You may notice that Carly says after 4 days that it is getting old that the reporters and the news and the detectives are at her house. Well little girl, they are there to TRY AND HELP find your little big sister who you claim to love so much. I would think that instead of being a JERK, you’d want to help.


A message from Carly Roach to Donna and Debra Wollner

But in this photo right here of her post she talks about how much she loves her baby girl sister and how much she wants Justice. Is there anything else that you noticed particularly strange about this message?

Updated September 24, @5:14 a.m. Yes I’m awake!

Anyway after promoting this post from Carly Roach, it is determined that Carly did not write this note. Her mother did. But why did she do this? And why did she tagged Debbie and Donna? Why would she put words into her Childs mouth? Why is she this controlling? Please explain to me why she’d write in her Childs post that maybe she deserved it more than Aleah. What kind of mother is this to even put this out there about her daughter? If Carly didn’t write this,whoever did should be ashamed of themselves.

On my children’s Facebook pages I don’t even know their passwords. I don’t really care about their Facebook passwords it’s not my business unless I felt they were being inappropriate. I have also noticed under the DeMarco Roach Facebook page, Cara goes on and makes all types of posts. This is just something that she does. And it’s a little bit frustrating because it’s like she’s making everything out to be exactly the way she wants it to look. Why can’t her daughter go online and actually make her comments and express herself the way she wants to? A few days ago there was a post saying I love my mom no matter what and that she’s the best mom in the world, did Carly write that or did the mother?

Can someone tell me why she tagged Donna and Debbie? Now guys you have got to know that this is the last post that I would ever consider writing. But people keep coming to me with it so here it is. I don’t pick on kids, I don’t bully kids, and this is completely unOrthodox. But it has to be done. The fact of the matter is children do kill their siblings and their parents. There’s thousands of cases out there so it’s not like this is very far-fetched. It is obvious from all of the photos that I have looked at that Cara is actually closer to Carly. It’s a great possibility that she treats her better. Could that be because she is the biological daughter to DeMarco Roach? Of course it is. She wants them to be one happy family. From looking at all of Carly’s photos You Can Tell She’s a brat. Lots of kids are. She is extremely attention-seeking. Extremely attention-seeking like to the 10th degree. After scouring over 2 years of photos on her Facebook page, I cannot find one photo of her and her sister Aleah. Not one. Matter of fact I see her with another girl who is extremely tall and she refers to her as her sister. I see her with everyone else, including other children like little babies and she’s posting with them but I see nothing with Aleah.

Was Carly fighting for attention? Did she see Aleah as a threat? Just imagine she is supposed to be the baby girl, but her mother has to give all of her attention to Aleah. Aleah needs this, Aleah needs that. And it’s not Aleahs fault, but she’s a needy child. Was Carly jealous of Aleah?

Another photo I don’t see, I don’t see any photos of them all out together as a family with Aleah. As a mother or father with children who are very small, you put them in a stroller you put them in the wheelchair and you carry them wherever you go. You do whatever you have to do as a parent. You don’t say it’s my baby and I don’t feel like taking her out in a stroller because it’s too difficult. It’s a baby so you have to take the baby with you unless you’re going to leave the baby at home alone. I don’t understand how they can see Aleah as a baby but never treated her like a baby and never took her out. There should be tons of photos with Aleah outside of the house. We should see pictures of her at the park, we should see pictures of her at the mall. We should see plenty of pictures of her. But all the ones I’m seeing are at home in the wheelchair or lying down in bed.

Have you seen pictures of Aleah out and about? Do you personally have photos that you’ve seen of her surrounding her sisters that are not a professional photograph but an actual outdoor in the sunlight, night time hanging out pictures?

You know, kind of like the ones we see of them. They’re all minus Aleah.  It seems to me that Aleah was in the way.

Most parents when they have children, little babies they have pictures of them at restaurants, and at other family outings. I remember a time my little girl was about 5 months old and we went to Chuck E cheese for a birthday party for my other daughter. My five month old screams like crazy. She just cried the whole damn time and it pissed me off because I was trying to celebrate my one Childs birthday, I tried everything I could to soothe her. 99% of the photos taken at this birthday party, my little girl was crying in every photo.

It was the worst birthday party ever! But when we look at the photos today we laugh so hard. Because right now it’s actually funny.

I think about how embarrassed I was at this party too. People kept looking and and making faces. I was so annoyed. I could not really leave and interact with the other people at times because the baby would not shut up.



Does Aleah Beckerle have Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy? I’m trying to figure out if they were using the ACETONE that’s shown in the picture to stop or control her seizures.




Or was it being used to wash drugs and make it more pure or create Meth?

Maybe just a mother trying to clean up marker stains.

Why do people think that Carly Roach knows something? What is it about her that gives that impression?

The older daughter Mikayla seems more reserved and distant. You’d expect her to behave the way Carly is. But no, it’s not that way.

Reading Carly’s comments about Aleah Beckerle makes her almost sound like she pities her. And she comes off more advanced than her years. Was there tension in the home because Mikayla and Aleah weren’Demarcos children?

Does Carly think she is better than her sisters? Sibling rivalry is alive and well, so let’s not act like it doesn’t exist. Who could Cara be protecting? Other than Mikayla who isn’t seen much, Cara and Carly are very close. Is that abnormal? Of course not. But close enough to cover up the deeds of another? That’s possible.

You may have seen the videos with Carly. She comes off as this sweet, soft spoken little girl. I’m not buying it. Not at all.

This girl runs the show around there. It’s evident that SHE is the baby and nobody else. She wants her mommy all to herself.

All of the sentiments we are getting right now are for show.

This is easy for this child to be fake because she’s used to seeing the family and friends of her mother be fake asses. On camera for the news, they are praying their hearts out. But on Facebook, they are ghetto as fuck. Loud mouth ratchet hoodlums.

You can tell how a parent feels about the father of a child by the way they treat that child.

Cara is ALL OVER Carly. As a parent you have to try and balance the relationship between your children. Giving each one their own time, but making sure that nobody feels rejected or left out.

I’d love to see pictures of Aleah out with the family. You know, a 17 or 19 year old Aleah. Do they exist?

Point Blank.

Did Carly Marshae Roach kill her sister? Either by accident or intentionally?

It’s a fair question.



Let me tell you a story. You might have heard it before. A little girl is sleeping in her bed and her mother’s boyfriend comes in to the room periodically and touches her sexually. The girl is afraid and doesn’t know what to do. The boyfriend repeats this behavior. Finally the girl says, If you don’t buy me a pony, I’m going to tell mommy what you’re doing to me. The man looks quizzically at the girl then makes the deal. He continues to molest her and the girl stays quiet because she wants that pony.

As time goes on, it’s getting closer for the girl to get the pony. Her birthday arrived and that morning she was overjoyed. Unfortunately when she went to the living room, there was no pony. She was furious! She sought her mother’s boyfriend to confront him. She tells him that he lied to her. He says, no I didn’t. Come, go with me I wanna show you something. They drive out a bit and lo and behold, behind a wooden gate, a cute little horse. She leaps from the vehicle and hurries to the horses side. She then looks back at her mother’s boyfriend smiling and he says, I told you I’d get you a pony.

She turns her attention back to the horse and just as she’s about to pet him. The boyfriend pulls out a gun and shoots the horse dead. He goes back to the vehicle and waits for the child. She begins to sob.

The end.

Be careful who you make a deal with.