No self-respecting woman would ever allow her boobs to sit so low and her necklace to be crooked! That in itself is grounds for me to say guilty! images-69



See what I mean?


Ok here’s the real stuff.

I don’t trust homeschoolers. The reason why might be a little bit stupid but I’m just telling you the truth. When my kid was really young like in the 7th grade she was having a lot of problems in school and she was falling behind. So as the good mother that I am, I decided to homeschool her to try to get her caught up. Well after 6 months of failing grades, I didn’t understand. She had no distractions so I felt like her grades should have been an A in every class. Well also being too nosey person that I am, I decided to do a thorough check on the history on the computer, I discovered she had been watching porn! Also discovered that she spent most of her time on YouTube watching videos. Boy was I shocked. I put her little ass back in school.

Now that was my little story, but for these parents the reason why I don’t trust them being homeschoolers is because most home-school parents have something to hide. What type of parent are you where you don’t want your children to have regular exposure to other kids? To me that is a red flag. That is a warning sign. In Order for children to develop, they need to be around other members of their Community. They need to learn how to deal with others outside of the home. And when you take that opportunity away from them it’s kind of like you’re stunting their growth.

We learn from being around each other. And so I would say some type of Public Communication for your children is essential to their growth. These parents also did not believe in vaccinations. That means a lot. I don’t want to get into the debate about whether vaccinations are good or not, I’ll just tell you my children had all of theirs they’re up-to-date and they’re in school. Besides I don’t know enough about vaccines to even debate about it.

When it comes to the health and safety of your children I’d rather be safe than sorry. Okay so the neighbors have been complaining about these parents. Matter fact these parents keep moving from state to state. William and Claire are on the Move worse than fugitives are. These two are doing more running than Harrison Ford.

The thing about this story also is believability. When you’re new in the community, nobody knows you. So they have no personal Vendetta against you, they don’t know you. They don’t know your name they don’t let your past they don’t know anything about you. So the likelihood that they are going to just make up something random on you is very very slim. If the neighbors are complaining, then it is true. 99% of the times the neighbors are not lying. First of all neighbors are extremely nosey. And if every state you go to in every city in every house that you rent out your neighbors are complaining about you, you have a problem. And that is the case with this couple and their 11 children. Everywhere they go the neighbors began to complain. The neighbors are complaining about loud screaming that sounds like torture, the neighbors are complaining that the children eating out of trash bins. Even though the mother states that she is homeschooling the kids, the social workers went to the house and didn’t see anything relating to school materials and the children were not being taught at that time. Also the mother and father of these 11 children state that they receive $1,100 a month in food stamps. The social worker checked the house and said there was not enough food in the home to feed 11 children.

So the children were removed from their parents. The ages of the children range from 16 months all the way to 17 years old. And they have all been removed from the home. In the past these parents have been accused of neglect because their two year old was found wandering alone with no supervision. These two have been to Colorado they’ve lived in Michigan and now they are in Texas with the same problems. University students who live close to their home have testified that the children have been eating food out of the garbage cans. A 5 year old child of theirs, when asked where she slept at night, stated that she slept in a box in the closet because she did not have a bed.

Okay so you tell me when we draw the line and where we draw the line. What is it okay for a parent to do? There were complaints that the children were wearing hand-me-downs. But what’s wrong with that? I go Consignment shopping too. Let’s discuss the negligence as far as the homeschooling and the vaccinations. Do you find those two negligent?  If a parent does not participate in public schooling or private schooling or vaccinations does that make them a bad parent?

Because these cases are hard to track and Trace from state-to-state these parents continuously get away with a lot. So as soon as they come under investigation they gather up their children and they move. That is what Texas has prevented. They were able to stop them in their tracks, because they are known for running. One investigator believes that that is their method and they wanted to put a stop to it.

This couple has not been charged with anything. They just don’t have their children anymore and they are fighting to get them back and they stated that they are willing to do whatever is necessary to get them. Do you believe they deserve these kids? You know I don’t. And I would love to side with them, but I just can’t. Especially when the neighbors are complaining. I can respect the fact that you don’t want to the vaccinations and I can respect the fact that you want to do homeschooling but the children not having beds, not enough food, eating out of trash cans? I can’t do anything with that.

So when do we become a nation of meddlers? Or are we just as guilty when we don’t intervene?