In the story of Victoria Marten her own mother Admitted to looking for men online and at work who’d be interested in sleeping with her 13 year old daughter because she LIKED TO WATCH. But god can save all huh? Even that? So you think this woman should be able to say, GOD FORGIVE ME and get into heaven?

You think the drugs made her do it? I get so tired of people coming on my blog talking about, who are we to judge. You know what I’d like to see happen? Let’s see them get a taste of the evil that’s out there. Let’s see them after they’ve been brutally raped and sodomized and left for dead, let’s see how they respond when they call 911 and the officer says, ” Who are we to judge”😞. Let’s see how they feel to see their attacker walking the streets freely because the JUDGE SAID, ” WHO ARE WE TO JUDGE” and let him go. Yeah let’s see that. See most people who say shit like that don’t have any substance whatsoever. Let’s see how they respond when it’s their child who was murdered. I bet they’ll stop with the bullshit after that. I’m just telling you, I CAN’T STAND them useless fucks.

I understand everyday life shit like what a person wears or eats or what type of music they listen to. But damn, we can’t judge suspected criminals? We can’t judge rapists or murderers? These same NON JUDGEMENTAL fucks will tell you off about your music though, or get all in your face about your mini skirt. THESE selective bitches choose their battles. Shit that don’t matter, these HOS all on top of it. Like when the last time you went to church. My comeback? “BITCH, when’s the last time you fought your abusive husband back? BITCH when the last time you asked your teenage daughter about her period? She’s pregnant from your boyfriend bitch.”

They get all in my grill about my language, but they at home praying for this mom. They are praying for her salvation. Lol what a joke?

But I’m The bad guy?


Story below

The documents showed Michelle Martens told police that she had set up encounters with at least three men before the girl was drugged, raped and killed last month.

The single mother told investigators she didn’t set up the sexual assaults for the money but did it because she enjoyed watching, according to the warrants. It’s unclear how long she had been arranging meetings before Victoria Martens’ death or if police have identified any of those men.

Police found the girl’s dismembered body inside the apartment she shared with her mother on the day she was expected to celebrate her 10th birthday. The slaying ignited outcry and vigils.

Laura Bobbs, a local minister and spokeswoman for the family, cried when she learned about the details outlined in the search warrants.

“Jesus Christ. My poor baby, my poor baby,” she exclaimed, referring to Victoria. “She never told us this was going on. I would ask her all the time, ‘Are you OK?’ She would tell me yes.”

Bobbs reiterated Wednesday that there were no indications from Michelle Martens or the girl that anything was wrong.

“I would see this woman every day. There were no signs. How did she hide this from us?,” she said. “This thing gets worse and worse and worse.”

Michelle Martens, Fabian Gonzales and Jessica Kelley — a cousin of Gonzales’ — have been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated criminal sex penetration of child under 13. Victoria was stabbed and strangled.

Martens’ attorney, Mark Earnest, did not immediately return a telephone message from The Associated Press.

Martens, 35, told investigators that one of the men she solicited was a co-worker. Two others she met online, including Gonzales, 31. He was to be the last.

Martens told police she used the dating website Plenty of Fish to look for men to sexually assault Victoria.

Her statement to police is included in nearly a dozen search warrants to search a safe in Martens’ apartment, her car, and electronic devices discovered during the investigation, including a camcorder they believed may have been used for sexual exploitation of children.

Investigators also sought DNA evidence from the suspects, as well as multiple electronic devices and a camcorder they believed may have been used for sexual exploitation of children.