So is this Karma or what?   A father gets arrested for a murder that he committed against a one-year-old two years ago who he savagely beat to death, and two years after that a 10 year old boy kills his 2 year old daughter.

Well that’s the story. Kendall Corey Dustin Blyden murdered his girlfriend at the times child, Jayden Green. He is currently on trial for that senseless killing. In the same Courtroom Blydens nephew Berhaun Blyden who is 10, faces eerily similar charges. Basically he killed his uncle’s daughter, 2 year old Journee Blyden. Berhaun, the 10 year old initially lied about what happened. Initially he stated that he fell on the child accidentally, and in an effort to figure out her injuries he picked her up and placed her on the counter and then accidentally dropped her. This sister informed investigators that that story was not true and that in fact her brother was physically abusing her and physically assaulting his little cousin. The medical examiner also confirmed that the cause of death was homicide.

Is it safe to say that the BLYDEN BOYS need to be avoided at all costs?

Autopsy reports will reveal that Journee Blyden died from blunt-force trauma and she also had skull fractures and bruises all over her body.

Journee Blydens mother had been out of town seeking employment and had left her child in what she thought was a caring secure environment. Nicole Davis states that in June when this incident took place she had been out of town and received a phone call that her daughter was in the hospital.

Upon arriving at Shands Hospital in Gainesville Florida  she discovered that her daughter was on life support. Ultimately her daughter did not survive. Davis believes that lack of supervision and neglect is what caused her daughter’s death. Because the children were left alone in the home, that gave Blyden the opportunity to be just like his uncle. He was extremely abusive and the uncle also lied in the case that he’s being tried for right now.

He is facing first-degree felony murder and aggravated child abuse charges. However he states that the child died from falling out of a play pen. Detectives find this story inconsistent with the child’s injuries. The child’s injuries were consistent with Shaking a baby violently, retinal bleeding and critical brain injury.

The mother who left these children alone while she ran out to do errands should face charges of neglect. She is responsible for what transpired in her absence. Especially when the children left behind are underage.

Nicole Davis states that she feels sorry for Berhaun Blyden, and that he needs counseling. However, she adds that He needs help and she’s afraid that if the boy is released that He would hurt or kill again.