Colin is the child of a biological white mother and a biological black father. That means Colin is a man of color. He is a person of color, he qualifies as people of color, he is a mutt. He is just like President Obama he is a person of color. By the way, I love mutts. I don’t see that as a derogatory term, I see that as factual.

So before you come on this site talking about hes white,  knock it off! But I go a step further.  If you have such a problem with him being black let me go ahead and help you out with why it’s better for you that he is a person of color. Let’s just say he is a white man, then that means what you have is a professional football player who is refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and he is white. Yeah that’s a slap in the face. So you need to accept that he’s black, that looks better for you.

I read somewhere where someone was saying how he grew up in middle class in America and how he was adopted by two white parents and he had a pretty good upbringing and went to good schools. They also stated they did not understand how he could have faced any type of discrimination in his life because of his social surroundings. Yeah you’re an idiot. Don’t you realize that mulattoes are bullied just as much as their black counterparts?

Anytime you’re not a hundred percent white in America you run the risk of being attacked even by your own people. So stop acting naive and acting as if you don’t understand how this guy could have gone through any type of Oppression. Colin would have received discrimination from both sides. He wouldn’t be black enough and he would not be white enough.

Let me tell you why Colin Kaepernick decided to go on the dark side. Because for him it’s easier. So he understands that there are a lot more people on the dark side who are willing to accept him just as he is and would be willing to stand with him. He understands also that by not standing for the pledge that white people would consider him extremely unpatriotic. So he chose the team that was good for him. He’s not thinking about you and he doesn’t have to think about you. That’s his personal choice.

Racial oppression it’s not something that one has to physically go through in order to understand. So saying that Colin has no right to feel the way he feels because he grew up in a nice Community is so stupid. That’s just like saying that I can’t care about certain social injustice because I did not experience that particular event. I don’t have to be a Jew to sympathize with the Holocaust. Listen this is not an attack on every Caucasian white American. This is an attack on ignorance, and you know I have no tolerance for it.

This is 2016, Colin is not trying to pass for white. He can’ just looking at him I would never have Associated him with being white at all. And to you Racial fuckers out there you know to you he’s just another nigger. Don’t even try me. If there was a race war right now Colin will be shot right along with the rest of the blacks and Mexicans and Latinos and Italians and Asians.

He’s a man of color.

Do you know how many people of color are out there right now? There are so many biracial kids. And they struggle with identity. They are constantly being told that they must choose a side. But that’s not fair. I’m certain that Colin Kaepernick embraces both sides of himself. And if he was raised by decent parents they would encourage him to study both cultures.

I remember Tiger Woods and the racism and Prejudice that he endured upon entering the Golf scene. Tiger Woods was merely seen as a black man who could play some serious Golf and kick some major ass. But Tiger Woods is biracial. His mother is Asian his Father, black. Every biracial person has to go through the same challenges. It doesn’t matter what you’re mixed with, you have to decide what you identify as. And it cannot be left up to someone else’s personal opinion of you. But I have to take it a step further and say that it’s not even about being biracial.  As a human being of any race you have to choose what you identify as or what culture suits you best. And I’m not talking about the fake bitch Rachel Dolezal.  It’s not about telling someone that because they are black that they have to like rap music or they have to dress a certain way. And it’s not about telling a man like Eminem that he can’t rap because he’s white. What kind of bullshit is that?

Let’s get to the real issue of this story. People are upset because Colin is taking a stand and he is fucking up their football game. I am excited that his team is supporting him along with the coach and management. They recognize that their players are not just entertainers but that they are also human beings and they have a voice and they should utilize it.

People are frustrated because in some ways they don’t want to believe that anyone with any white in them I guess could oppose the flag! Lol and second they are pissed off mad that a black man is doing it and he’s leading the pack. See it was OK when Tim Tebow was bowing and praying to his God. The crowd was in an uproar they loved it they worshipped this guy. But when you oppose the masses, all of a sudden you become a problem. See, people want you to be yourself they just want you to do it the way they want you to do it. They want you to be free here in America but they want you to be free according to their definition. What kind of shit is that?

Kaepernick has every right to refuse to stand for the pledge. How does him not standing affect you? Let me guess you wish he’d just entertain you, and run the ball huh, and shut the fuck up, and keep his comments to himself?

Will remember that Amendment about freedom of speech? He’s exercising those rights. So you’re the problem. You’re the one who is out of line. And the same way you utilize your self expression for America and the way you love it, he may not share the same sentiments.  So back the fuck up and leave the guy alone.

Colin has stated that as soon as he feels that the flag is worth giving honor to or homage to then he would do that gladly, but he States until then he will not be standing. Gabby Douglas did the same thing during the Olympics. And people were pissed. But you see it’s not your fucking business. This is America we can do whatever the fuck we want. If we don’t want to stand then we won’t stand. If we don’t want to pray we won’t pray. Fuck you. You talk about how much you love America but you need to love that part about it too. You guys are acting a little bit like communist right now. This is not your country, this is our country. America is a country full of people who either conform to the rules or people who make the rules. We are a group of people who decide that if we don’t like the laws we try to get them changed. That’s what we do here in this capitalist country. This country is The Melting Pot. Don’t forget it. And this world does not revolve around you, learn that!



I was intending on writing about this story a long time ago but I wanted to make sure I was in the mood for it.


Rachel Dolezal is a white woman who claims she identified as black just so she could get scholarships and grants and other assistance by LYING and saying she was biracial. Her mother outed her and all them  SPRAY TANS she was getting. Her mother and father are BOTH WHITE. How do you look like this?

download-17 Fucking Tropicana bitch.

Listen I’m not keen on anyone lying about being a particular race just to get benefits. I don’t get no fuckin benefits for being black at all. I have never gotten shit because of the color of my skin. The most I’ve gotten because of the color of my skin is sexually harassed on the job by a bunch of horny ass white bosses and possibly harassment on the streets by cops. LOL that’s the extent of my fucking benefit from America for being black.

But I remember this white guy talking about he had like 10 or 15% Native American in him but he was claiming that shit and going to go to college for free. I’m like what a piece of shit you are. That fucker had blonde hair and blue eyes. I look more Native American than him. He was proud too and bragging on it.

Look, the same ones who have a problem with people who talk about race are the ones who continuously make everything about race. When the man refuses to stand if he’s a black man he’s bad and if he’s a white man he’s bad. Why don’t you just look at it like he’s an American who’s pissed off at the policies and the inequality on the streets? Because ultimately that’s exactly what he is. He is not a black man or white man or person of color. He is a concerned American. Can you do that?