June 16, 2016 Demarco Wayne Roach a convicted Felon possessed a gun in the Iowa Street home of Aleah Beckerle. He fired 5 rounds inside the house almost injuring Aleah Beckerle and or Cara Beckerle. Cara Beckerle was transported to the hospital that Same day. We don’t know what her injuries were.

Roaches charges were dismissed 2 days ago. Why? No idea.

Well he is in custody now facing Federal charges.

HOPEFULLY Cara Beckerle got her some black mambo for the first two days. Because that bug is headed upstate… HOPEFULLY.


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Ok who let him out and why? Did he get a bond? I know I saw that he had a $200,000 bond which means he needed 10%. Just checked it and YES! DEMARCO ROACH had a bond. THATS OUR MOTIVE. On 6/22/2016 he was given a bond. It was said earlier that He didn’t have one. Ugh I didn’t read everything thoroughly or I would have known this!

That’s why I didn’t understand why she would be trying to collect money. For who or for what? If he had no bond, she couldn’t help him even if she wanted to.

But what was this agreed resolution that took place August 30,2016? He entered a guilty plea and was supposed to be sentenced September 13, 2016. Instead the charges were dismissed. There is nothing else that I can see that lead up to this. In 2015 when he had the Meth charges and selling drugs out of the Iowa Street home, he had a weapon too and he WAS A REPEAT VIOLENT OFFENDER. Yet, the case was dismissed without prejudice. He’s been getting away with shit for a long time. He didn’t do time for that. This is ridiculous.

About time someone intervened and said, NO MORE! It’s against the law for a convicted felon to possess a firearm and ammunition. How was he getting away with it?

I don’t even see where he paid the $20,000 cash bail he was supposed to for this years gun charges. Usually I see that. What happened for the charges to be dismissed? If the bond was put up that person has lost their money.

You ever feel like a scheme went wrong. Like maybe Cara Beckerle was upset about Demarco Roach having been arrested and came up with a plan to get her boo released. EVERY TIME he gets arrested, she finds money to bail him out. This would have been the one time she couldn’t afford to. June 22 his bail was set to $20,000 cash. Aleah Beckerle went missing supposedly July 16-17. Was it a coincidence?

I listened to some anonymous person who came on my site over a month ago and said

Demarco Roach Didn’t have a bond and slashed my theory. I FORGOT to go check it and thought, why would anybody lie? It’s time to check Demarco Wayne Roaches family for Aleah. I wonder if they know anything.

Another thing… sorry I think alot. Aleah Beckerle might be hidden in plain sight. Most people who kill their children or people who kill in general do this reverse psychology thing. They give you their theory on where the body could be, but they send you far away. How far is Henderson Kentucky from Evansville Indiana?

How about we start thinking like a mother? People are sentimental. Especially mother’s. They tend to think with their emotions. Even if they are high. So they would take the child to a place they visit often. Like a farm or a place for horses. A stable or something extremely close to those types of areas. It’s where they can have a little memorial all to themselves. Some parents put the child’s body in the closet. They want to have a location to go and reconnect with them. They put bodies in deep freezers that are in the basement. Mother’s usually do stupid things with the kids body. But usually they are very close. One mother hid her Childs body in the trunk for 10 years.

Abandoned houses across the street, keeping the child in the neighborhood let’s mom know that the child is safe. Schools, parks, any place that had significant meaning to the mother as a child or the child in general. Another mother wrapped her children in plastic bags and hid them beneath the wood frames of their house. And STOP THINKING BLOOD. EVERY murder doesn’t have to produce blood or any liquids.

People talking about the DOGS didn’t pick up a scent. That’s because you’re assuming that the child was killed at the home. The child could have been strangled at the home or drugged at the home and removed immediately. That’s NOT going to leave a scent. Think outside the box. I’ve written a few stories in the last 2 weeks. All different but ONE THING IN COMMON. EVERY TIME they killed someone else the killer ALWAYS needed to be transported to the hospital. The mom who killed her Autistic son Needed medical care. The guy who killed his wife, needed medical care, the mother who is responsible for her daughters death Victoria Marten, the mother needed medical care. It’s strange don’t you think? Cara Beckerle, needed medical care. Has she been painting the house, cleaning up a lot? Scrubbing? Maybe it’s not blood. Maybe it’s guilt.

A clip from another mother’s plea for her MISSING ANGEL.

The morning after Adrionna’s body was found, Williams pleaded on Facebook for her daughter, writing, “Give me my angel back, please” and “Mommy loves you, my angel.” The girl’s death also prompted a march several days later, as community leaders decried the crime and asked for the public’s help.

Adrienne Williams was found guilty of killing her daughter Adrionna. But her cries and pleas to the public looked genuine. The community reached out to help, the child’s body was found about 2 miles away from her home. Parents tend to do that. They like their ANGELS CLOSE.


Story below



The boyfriend of the mother of missing Evansville teen Aleah Beckerle was picked up Thursday on a federal gun charge, according to sources. Demarco Roach, 40, is in federal custody on one count of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

The new federal charge comes two days after state charges against Roach were dismissed by the Vanderburgh County Prosecutor’s Office. The now-dismissed charges stemmed from a June incident in which Roach allegedly fired a gun several times inside the Beckerle home on East Iowa St. The incident happened about a month before Aleah Beckerle, 19, was reported missing.

Aleah Beckerle’s disappearance has lead to dozens of searches by volunteers and Texas Equusearch.

Roach was due to be sentenced on Tuesday as part of a plea deal but court documents show the charges were dismissed. The Vanderburgh County Prosecutors Office has not commented on why prosecutors opted to dismiss the charges.

According to court records, Roach has an extensive criminal history, including five felony convictions.