So instead of trying to listen to the people’s voice, this company is self serving and insists on trying to block the legal weed vote in Arizona.

Insys Therapeutics contributed $500,000 to a campaign fighting a ballot measure to keep pot illegal for recreational use.

Marijuana is safer and cheaper than the drug Fentanyl that this Company manufacturers/sells but this doesn’t stop them from doing whatever they can to keep marijuana illegal.

Here’s an excerpt of FACT

People who began using heroin in the 1960s were predominantly young men from minority groups living in urban areas (82.8 percent; mean age at first opioid use, 16.5 years) whose first opioid of abuse was heroin (80 percent). The epidemic of prescription opioid abuse has been associated with a shifting of the demographic of opioid users toward a population that is somewhat older (mean age at first opioid use, 22.9 years), less minority, more rural/suburban, with few gender differences among those who were introduced to opioids through prescription drugs. Whites and nonwhites were equally represented in those initiating use prior to the 1980s, but nearly 90 percent of respondents who began use in the last decade were white (Cicero et al., 2014).

The above clip is to show that the times have changed. Marijuana users and growers have been imprisoned for years for using a natural plant, but this company sells synthetic drugs that are responsible for killing thousands in my opinion. And regardless of what the label says, the drug is HIGHLY ADDICTIVE. The label does not do this medication justice.

Misuse of this drug killed Michael Jackson and Prince and probably plenty more celebrities. Were they the only two?

Let me take a RACIAL turn in this story. There was a time when this shit tore the black community to shreds. The ghetto was full of junkies. It was a true epidemic, but it was mostly a black or urban minority issue. People turned a blind eye to it as we fucked up our cities, abandoned our children, gave birth to stillborn or crack babies. We had it bad. So I felt a little annoyed by the fact that I didn’t feel like they helped us much. Could I be wrong? Of course. But I wasn’t a blogger then and I’m going by what I was told. Maybe you’re old enough to remember.

But today 2016. 90% of heroin users are white. How are they being treated? Well for one it’s not all over the news unless it’s a major drug bust. I kinda feel bad for whites today because well, it’s gotta be embarrassing to see your people like that. Your uncle’s and children and other family members going through addiction.

We went through it so we know what you’re feeling. What’s annoying though is TIME! Narcan/Naloxone was created in 1962. FDA approved in 1972. That would have been helpful as a mother fucker for black heroin addicts back in the 70s-90s when we were overdosing. But they just let us die. It was just a bunch of niggas dying so it wasn’t a big deal. But now that shit is hitting whites and FIRST RESPONDERS, POLICE OFFICERS, and pharmacies carry that shit over the fucking counter. What the FUCK is up with that shit?

It’s not white people’s fault though. Neither is the fact that the news don’t spread your shit all across the fucking screen every damn night. I already know racism was bad, but I remember watching The Godfather and this Italian Boss was trying to get either Vito or Michael Corleone into the drug business. The Corleone’s declined, but the guy said, GIVE IT TO THE NIGGERS, THEY ARE ALL ANIMALS AND GONNA LOSE THEIR SOULS ANYWAY. That’s exactly how we were treated too.

But you tell me which is worse. The child who keeps stealing from the store and people keep covering it up and protecting him or the child who steals one time and gets caught, arrested and made an example out of?

See the good thing about being black, they don’t let us get away with one fucking thing. We go down for the pettiest shit. But whites, man they protect your image too much. They have too much pride in you guys to show you in a negative light. But that’s NOT GOOD for you. The cop who showed that white couple overdosing with the little boy in the backseat helped yall out alot.

I wish yall would understand, WE ARE ALL JUST ALIKE. You don’t want nobody talking shit about your strung out blonde hair blue eyed girl. Don’t talk shit about our strung out black girl from the hood. We are all human and we all fuck up. It’s hard for us to have compassion for each other when we always competing. NOBODY who is alive today is responsible for this fucked up country we call America. And I call it fucked up because we’re so busy judging other countries instead of working on our own shit. We have our own problems.

Let me tell you how I see America. America is that husband who has all these girlfriends around and they are always paying their bills and feeding their children, but don’t take care of their own children or wife. American citizens are the NEGLECTED WIFE that the country has walked out on. We are the wife who is ignored, forgotten about. We are the wife who made you! We are the wife who built you up and who keeps you taken care of, but when we have a problem as your spouse you’re too busy trying to play hero for someone else.

I want us to fight this current epidemic. And it’s important that people start to realize that marijuana ain’t so bad after all. Matter of fact, marijuana is fucking awesome. Especially compared to the prescription shit and Meth or Heroin. And even knowing that Fentanyl which is a LEGAL DRUG is misused even a little bit will cause severe cravings and could eventually lead to Heroin use.

Let me add something that I discovered while writing this blog. MOST PEOPLE who found themselves getting hooked on Fentanyl or other Opiates were PREVIOUS users of some illegal drug. They had already experimented with Acid or Ecstasy or something else similar. So that is in them.

It’s important that if you were a drug user in the past and you take an opiate, it’s more likely that you would become addicted. Reason being, the average person does not like the side effects of loopiness and drowsiness and confusion or euphoria. So they would take one pill and never take it again because they don’t like the feeling it gave them. To a drug user, that is heaven.

No matter the cost or loss of life. This company is legally allowed to sell this drug to consumers and doctors will continue to prescribe it for Patients.

I find it disgusting. But I cannot say much especially if it’s help many people. I would be speechless if a cancer patient told me that this saved their life.

But regardless, it would be nice to have other options.


Do you have thoughts about it?