Yes it was a terrible day for me on the news! But you better know that I give a shit. I give a fuck and that’s why I was there. There was a meltdown and all, but aye… it is what it is. I can’t believe I was jumping up and down. Man I was really pissed.

I have a blog out that EXPLAINS my meltdown called, How it all began for me. It’s on this site of course.

It goes to explain a little bit about the protest and why I’m so adamant about protecting children. BEFORE Caylee Anthony I blogged a lot on politics, but her story was I believe my first blog on a missing child. People took to it and the rest is history. You will notice that I mentioned my daughter in the video between the sobs.

This is the equivalent of Chris CROCKER yelling, LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE. This is the video I’d NEVER EVER EVER EVER want anyone to see.

To me, THIS is how a grieving mother acts. Everyone was in tears. The cameraman, the reporters. It was all I could do.