I refrained from writing about Martin in the beginning because I needed him to be the victim. But today is a new day and I would like to go down that Avenue. James Edward Martin, not to be confused with James Edward Wilson, and not to be confused with Martin Nolan Harmon- Pressley. They are all different people. James Edward Martin was the victim who was beaten by James Edward Wilson and Donna Robertson and Debbie Wollner.

If it is confusing for you I completely understand. James Martin was beaten by 3 people three of those people were arrested one of those people has since bailed out. Debbie Wollner bailed out. This beating took place July 21, 2016. You may also remember that a fire broke out at a vacant house that was said to have Aleah on the same day.

Supposedly a video surfaced to Evansville police department around July 21st 2016. We do not know where this video came from, but it is a video of a man who had been beaten and he was making some sort of confession and you could hear people in the background arguing and telling him what to say. Those three people are the people as mentioned above. That’s EXCLUDING Martin Nolan Pressley. He is the Ex boyfriend to Cara Beckerle. For those of you who are new to the case. Cara Beckerle accused him of taking Aleah or knowing something about it. Well anyway Robertson, Wollner and Wilson…

Let’s just call them the Trifling Trio.


screenshot_2016-09-20-09-46-57you may notice that James Martin was a victim of battery here as well as July 21. But if the first picture is him, well he beat someone pretty badly in 2014. He was listed as a habitual offender.

On September 9, 2016 he was just arrested for Driving w/o ever been issued a license.

In April 2016, arrested for theft

On January 11, 2014 arrested for Driving without ever been issued a license

On October, 17, 2012 arrested for Possession of Meth

On January 20, 2014 battery with serious injury

There may be more charges but because his name is so popular there are countless in Indiana with very similar names. I’ve attempted to narrow it down the best I can that’s where I need you. I do not have his date of birth and I wanted to verify that the man in the picture is who I am talking about. Do any of you out there know who he is?

Okay let’s begin. Below are the events that took place according to a report


Alright. According to Indiana Public Record there are two sexual predators by the name of James E Martin in Evansville Indiana or surrounding areas. One is a black man and the other is James E Martin Sr. A white male.  Of course this story that I am talking about is referring to James Edward Martin jr. (By the way, there are 2 James E Martin jr’s). I do not know if they are related. I do not know if they are father and son. That’s where you come in at. It would be something interesting if his father was a pedophile.


My thoughts are was it a coincidence that James Edward Martin was chosen to give a false confession about this disappearance? Did someone do their homework,  But make a mistake and got the names mixed up? See it’s very easy to do, same name, but DIFFERENT city. I had to really really take my time and try to get all of the charges right. I don’t believe he was chosen at random. Especially because there is a man with the same name but he just so happens to be a senior and he is a sexual predator.

James Martin is currently doing 60 days for the July 16, 2016 event. He was arrested yesterday.

Another reason for me doing this blog is because even me in the back of my mind I’ve always had doubts that this guy was clear. I know they cleared him but I did not have enough information about him to be satisfied with their conclusion. I’m not saying he’s guilty. I cannot say that. But I would like to know was James Martin in jail July 16 2016? Was he in jail? I Read the police report where he was pulled over and he went to jail, but the thing about the report they did not give a name. And I looked up everyone that was arrested July 16th 2016 and there were 3 people in all. I do not understand why the report did not give his name. ( I have to admit, I can’t find it!) I thought I saved it! But if you look at the court document you will see that an incident took place with him July 16th 2016.


Ok so I’ve presented part of my case. Once again I need to know whether James Martin jr. Was in jail the entire July 16th to July 17th 2016. Why? Because he was ultimately the reason why Evansville police department was sidetracked. He was cleared and now we need to figure out why and how.

The fact being is because he was supposedly arrested that day or that night but the time on the report actually States I believe military time 1530 to maybe 1600. Because for sure he was pulled over and he did not have a driver’s license on him and he had never been issued a driver’s license so he should have been in jail that night. Supposedly that was the night that Aleah Beckerle went missing.

Of course I Have Heard it Through the Grapevine that Martin had stolen the car that night and he was driving a vehicle that he had no permission to be driving. I can’t find any reports of that car being reported stolen, however through the Grapevine on many of these forums he had a car that night.

