Looking at the pain in his mother’s eyes is so unbearable. She watched her son who was in school and in sports and had a normal childhood, she watched him spiral out of control because of opiates. A prescription medication that was given to him by a doctor. How does something like this that is prescribed take your life away? It is so disheartening to see a country where prescriptions are just tossed out to anyone in pain, knowing full well that this medication is highly addictive and that it benefits the Pharmaceuticals.  And the manufacturers who continuously provide these medications, knowing the risk involved only because they want repeat business. What does that say about the integrity of pharmaceutical companies? So many of them are the problem.

Jennifer Weiss-Burke saw this as an opportunity to bring awareness to government officials and to attempt to stir up a Bill that would control how Opiates are prescribed. She and her husband David Burke are advocates in New Mexico.







Commissioners recognized Jennifer Weiss Burke for her hard work and dedication to the community as the executive director of Healing Addiction in Our Community & Serenity Mesa Youth Recovery Center.

Since its founding in 2010, Healing Addiction in Our Community has been advocating on behalf of young adults who are struggling with substance abuse issues, providing education to prevent substance abuse and reduce harm, and raising awareness about addiction and the need for youth treatment and recovery services in New Mexico.

Ms. Weiss-Burke is fueled by her own experience as a mother trying to get help for her son, Cameron, who tragically lost his battle with addiction at the age of 18, but who inspired a movement that is now helping to save lives.



A little Cameron 



This story was active today although the events transpired some time ago. I wanted to bring a spotlight to the situation because it does have a somewhat positive ending.



But mostly I really wanted you to think about drug addiction in this country. This young man  was given a drug extremely strong and at a very young age. We could say forever that it’s the parents responsibility to administer medication to their child and to a degree you may be right. But at the same time I don’t see how this could have been avoided. The mother knew absolutely nothing about opiates at that time and she most definitely did not know that they would lead to heroin. How does one know that? I probably would have been guilty of doing the same thing. And everyone’s body responds differently to medication.

I’ve heard some people say that it’s no one’s fault when an addict becomes an addict. I can relate to what they are trying to say, but that is only from the standpoint of a person who was chasing a certain feeling or person who is chasing a certain level of high or euphoria. But that is not the initial case with Cameron. Cameron had a legitimate need to have his pain subside and he was given a legal prescription to assist in pain management. This prescription was not obtained off the street or in some back alley, this young man and his mother went to a licensed doctor and received a script. So no it is not that young man’s fault. As you can see Percocet is legal.

We need to draw the line between addiction and victimization by pharmaceutical companies. Yes there are warnings, why do we need to make these medications with addictive properties? Well as the video States an addicted patient is a patient who returns and gives you repeat business.

This is a little off topic I remember people having a huge debate about what McDonald’s put in their burgers because the children were so crazy about them and they continuously wanted to eat McDonalds everyday. A study came out and said that McDonald’s put something in their buns like some type of sugar or some synthetic sweetener substance to make their buns more desirable. Also their ketchup is sweet. So it boils down to SUGAR.

The same thing goes with the ramen noodles. People that start eating them can not stop. It’s like is it the MSG or what is it that they put in that stuff that makes it so tasty to where you just can’t wait to get your hands on it? So it boils down to MSG.

Now imagine that in pain medication. Imagine you’re already in pain and the only medication that they have on the market is extremely effective for pain but it is highly addictive. AND if you have any slight misuse of it, you will become an addict and eventually become a heroin user. THATS WHAT YOU PUT ON THE LABEL!




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