Listen let’s get down to it. I remember Lil Kim from back in the day and honestly I don’t know not one of her songs. I only know her because of the drama between Biggie Smalls and Faith Evans. Other than that I know nothing. I don’t know really anything about Lil Kim. So I can be objective.

I wrote a Blog about  Kim years ago and I was wondering what the hell was going on then and today I have even different photos, even more extreme than before.

For Fox sake what the fuck is going on? Listen I am one to judge, I feel like it’s my right to give my opinion and say whatever the fuck I feel. I personally don’t have a problem with it at all. Not if it was botched and she look fucked up then that’s a whole nother story. But she actually looks really good.

Is it wrong to change our skin color or change your facial structure if we don’t like the way we look? What if you don’t want to look like your parents? What if your daddy was a no-good dog and you look just like him and you hate that shit? What if your mom was an abusive asshole and you wish that bitch would just died but you are her twin?

Kim could literally be killing a part of the stuff she doesn’t like. This could be the equivalent of a name change. Maybe every time she looks in the mirror she saw something she did not like and so she decided to change it. Do we have a right to give our opinion? Of course we do. Do we have to like it? No! Because it’s really not our business. Many years ago I looked at this as self-hatred meaning you did not like yourself.

And we especially Target black women who lighten their skin. We feel like you should be appreciative and happy and loving the face and body that God gave you. Bitch, imma Heathen, I don’t have time to believe in that shit. I’m atheist. I say do whatever the fuck you want to do as long as it makes you happy.


If a person is born deformed and you believe in god, should that person stay that way just to satisfy you? As a woman if you had 12 toes would you keep all 12 of those toes because that’s the way God made you? Or if you had money would you fix that shit? See everybody wants to look at it from the standpoint of vanity, but changing anything on you it’s vanity. Putting on makeup, getting your hair done, getting your nails done, that is all vanity.

A person is entitled to look the way they feel. Lil Kim is extremely bubbly and her personality is very bright. Perhaps she felt like she did not look the way she felt. It’s okay to match those things up. She really has no control over how she was born looking, but as an adult she said I don’t like it and she changed it. What’s wrong with that? Are you trying to tell me you would not change anything about yourself?

She really is a grown ass woman and she really does not owe us any explanation for her choices. It’s her money it is not coming out of my pocket and it will not change my life one bit.images-82

But what do you think? Why do you think she’s doing this?

Oh and one more thing. I hope she is done! Please be done! No more!