All charges dropped. All charges dismissed!




All was wiped clean and this guy is back home with his boo. Cara Beckerle, you rotten bitch! You happy you got your thug back? You’re happy your FAMILY IS COMPLETED Now without Aleah? You disgust me.

It is ALREADY across the internet that you’ve allowed him back into the home. Everyone has already started talking about it.

Cara …..  I got no words that will keep me out of prison. Anything I say right now …………..

Guys it’s on you. Leave your comments. Talk to me…….

#justiceforaleah stupid bitch choosing a man over her child.

They wouldn’t just drop the charges against him UNLESS she fought for it. Awww how romantic. Fight for Aleah Beckerle Cara. Why don’t you fight for her? Does this explain why the Candlelight vigil was cancelled?

Let me guess, Aleah Beckerle will magically appear and NOW you will go on a talk show and all will be completed? Tons of donations will pile up FOR you and your drug addict boyfriend who you ALWAYS bail out. By allowing this man back into your home, it shows exactly what your priority is.

Aleah Beckerle deserved better than this. She deserved better than you and she deserved better than Demarco. The children under the roof right now deserve better.

Karma is a bitch. And I’ll be right here watching and waiting to see exactly how this plays out.

I know you have a huge FOLLOWING AND FAN CLUB in EVANSVILLE INDIANA. The majority of the white girls there go for the black thugs. These thugs beat the shit out of them and the children and you dumb bitches keep bailing them out.

Typical trailer trash. I see why the news doesn’t cover these stories. They realize how low in the gutter they have to get. That’s why the cops in EVANSVILLE INDIANA don’t do anything. That’s why CPS doesn’t care. Why? Because these senseless desperate bitches keep running back to the same men who put them in the hospital. The same men who beat the kids ass. The same man who molest their daughters.

They are a waste of space in society. After Aleah Beckerle, This will probably be my LAST trailer park story on a bunch of junkies. Poor Aleah.

Nancy Grace don’t want this story. Why would she take this? It’s a bunch of careless Meth heads. They can’t even form complete sentences.

I’m the only fucking idiot out here spending all night long on this.

These girls are hooked on black dick I swear. They go to all ends to keep it. Somebody accused me of liking Demarco Roach. Have you lost your mind? Only insecure little girls would fall for that. Listen EVANSVILLE Indiana classless white chicks and black chicks, let it go. I did a background check on this girl who was bragging about her husband and how hes always cooking for her. Lol that bitch get her ass beat by this negro every month. He in jail right now. And worse, they are a bunch of church going, god fearing fools. No wonder they have a backing.

When everybody in your crew dating abusive black men club.  But y’all praying and trusting in the Lord huh? All a bunch of prayer warriors/ex drug addicts huh? Yeah Adeline, I got you too. Bragging about your MAN, but he knocked your daughter to the ground right after he beat your ass AGAIN!  No WONDER you support this shit.

No wonder you ride or die for Debbie Wollner. No wonder you ride or die for Cara. Birds of a feather. All y’all just alike. Yall found the answer huh. GOFUNDME is the new come up in EVANSVILLE? MOST of y’all either disabled or got a disabled child I see. Yall really know how to milk the system dontcha? Damn, once the disability run out. You always have GOFUNDME. YOU’RE so religious I see. All of your children are probably afraid like a motherfucker because they don’t know who is next! We don’t know what child will be on the milk carton now do we? How y’all figure it out?

Let me guess. Whoever wakes up from their overdose gets to get the funds. The last man standing after a drug induced coma. Yall shady. I feel sorry for any child who grows up around you folks. Poor children have no choice who their parents are.

EVANSVILLE INDIANA Police are overworked on your crime riddled streets and CPS stopped knocking on doors. It’s a damn shame.

You come on my page because I’m ATHEIST and talk shit. But you’re so holy.

14141707_1636005070062689_3546104985104800725_nbut you’re holy huh?

You’re GOD FEARING? BUT look what comes out your mouth. Look at what you say. Look at what you do. But I’m the bad guy because I put your shit on blast.

Fucking cesspool. If I had the power I’d set the whole place on fire. I’d pull a god and act like it’s SODOM AND Gomorrah. I’d remove every child and let the rest of them burn.

fb_img_1472611021851And who is this

High ass bitch in the middle? Lol is that DONNA ROBERTSON? THAT chick can’t even stand up. What is she on?

Is that Aleah Beckerles cousin? Isn’t she one of the trio who beat the shit out of the homeless guy? Wasn’t she the one PLEADING WITH the media to bring Aleah home? Yall fell for that?

It’s 1:16 a.m. and I’m awake! I don’t get paid for this. But y’all religious motherfuckers donated thousands of dollars to these losers. Lol Demarco Wayne is out now. Yall helped. Ahhh god bless your heart. He probably looking for that hit right now.

Thanks y’all for being so good. The world needs more religion. I didn’t know that religion made you blind, dumb and stupid.

I’ll do a video blog later today after I wake up.

Oh by the way, I EXPECT several thousand dollars in my GoFundMe campaign by the time I wake up.

I’m GOD FEARING AND I’ve asked Jesus Christ to come into my life and my heart. Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU!    ….oh and I accept PayPal too.