ALERT!!! X con alert!

Come on ladies. Really? Let’s guess he didn’t tell her huh? Nah I got family dating negros that still in jail! I got a family member right now who got kids and she’s trying to start up a family with this dude who just got out of jail for stealing a car. I typed that negroes name and he got five mugshots already. But she’s in love though. If you date a man and he in jail for stealing cars, don’t that mean to tell you that you going to be a chauffeur when his black ass get out of jail?

I guess I would not mind dating a Tony Montana. Cuz I know when he gets out of jail  we going to be Ballin. But a broke Nigga? The fuck? How you starting a family with a man that don’t even have a car? How do you start a new family with a man that have to live with you when he gets out of jail and you gotta drive his ass everywhere? How the fuck are you starting a family with a man with no fucking job?

I remember I was on a dating site years ago. No lie. POF, This Guy had profile pictures. Obviously he had a phone. But I thought he liked stainless steel and was extremely close to his restroom. I’m not stupid. First alert, a bitch trying to start a family too fast trying to be a father to your kids and shit. I had to tell him my childrens father was my husband, NOT MY BABY DADDY. HES still a great father. So I took that angle away quickly. I waited for his next approach. He started talking about when he gets out. Lol see I test everything. Im the worst dater. You gotta go through an obstacle course just to get to me. That would explain why he hadn’t asked me out yet! Hahaaha

That negro was locked up. You think I can’t tell bitch when all your photos are white walls. If every picture you take bitch you in a fucking prison pose, man fuck you.

In my book Youre automatically disqualified! Falling for that shit is 1995.

We all have to take a risk some point in time in our lives. And maybe I shouldn’t say we all have to but we all do take a risk. Some risks are greater than others. But when it comes to your children you cannot afford to take one bad risk.

Don’t give me a hard time about what I’m saying about this Mom. But what the fuck you expect me to say? What do you think I should say? These kids are dead because this woman let the wrong man into her life. That’s it nothing else.

She needs to wake up and look in the mirror and see what the fuck she’s done. She needs to realize that she has issues and that it’s not the guy she married, it’s her. You choose your mate and you’re attracted to that bullshit and you need to figure out why. You need to figure out why you’re attracted to dangerous Violent Men. You need to figure out why you keep choosing men who are emotionally unavailable and who are abusive. I understand nobody wants to be lonely. But I’d rather be alone and alive than to be in a relationship with somebody who means me absolutely no good.

You cannot tell me that this is the first time this guy has either hit one of those children or has abused her in some sort of way. Men don’t usually snap like that. There’s always signs that this guy is abusive and that he just might kill you one day or your children. If you keep finding yourself in relationships with abusive men, he does not need to be fixed, you need to be fixed. Because you are the problem.