For one they are too time consuming. It’s not that I don’t like to write about it, but it involves a constant need to get into people’s business that you really don’t care about. If I were getting paid for it, by all means I’d love to do it. But unless you’re a copy and paste blogger, missing children stories deserve much more than that. They ALL deserve the kind of attention that I gave to Aleah Beckerle and Caylee Anthony and others.

It’s not the child’s fault who their parents are. It’s not their fault. But when I start writing about a story, it’s in my nature to give it the best I got. If I can’t give each child the best, there’s no point in even writing about it. I don’t want blogs on my page that say, MISSING CHILD… but then the story ends there. I gotta know why? Who? When? I have to know EVERYTHING!


These parents most of the time know exactly what they’ve done. They deliberately do things to harm their children and send us all on wild goose chases. But as soon as the child goes missing, everyone flocks to the parents and begin assisting them financially and emotionally. These parents are getting tons of cash. Meanwhile the cops who have been out to the house multiple times for assault, abuse, drug use… and reporters and writers and bloggers like myself are ignored. Regardless of the facts that are posted and how suspect the parents may be, nobody is listening. They all want to be part of the crowd. They want to give $50,000 and meet the GOFUNDME goal. They all want to believe that the parents are innocent, so they donate thousands of dollars to folks who will later be found guilty.

But me? I’m just a BLOGGER. Yeah I cracked the code. But I’m no cop. I’m no hero. Even though cops get paid, they are still considered heroes.

People say when you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. Well that doesn’t pay my bills. Until I’m paid for my services, I will no longer be the free detective. Writing is an art. Don’t take the artist for granted. It’s just like a pastor who says he LOVES to preach the gospel. But try attending his church and becoming a member without paying tithes or giving an offering. Every job, every chef, teacher and every professional may love what they do. It doesn’t mean they should be exploited. It doesn’t mean they don’t deserve compensation. Every SERVICE job is a PAID JOB. WRITING is a job.  For you guys it’s entertaining. You may think, “you’re just another blogger Ericka”. But I think I’m the BEST BLOGGER EVER!!! See the difference?



Who knows maybe one of my readers will take the reigns.

UPDATED 3/30/2017

Finally this story is coming to a close. Now we wait for the results of the autopsy. And we see If an immediate arrest is made. It is bittersweet to me because I think about the children’s whose stories will just be a glimpse in the paper, or maybe they won’t get notice at all. I’m proud of myself for the things that I’ve accomplished over these years with blogging about children and bringing their names to the forefront. But it takes a toll on you. It affects you physically and mentally. It interferes with your personal life. There were nights where I didn’t sleep because I just felt compelled to write more, to seek more. For 8 weeks straight my existence revolved around Aleah Beckerle. She deserved it. But I don’t have the heart to continue this type of writing. I’m getting too old for this. I really am. And maybe I searched for justice for children because I didn’t have any. Maybe that’s why I care so much. Because nobody cared for me as a kid. Some of you might be able to relate.

What I learned about missing children’s stories? Most people are dumb. They would rather believe a lie even when the truth is staring them in the face. And there is nothing more disgusting to me other than the actual crime against the child, but to see people willing to give Abusers the benefit of the doubt, but they doubt my intentions. My motives are questioned. Lol my motives? Maybe my motives are bad. Maybe I do want attention. Maybe I like all this stuff. Maybe I wake up hoping that another child is kidnapped or raped or abused just so I can write about it and become famous. Yeah imagine Nancy Grace. Would she even have a job if it weren’t for missing and exploited people?

Next time you stumble upon a blogger who is trying to help a cause and are clearly doing better than the news, be careful about personal attacks. Be careful about accusing them of being self serving and self centered. I think the fact that they are writing about a child and NOT what the Kardashians are doing means that this person has a heart of gold.