Why I write these blogs on drugs? I don’t know. I guess I just hope I’ll reach you. Sometimes it’s funny, others I’m just puzzled.

First you have a person who needs pain medication and for whatever reason, they become addicted. Some say it’s because they have an addictive personality. Some say they don’t follow directions well and misused the drug. Some say, they can’t help it. The drug itself that is prescribed by the doctor naturally causes cravings.

Then you have Pill Mills and pain management clinics all over the place. So doctors pushed Oxycodone ( Oxycodone) Percocet, Demerol and Darvocet. We sat back and watched drug bust after bust with dealers being arrested for selling Prescription pills. I was blogging at the time and I was writing a story about a little girl named Haleigh Cummings. It’s been years so I might not have spelled her name right. Regardless, I believed that her father’s girlfriend had something to do with the disappearance. There was NO PROOF. No evidence to support my theories at all. Well, time went on and eventually Misty married the child’s father to become Misty Cummings. She sold prescription pills to an undercover officer and was given a hefty sentence of 25 years! And Yes! I wrote that story to death. We knew that she knew what happened to that adorable little girl. We never found the child.

I think this girl was extremely young. Like under 20 when she was sentenced.

Anyway I remember how terrible it was. Doctors were being arrested for having no scruples. Here is an Excerpt from a story that ran in 2015

{The Tampa Bay Wellness Centre was so popular, according to court testimony, and was drawing so many patients that parking had become a serious issue.

The affiliated VIP Pharmacy was, authorities said, dispensing more oxycodone than any other retail pharmacy in the nation — more than 27 times the amount sold by the average Florida pharmacy and 49 times the national average.

A lone doctor labored inside the clinic to accommodate the demand from drug seekers, many from other states including Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky.

To move people through quickly, the doctor saw groups of as many as five “patients” at a time, handing out fistfuls of prescriptions for massive doses of powerful narcotics that were filled at the on-site pharmacy. The doctor worked into the wee hours of the morning, trying to see everyone, to get the envelopes containing their office visit fees, paid in cash — half of which he pocketed as his pay.

To keep the customers from taking their business to other pill mills, one of the owners regularly went on food runs, buying pizza and other fast food to give them while they waited their turn, sometimes standing around for days waiting to be seen. Some clients were strung out on drugs, vomiting or having seizures. But virtually all of them would get their new prescriptions.

There wasn’t enough room to park; cars were being towed from illegal spaces. So the owners leased a parking lot up the street and hired a valet service.

But other businesses in their strip mall still complained their customers couldn’t park. People’s cars were being stolen. The owner of the building at Armenia Avenue and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard told the pill mill owners they had to leave.

They found a nice office in a legitimate medical building near St. Joseph’s Hospital, with about 2,800 square feet of space, enough to accommodate their needs.

But when 150 patients showed up the first day, the building manager grew concerned. And the situation only got worse. Patients were scaring old people who were there to see their dentist. The legitimate patients were spooked seeing the pill mill clients shooting up drugs in the bathrooms and stairwells.

After about five days, the pill mill was given until the end of the day to leave.

They found another spot off Busch Boulevard and moved into the office overnight. The next morning, when the same large crowd of people showed up in the parking lot, the building manager told the pill mill owners they couldn’t open for even a single day.

Once again, they had to frantically search for another spot.

They landed at another King Boulevard building where another medical business had been before. They ultimately bought that building, at 2137 Martin Luther King, where they stayed until law enforcement shut them down in November 2010.}

You see that? Damn I didn’t even know it was that bad. NOBODY wants this in their neighborhood. Unless you are part of the problem.

So today we have Heroin. Well honestly we’ve had it for a long time. But this is news to me. The idea that a prescription pill did download (8)this caused me to think differently. Just a little. Picture this. Doctor gives patient Rx that is highly addictive. Patient gets hooked. Doctor feels responsible and realized that he had caused this. What is he obligated to do? Perhaps initially he was well intended, but as time progresses he shoulders the responsibility. After all, it is his problem and many others like him. So as the doctor hands out countless prescriptions for a LEGAL drug, he hardly feels remorse. He feels like he’s helping. The medication is legal right? And I’m certain the manufacturers and the doctors aren’t the same people. He’s a healer to a lot of people.



