Lol like really dude?

So you gone just stick the wanted photo of yourself up on Facebook?

And he’s from Florida. Go figure.

Lol and a bag phone Marijuana fell out his pants? 😅😅😅😂😂😂


The patrol guys, to look where he was and for some intelligence, they went to his Facebook page,” Bossio told ABC News. “They discovered that he used his wanted poster for his Facebook profile.”

When officers found Yearwood, he was sleeping at his brother’s house, and upon their arrival, requested an officer hand him his pants.

When Yearwood began to dress, Bossio said, he had forgotten what was in the back pocket.

“A bag of weed fell out,” said Bossio.

He was charged with possession of cannabis.

Yearwood has not been charged over the battery incident as it is still being investigated.

He was held in custody at Martin County Jail.