I remember one time I was at a friend’s house and her fourteen-year-old daughter was there. I was talking to her about school and getting her education and becoming successful… you know, being somebody when she grows up. And she just kind of stared at me with this blank look on her face. I was a little confused because I thought well maybe she does not hear me. But she heard me very well. She just was not interested or convinced with what I was trying to tell her. So she said to me, “what is the point of doing all of this when you’re just going to die anyway”? I just stood there dumbfounded thinking, Shit, I don’t know.

I thought I had all the answers and this little teenager taught me something in a matter of 2 minutes.  I’m not certain that I  liked that question but it made me relax a lot more. And it also made me start to think about my own personal life and my own choices that I’ve made over the years. I started thinking about what’s most important in my life and what was a necessity and what was something I could throw away.

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Okay so the top video is of wealthy the second video is poor the third video is rich.

So you tell me which one do you feel is better. Everyone wants to talk about being successful and having a great job and making millions of dollars and truly enjoying this capitalist country. But I’m over here trying to become a minimalist. I have managed to acquire so much in my life. And now I am so fed up with things. I am so fed up with stuff. I literally try to keep my house so light so that when it is time to move if I should ever need to, it will be a breeze and we can be done in a few hours.

But I remember when I was younger, I was a major pack rat. I was a collector of everything. If I set my heart on decorating a room a certain color, oh my goodness I would buy 50 items all that color. Sometimes I’d have extra, but you know what, extras good just in case you run out. … that’s what I told myself.

But where do we get this idea from? Where do we get the idea that capitalism is the way to go? I understand that everything in this country is for sale. It literally is for sale. When God has a price tag, then we know we have some issues. Because serving the lord is not free. Eventually no matter what church you go to or what your religious beliefs are, you are going to be asked about making the donation. Unless you are pastafarian like me. LOL the Flying Spaghetti Monster doesn’t ask me for anything.

I know everybody in this country is not like that. But so many are. We’ve created a Debt system to support our way of thinking.  MOST of the times it does not matter if you can afford something or not. If your credit is good, then you can have what anybody else can have for the most part. Did you ever watch the movie 99 Homes with Michael Shannon? It is a remarkable movie. So what about the cost of it all? What about the cost of it all when you’re willing to do anything you can just to keep up a certain appearance? Does money have that much of a stronghold on you? I understand we all need money, and maybe need is a strong word. It’s perhaps better to say money is a necessity at times. But I was tracking a homeless man (by choice) he is, and his adventures in Arizona. He found his own way to survive for free. I believe it was Arizona. Regardless it was an extremely rural area and he set up camp Within these caves. He was not disturbing anyone. He was not using any of the resources. He was merely living off of the land. Yes the land was DESIGNATED a tourist area, but he was completely out of the way and he had the cave set up to where anyone who wanted to lounge around and just relax when he wasn’t there they could enter and enjoy themselves at any time. Well a Ranger came along and told him that he had to move, but not before fining him. The man was very distraught. He did whatever he could to fight that fine. He just wanted to live a life of peace and solitude. But what is going on in this country where you cannot sleep in your car?  A place where you have all of these rules about where you can park your campers.  For this country to sing the song This Land Is Your Land, This land is my land, I’m not feeling it.

And you are punished when you don’t have capital or refuse to use your capital. Why should I be punished if I don’t want to live that lifestyle? Why should I be punished if I don’t care about gold and silver and riches and fame and mansions on waterfront properties? Why should I be punished? What if a person wants to just get a piece of land and build themselves a makeshift house and put up solar panels? I guarantee you some city inspector is going to come along and give them a violation. America wants you in debt. And they want you to pay for their products. Have you seen the price of Solar panels? This country has no interest in exploring NATURAL resources.

What is the point of being rich if you can’t do what you want to do? I remember hearing a story about a very prestigious community and the residents paid at least 2 – 20 million dollars for a home there. Do you know that this community did not allow motorcycles? All of the millions of dollars that people were paying to live in this gated community, they could not have a motorcycle. This community has so many rules. And just think about when you go out and buy a brand new home and you have a homeowners association. They dictate everything you do from the color of your house to the trees that you plant.  To your bushes to your grass, everything is controlled.

Oh but they don’t mean any harm, they just want to make sure everything is decent and in order. They just want to make sure that you are the cookie-cutter resident that they’re hoping you to be. Fuck that! Who wants to live in a community with every house looking the same and nobody can have any type of individuality? So is it better to die rich or poor?

Here is my rule. If you have billions of dollars and you cannot spend your money the way you want to and you cannot live the life that you want, to me, you are already poor.

Money is supposed to bring a certain level of Freedom isn’t it? I watched a television show yesterday or maybe it was today. There was an auction and I saw a Chevy Chevelle go for $720,000. At that moment I hated Americans, (The U.S, to be exact). I’m an American as well but I’m not stupid. Why would you spend that much money on a piece of metal? Why would you spend that much money on a vehicle that you will never get up to full speed because the speed limits here in America are too strict? What about bicyclist? Do you see the hell they go through a lot of times? It is ridiculous how many streets in my city have absolutely no place for a cyclist to ride. I mean a road 2 miles long that has absolutely no sidewalk or a place for cyclist to ride. And completely residential. That tells you right there they don’t really care about us.

It’s okay if you have millions of dollars, just don’t let us catch you taking it to another country. You better not travel with all that money on you. But it’s not your money though it’s my money.  I should be able to do whatever I want right? Hell no. That’s money laundering. But it’s your money. I think it was James Brown who used to bury his money in the backyard because he did not Trust Banks. Can’t say I blame him. You know it’s bad when you live in a country where you have to bail  out the banks.  We are all going to die and we are all going to leave everything behind, with the exception of that black guy that insisted on being buried inside of his car LOL that negro said he is NOT leaving it behind. He took everything with him…

Life is so precious. If you have love, friends, decent health, good food, you are very wealthy. I hear that a rich man never sleeps.

To me, money doesn’t buy happiness and it doesn’t make you rich. It’s just something that allows you to buy more stuff. Then a bigger house to put more stuff.

If having tons of money makes you feel good about yourself and your existence, then why not? I live in a community where Fortunately I can walk to a lot of places.

You should make your life convenient. I remember a co-worker of mine years ago drove this huge SUV to work and she complained that a top off would cost $20.00. Hell my car would fill up for 20 bucks. She lives an hour away from the job. That’s stupid. She’d brag about how great her credit was. CLEARLY she was trying to be impressive. If she lost that job, the bitch would be screwed. She literally owned nothing that she had.

Rich- having a great deal of money and assets.

It doesn’t say, having a car payment but you look successful. It doesn’t mean having a mortgage. It means OWNING shit. If you don’t own anything, then you’re poor. You need to have liquid assets.

The borrower is slave to the lender.

So the next time you’re on a quest for success, think about what really matters. In the end is it better for your eulogy to say, he died penniless or he died a wealthy man?