So what is the problem? It can’t be the pills. They’ve already been cleared.

So the crack down on the pills caused a massive surge In heroin use. It’s much cheaper and easier to acquire. It gives the same euphoric feeling so it’s a great alternative…..up until some IDIOT OR GENIUS decided that it wasn’t strong enough and added some Extra shit like Fentanyl. Then the REAL crisis broke out. Everybody and their momma started overdosing. And that lead to the magical drug called Naloxone or Narcan being brought to the surface. The FDA approved it in 1971, so it’s been here, but the general public rarely used it, or never used it? Now this shit has to be powerful. Hell even more powerful than Jesus himself. (If you believe) On the brink of death this stuff snaps you right back. Either 1-3 doses will do the trick. Hot damn! And now users carry this stuff around like a pack of chewing gum. Where am I again? I swear I don’t understand what’s going on. When the hell did I get to this place? Like I swear I’m not supposed to be with y’all. Like I’m so much better than this earth shit. download (9)

Also I’m NOT giving anybody on the streets mouth to mouth. I’m not risking my health on that. You must be crazy. America better fix that. It’s not my job to save lives. They better put masks and little medical stations in different cities because my mouth or hands aint touching that. I read this post talking about if you don’t have Naloxone medication then usher Breathing exercises. Um no sir! Not doing it! Safety first. The only breathing exercise I’ll be doing is stepping over that blue body and continuing on my way to the gym. If they believe in Jesus, they better pray. Do you know where addicts mouths be? Uh uh my stomach is weak. images (4)

I’m starting to feel like an outsider in my own damn country. You know what’s pissing me off even more? If I’m having a heart attack I’m told go take a cheap ass stinkin aspirin and a glycerin tablet. Who the fuck has glycerin on hand?!?!  What am I 85? And if I’m on the streets and having a heart attack, well find that Defibrillator thingy. This ain’t fair at all. I want the same Control my fate juice the addicts are getting!! Does it even pay to be images (6)sober anymore? It seems like the more desperate and pathetic you are, the more you get.

So we now have to keep an eye out for drug addicts. Well you know what? Let me see one on the street overdosing. I’m going to treat it like a WALKER! I will carry a dagger with me and start stabbing em straight to the head. FUCK YOU! I don’t care if you’re mad. I’m sick of this crap. Ok I’m joking but if it was lawful, yes. The Walking Dead is real.

download (11)

And can we even sue for the additives in the heroin? Of course not! It ain’t legal, so what’s the point of arresting drug dealers? It’s already on the street. I wrote about this shit 2 weeks ago when the warning went out. I guess the addicts missed my post huh?

images (1)what kind of post is this? I bet the Makers or owners of Naloxone is racking up some serious cash. Everybody capitalizing off of the drug users ignorance and desperation. Your habit creates jobs. Your habit creates populated prisons. The price is going up. The drug Abusers stimulate the economy. Do you think they are going to stop it? Lol nah. They will put a bandage over a bullet wound. When people are tired of the deaths or fear of dying from heroin, they’ll go to Meth. You ever saw an episode of TWD where all these walkers are headed South, then all of a sudden a loud noise comes from the West and just like sheep, they will follow. Behind every noise in the show, that would lead the pack in a different direction. Who is the leader of the American pack of addicts?

Doesn’t it seem like the addicts are being lead? Lol yes yes.

images (5)He looks like a dude I seen yesterday.

Now imagine this shit! Every fucking drug dealer is also an addict. Lmao! Imagine a drug that you can’t Even make in your basement without getting addicted to it? Meth is so so terrible. Lol I’m cracking up over here thinking about small time manufacturers of Meth blowing themselves up in their homes. It’s already happening EVERYWHERE.

REMEMBER this quote.

There will never be another high other than the first high and if you continue to use drugs, you will forever be chasing that high and you will never get it.