I’m so done with this chick.



Guys, ALEAH BECKERLE CAN CRAWL A LITTLE AND she didn’t really need her seizure medication after all because the mom states that she was just given a procedure to cut down on the seizures and may be ok without medication.

Guys I’m about to rip my hair out. On this glorious Sunday morning I decided to check my sources and here this story goes. Now YES I told you that I’m done. But a woman has the right to change her mind… for now.


Looks like the face of someone who realizes what they’ve done!

That mouth covering thing is a clear indication of a cover-up.

An Excerpt from the story

According to Cara Beckerle, Aleah recently had a medical procedure to cut down on her seizures, so she might be okay without medicine.

“But why would they want to take her and take care of her?” she snapped out, angry. Then, tearing up: “That’s why I don’t know if she’s alive or not.”

Cara Beckerle thinks she’s the investigators’ primary suspect but insists someone kidnapped Aleah from her home.

“They keep coming back to me. ‘Are you sure there’s nothing you wanna tell us, Cara Beckerle?’” she said.

Evansville police spokesman Sgt. Jason Cullum said in an email Wednesday that the investigation is still active. No one has been arrested for involvement in Aleah Beckerle’s disappearance.

“As for any specific information related to conversations or other details, we are not discussing that publicly,” he said.

One popular theory on social media, spread in Facebook comments and blog posts, is that Beckerle was involved in Aleah’s death or found her dead and tried to cover it up by reporting her missing. Beckerle pleaded guilty in 2007 to child neglect and dealing marijuana, both Class A misdemeanors, which is supposedly the reason she would be afraid of another child neglect charge. She denies that, too.

“I found her dead. That’s what they say. And got rid of her body, me and my daughters,” Cara Beckerle said. “Why would I be scared to give my daughter a proper burial?”

Police would not confirm whether or not family members have been cleared as suspects.

“We have spoken to many people,” Cullum said. “We are not publicly discussing the status of each person we have spoken with.”

Can someone please tell me what the fuck I’m missing? It’s too early for this. I’m getting mad all over again because I’m sick of the lies. Now see to you, this might not be a big deal. But for me the person who initially started writing this blog from the very beginning who was told that this child was IMMOBILE AND IN DESPERATE NEED OF HER MEDICATION, this is some serious shit.

I suppose we are being set up for the ultimate story.


Thoughts so I don’t talk your heads off again.

Read the entire story here.