Already? Lol

Listen ok I know that yall love Taylor Swift ok? But the girl is looking like a straight up HO! I’m not a fan of hers but I love Tom Hiddleston. He’s a great actor. And I don’t have a problem with Taylor Swift or her music. It’s too young for my taste, but it’s decent music. She’s a pretty lady. But her IMAGE is being ruined. We don’t really have any proof that she is sleeping with every guy who she dates, but it’s safe to say more than likely she is. This young lady really needs to close her legs and keep her eyes on the prize. She has a loyal fan base, she is with absolute Millions, she comes from a pretty decent family. Why is she acting like a straight-up slut? I expect this type of behavior from Young, immature and inexperienced chicks. Is she bored? Does she have low self-esteem?

And yes I feel the same way about a man. Even a man like Leonardo DiCaprio who has a different woman on his arm every week. This is not about being sexist or gender biased toward Taylor just because she’s a woman or doing a double standard. Taylor needs to get right. It’s not about all these guys being a bad fit. TAYLOR SWIFT is the problem. If you keep finding yourself in relationships that don’t work, it’s you. Because even if the guy’s are all assholes, WHY ARE YOU ATTRACTED TO ASSHOLES? LOL so it’s ALWAYS you.

By the way, who didn’t see this coming?

Is this an ego boost for her?

Personally I think Tom followed the rules to hit it and quit it. Meeting the mom, romantic dates, holding hands, taking the relationship public. Women look at all that shit as a sign that he’s in love or smitten. Lol but nah. That ain’t always the case boo. Sometimes it’s just ACTING!

Which reminds me, TOM is filming another THOR movie? Omg yes yes! Love Loki