A story came out yesterday about Ryan Cox who claims to be the second cousin to Aleah Beckerle. He was doing the search over the weekend which only produced 4 people. Aleah Beckerles grandmother Lydia LaRue was there. I don’t believe she was searching, but she was there. But let’s talk about who  I did not see. I did not see Cara. I didn’t see all of the friends who are local to Evansville who come on my page on Facebook and come on my website and talk shit to me. Literally, where were you guys? You come on my page talking shit but I don’t live in Indiana. It’s going to take me about 2 days to drive there. But you live right there in the city. “Cara Beckerle is your girl. You guys went to school together, she’s your friend, you love her, Aleah is such a little baby. She’s such a little angel, we have got to find her.” But where the fuck were you over the weekend? Talk is cheap bitch. You have this page Bring Aleah Home, and so many others with admins … but Was Laura VanBibber there? I don’t see any of you guys out there searching.

So what is it? Are the stories that Cara has been telling you becoming too complicated now? Are you finding yourself doubting that Aleah is alive and you just don’t know what to do? Are you merely being supportive in public just to look good and feel good about yourself but behind closed doors you know you think she’s guilty? I mean it has to be something like that because if you guys can talk so much about how much you love her and how much you love her daughter’s, I don’t understand why you guys aren’t there? Was it too hot? Didn’t want to ruin your manicure? I thought you cared about that little angel. Bitches you seem like you’re full of shit and you’re all talk. And don’t get me wrong I understand why you’re all talk and you’re full of shit because Cara wasn’t there either. LOL so why would you be?

I mean if the mother doesn’t show up to look for her own child or doesn’t show up at the command center to pass out water and tell everybody THANK YOU and maybe to bake some treats and something for the people that’s there in the Sun, I mean why should you? I mean I’m being considerate to the fact that she had a surgery and maybe she’s weak and maybe she’s tired and she does not want to find her daughter like that. I get it I understand I sympathize, but at the same time I don’t understand how a search party is out there looking for your child, looking for your baby, looking for your precious sweet angel that GOD gave to you, bitch and you not there. Ericka don’t get that. The least you could have done with some of that GoFundMe money it still show up with some chocolate chip cookies or some milk or some shit bitch that’s the least you could have been doing. The least you could do is show up with some chips some water,  show up with something to give these people for looking for your child. THAT’S your child. That is not their child.  THAT’S your responsibility. I challenge anybody who would like to email me a photo of the search and tell me that Cara was there. I would really appreciate it and I will take my words back. But until then who does this Diva thinks she is to just sit back while everybody else does all the work? If it were my child I would feel so guilty for not searching but I would make sure I took care of everybody who was. I would cook them dinner.  I would invite them over. I would let the news come over to my house to see what I’m doing for the community that is helping me. I will be doing all of this. Because I would realize that that is my child and that these people don’t owe me a damn thing.

I don’t know who Ryan Cox is, but at least he’s on the news talking. And at least on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon he was not at the mall he was at the command station at the command center giving out orders and trying to look for this child. Could he be Shady? Of course he could. They have all been shady! If he asks for money should you give it to him? Why not? He can’t be no worse than the original con artist Cara Beckerle. At least he’s talking to the news.

Where was Cara though? She has to get involved too if she wants to see the community help. The fact that she keeps changing stories might have something to do with why people aren’t showing up. Was it around a week or two ago when she said she believed that someone has Aleah and that they are taking care of her? But you put that information out for all to see and then you have a problem when people aren’t searching the woods for your daughter. How does that work, like how does that make any sense? How are you going to tell me on Sunday that you believe that someone has your daughter and that they’re taking care of her and then on Monday you have an attitude that people aren’t out in the woods. I don’t get it.

Also doesn’t Aleah have an aunt or two? She doesn’t have any other family to look for her but the 4 that showed up? She doesn’t have any cousins other than Donna Robertson?

I’d like to hear from those of you who were there. All 4 of you. See, personally I can’t get upset about this too much because people have lives. The ones I’m talking about are the ones who bitch and moan about others not searching but they didn’t either. Lol

The reason I decided to write about ALL developments in this case is because well I started it. I got this ship going. So I might as well stay the course.

I took a peek at the Bring Aleah Home page today. It’s a decent page. Newman LaRue was on there. Hes Aleah Beckerles granddad. He seems to believe that an outsider did this. He also states that after Demarco went to jail, he thought everything would be ok. People seem to respect him. He also stated that he believes that someone who was cleared had something to do with EVERYTHING. LOL I find that ironic. I have another blog coming out about this same thing. I’m going to need the help from my readers though. Ok? I literally need your eyes.

Stay tuned. You know there will be more.