You know, I’ve been thinking about murder lately. I don’t have anyone in mind because basically they are all fat! I don’t have time for it. I’ve been scouring my neighborhood looking for good places to hide a body. I got absolutely nothing. Guys it’s difficult. I don’t even know how I’m supposed to do this. Killing someone is probably not that bad. But hiding the body? Who has time for that? I can’t be dealing with rolling them up in the carpet, pushing him down a flight of stairs to keep from dragging them. Loading them up in my car and driving around like a fucking idiot trying to find a dumping ground.  That is too much work. I am a lazy blogger and I think I’m going to be a lazy killer. IF I killed someone. Which I haven’t.

I have no idea how to do this shit. Don’t you realize that you’re going to get caught? Sometimes…Especially if you are lazy. You can tell the lazy killers. They are the ones that just throw the body out on the side of the road and every little retention pond. They are the ones where the body is in the fucking freezer. I’m starting to think though, and that’s not good, but I’m starting to think that the person who is extremely lazy after they killed someone is possibly not a bad person after all. Because they did not mean to do it and didn’t even have the chance to cover it up. But the one who actually had the chance and thought about it and it was completely premeditated AND they have hidden the body very well, yeah that person is a real killer like a real fucking killer!

It Does not make a lot of sense to you guys but that’s because you guys aren’t real criminal masterminds like me. I have watched a lot of Hart to Hart, I have watched a lot of Murder She Wrote, I have watched a lot of Diagnosis MURDER. That’s right I’m on my game. 😋

Anyway enough of my bragging.

This lady who was kidnapped was fucking lucky. She escaped by the tartar on her teeth. (I just made that up). Is this the reason why you shouldn’t take the lead? Any Bitch asking you to walk him home is obviously guilty of something. Come on, when is the last time you walked a man home? Unless you’re gay and you’re a fucking man, but women, we don’t fucking walk guys home. What kind of shit is that?

Another thing? The pastor of a church called, PUMP HOUSE MINISTRIES owns the house where the lady was being held? BUDDY, what kind of BOOTY BANDIT name is that? Sir you are telling on yourself. Any parent allowing their MALE CHILD especially to attend a church with this name is getting what they deserve. Pump house? Like really? Sir TRY another name with your nasty ass!


Ok the story below

ASHLAND, Ohio — Officials have released a 911 call of an Ashland County, Ohio woman who told dispatchers she had been abducted, leading to the arrest of her captor and the discovery of three bodies.

Officials found the woman safe in an abandoned home after her call Tuesday and arrested her alleged captor Shawn Grate before discovering two bodies in the home. Officials say Grate later led them to a third body in neighboring Richland County.

The woman said in the call obtained by CBS affiliate WOIO that she had been tied up, but partly freed herself in a bedroom to make the call from her captor’s phone while he was asleep in the same room. She is heard whispering to a dispatcher, terrified that she will wake him up.

“I’ve been abducted,” the woman said in the call, begging, “Please hurry.”

The woman said she was afraid to leave because “the bedroom is closed and he made it so it would make noise.” She said the man could “catch me, and he’s strong.”

When asked if she was bleeding, the woman said, “Not anymore.”

Ashland police said officers found the woman and Shawn Grate at a home that was supposed to be unoccupied. Investigators also found the remains of two other people, Chief David Marcelli said.

Police confirmed Wednesday that one of the bodies was that of 43-year-old Stacey Stanley, of Greenwich, Ohio, who had been reported missing from Huron County. Stanley’s son said that she had been missing since Sept. 8 when she told him that she got a flat tire.

Bruce Wilkinson, pastor and director of Pump House Ministries, which owns the home and one next to it, said the properties had been vacant since March and were in the process of being renovated. He said they were padlocked and checked weekly.

The coroner hasn’t determined Stacey Stanley’s cause of death or identified the second body, Ashland police said in a statement.

Grate, 40, also led investigators to a third person’s remains at a property near Mansfield in neighboring Richland County, police said.

Grate confessed that he had killed a woman in June at a house that was destroyed by fire that month, Richland County Prosecutor Bambi Couch Page told the Mansfield News Journal.

Authorities checked the Mansfield-area site Tuesday and found decomposed remains down a ravine in a wooded area behind the house. The remains weren’t immediately identified.

Grate remains jailed on an abduction charge. It was not immediately clear if he has an attorney. An announcement on possible additional charges was expected Thursday.

Record show Grate, who is homeless, has a long criminal record and served time in prison on a burglary charge beginning in 1997. A decision on additional charges was expected to be announced Thursday.

In the 911 call, the woman gives the dispatcher Grate’s name and said she had been walking with him to “his place” when he abducted her. She said he had known him for about a month and a half.

The woman’s rescue is also heard on the tape, with an officer yelling to her, “Hurry up, hurry up, get out here.”



Also the parents and or family members of the deceased women will get some type of closure which is a wonderful thing.