The case was reopened this month and I don’t know why.

Okay it’s time for theories.

Being that there just so happens to be two sexual predators in Evansville with the same name, perhaps the trifling Trio along with let’s say Aleahs mother, came up with a wonderful plan. The average person who does a background check on James Martin would just automatically assumed it was him and they wouldn’t do any further investigation to see what race the guy was and what the address was. But I’ve looked up James E Martin the guy in the photo above and I don’t see anything about him being a sexual predator at all.

As you see he is not innocent. We all jumped on that wagon and said Oh poor Martin. But Martin can be very violent. James Edward Martin has a temper. But we need to find out whether he had anything to do in the case with Aleah Beckerle missing.

If James Martin was in jail then that would clear him, providing that the date given is accurate. But let’s just say he agreed to this beating in the hopes of a nice reward. I don’t know if he’d do that or not but I can tell you this, he is a thief. And he is a thief who has a meth habit. That’s enough right there. All of these people involved in this story actually have substance abuse problems so anything is possible. I would like for us to get out of the mood that James Edward Martin is a victim. He could very well be a co-conspirator. How would the events that transpired between he and the trifling Trio affect Aleah Beckerle? I’m a little bit perturbed because I don’t understand how he was cleared so fast unless they have a record that he was in jail.

And how do you be cleared from being guilty of a Murder? I don’t understand when they mean he’s been cleared are they trying to say that in the case of Aleah Beckerle he did not kidnap or hurt her? Because that right there would be absolutely disgusting.

I don’t understand how he could get clear from that. Do you? The officers felt that he was telling the truth and therefore he is clear? Without any major investigation? But because he just so happens to be the victim they let it ride. What if he is our Guy? What if he was our guy? What could be done today? Do you see how perfect that plan would be if they cannot try him for that case? Then we’d have to question Cara’s involvement in the entire situation. After all they bought him to her house. And she never said anything on the news about it and she never reported the crime. So what does that say about her?

Newman LaRue stated that he believes that a person who was previously cleared is behind the entire thing. But why? Why would James Martin want to kidnap or hurt Aleah? Now I’m guessing or at least hoping that the only thing that Martin is cleared of is giving a false confession. But that does not mean that he should be declared innocent. Just because the confession was coerced does not mean the confession was not true. Did James Wilson tell the truth when he said that James Edward Martin did confess?

It’s getting harder to know who to believe. None of us were there so we cannot say for sure all we can do is speculate. But what is the likelihood that Martin did this? First of all we would need to have a report from the family member that he took the car from. Is there such report on file? We would not be able to establish any motive and it is almost silly to assume that Martin is a major dealer. Meaning perhaps Cara owed him some money and he took Aleah as a way to get payment. Once again if I’m a dealer and you owe me money I am going to take  your oldest daughter or I’m going to take one who is able and I am going to make her work for me. If you know what I mean. Martin is a thief. Cara stated that she believed that maybe someone came in the house to take pills from her because they knew she’d have pills after her surgery . But that’s kind of strange considering it was July 1st when she came home from the hospital and this would have been 2 weeks later. So I don’t understand why somebody would assume that she just had extra pills lying around. Plus I don’t see any doctor prescribing her narcotics. So what pills exactly is she talking about? But let’s just say it was about pills. Well why not just take the pills and leave the child behind?

Why would someone come in and risk getting caught over anxiety pills or pills to stop a seizure?

Unless they thought she had some Adderall or Vicodin around that her boyfriend DeMarco uses. But even at that, the fact of the matter is she did not wake up until the following morning to notice that her child was missing. So the person would have had ample time to search the house completely and find whatever pills they needed.  ACCORDING to her she was dead asleep and didn’t hear a thing. Okay let’s add more to it. Let’s say it was James Martin. So that means the dog did not bark because he’s used to seeing James Martin over there? Well now now, how much sense does that make? You mean you are hanging around meth heads? I thought you had cleaned up your act and that was the past. That means that James Martin was over there July 16th 2016.

I’m going to present this blog the way it is and I will be back later with more information.