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Ok for real this time. Are you so ugly and disgusting and desperate and pathetic that you need to get chicks hooked on pills just to be with you? You’re a FUCKING DOCTOR! ACT like one you imbecile!

I never ever thought that a doctor would have to be desperate. They make decent money, ugh ok that’s all I got. I suppose if you’re a cute doctor, women flock to you right? I guess we have assumptions about doctors too. But they really are just human. Ok, I understand getting involved with a patient because you really like him or her and so you’re willing to risk it. But pills for pussy? No fucking way man. Why did this guy even become a doctor? That shit takes years! I can romantisize this story and make it all about love, but this guy used his position of power over his patients. I wish my doctor would try me.

This guy is ridiculous. Where did he get his Doctorate degree? An online 90 day course? 

Ok and for the lying bitch who knew she was all over him trying to get more prescriptions, girl stop playing. How did that man have your phone information unless you gave it to him. YES I know that you register  your phone number and all of your personal information when you sign up to see the doctor, so obviously that could be a place where he got her phone number from. But as far as knowing her carrier and who to pay and to be responsible for the bill every month, she did that. It sounds like a situation of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Nobody is a victim here at all. A lot of these women were obviously Doctor shopping.  In all fairness, let’s say you went into his office and did not know of his reputation and you became addicted after the fact, then that is not necessarily your fault especially if you were taking your medication as prescribed by the doctor. I believe a couple of those women were victims. But handjobs in the car and Dinner at Dennys? Man I have heard it all. I have to remind myself. Doctors are people.

Was this chick selling these Pills? I read messages from her to him asking for more pills and to put it in her brother’s name. Wow! This ho was selling them I guarantee it. It’s hard to tell when you want to blame someone, but the amount of pills he’s giving her, NO WAY is she downing all that shit. 180, 150, 150,300,80,150,200 etc and this is all days apart from each other. This doctor got played.


Yall gonna have to convince me that this girl wasn’t selling these Pills. I bounced all over the place with this blog because it really is hard to determine who the real victim is. This guy is getting sexual favors for pills and the girl is getting pills to sell. I want to say that he is a victim because he has a whole lot more to lose than her. So what might have started out as him being an asshole and taking advantage of these girls addictions, perhaps it backfired. But I will say this though if that girl was Doctor shopping and it turns out that she was selling those pills her ass needs to get in trouble too. He should not go down alone.


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Thank you Kelli Weill from The daily Beast, great story!

D.H. showed up at Dr. Naga Thota’s surgical center after hours on the doctor’s orders, she said. She woke with an IV in her arm and had no idea what had happened. It was 4 in the morning.

Dr. Thota’s critics called him a “Dr. Feelgood” for his reputation ofplaying fast and loose with prescriptions. From 2005 to 2012, at least 15 of the anesthesiologist’s patients died from the painkillers he allegedly handed out like candy. Others who cut ties with the doctor turned to street drugs like heroin in lieu of the powerful prescriptions he wrote.

But the nickname took on a grim new significance on Wednesday, when federal agents arrested 62-year-old Thota outside his San Diego practice. Thota didn’t just over-prescribe pills, a federal indictment claims—he allegedly traded pain meds for sex with his young female patients, upping their doses and sending them on spirals of addiction.

D.H., as investigators refer to her in a Wednesday indictment, was one of Thota’s patients at his pain-treatment practice. That didn’t stop Thota from sending her frequent personal text messages, sometimes asking for sex. He offered her $100, D.H. alleges in the indictment.

She’s one of at least three women to allege a sexual relationship with the doctor. Neither Thota’s lawyer nor his medical practice returned phone calls from The Daily Beast.

Beginning February 2013, Thota prescribed medication to a woman the indictment refers to as J.S. A recovering drug addict in her mid-20s, J.S. sought methadone or oxycodone for her withdrawal pain. But on their first meeting, Thota allegedly steered the conversation toward sex, acting “super friendly,” “flirty,” and “kinda unprofessional,” even asking about her nipple rings, J.S. told investigators.

He wrote her a prescription for the powerful painkiller hydrocodone, or Vicodin. Three days later, he called to ask her on a Valentine’s Day date.

As their doctor-patient and intimate relationships progressed, Thota kept J.S. heavily medicated. He switched her from hydrocodone to oxycodone, then allegedly doubled her dosage without informing her. Already working through one addiction, J.S. developed a new one. She loved oxycodone, she told investigators, and quickly became dependent on her increased dosage.

Dependency on oxycodone meant dependency on Thota. J.S. began to ask for early refills. When that wasn’t enough, she asked him to fill prescriptions in her brother’s and father’s names, under-the-table medications Thota would allegedly give her in the parking lot outside his practice, rather than in the office.

Thota’s text messages with J.S. suggest he knew he was over-prescribing. “The dose you are taking and the diagnosis doesn’t match my love,” he texted her when she tried obtaining her medication from another doctor. “I am not telling all this to your doc. It is only between you and me.”

Their relationship worsened as J.S. attempted to distance herself from Thota, who allegedly had control of her phone plan, before he canceled it without warning. Texting from her brother’s phone, J.S. threatened to reveal Thota’s history.

“I will show them how you pursued me and how you bribed me with drugs and how you let me get all these drugs under different people’s names. I will also share how much you pay to fuck me,” she wrote in text obtained by investigators.

She never made good on the threats, and Thota went on practicing. Many of the patients he treated didn’t even choose him as a doctor; he was randomly assigned as their anesthesiologist in the hospital.

One such patient, a woman referred to as M.R. in the indictment, met Thota after an ambulance took her to a local hospital for withdrawal-related seizures. Thota prescribed her methadone, and called her after she was released from the hospital. M.R. began attending his practice for more methadone, but quickly ran through her prescriptions. Thota allegedly agreed to give her more medication if she’d meet him for lunch at Denny’s.

The meetings became a pattern, with M.R. meeting Thota in his car to trade handjobs for painkillers. M.R. felt as though if she did not agree to his demands, he’d stop filling her prescription, she told investigators.

But she couldn’t risk going to another doctor. Thota had allegedly upped her prescription over the course of their relationship. In the hospital, she’d been on a daily dose of 40 milligrams of methadone. Now she was on 60. When she finally ended all ties with the doctors, she lost her prescription and began using heroin.

M.R.’s was a classic case in Thota’s office. A notorious over-prescriber, Thota was in deep trouble with the Medical Board of California at the time of his arrest. After three formal sanctions, which accused him of everything from tax evasion to gross medical negligence, Thota was slapped with a seven-year suspension in March 2016.

He could still run his practice—but anyone who read the medical board’s 47-page smackdown would look for another doctor. The document accuses Thota of repeated negligence, prescribing pain medication and upping doses “without any rationale or documentation.”

Multiple clients developed deep addictions, including one man who entered the practice complaining of lower back pain and wound up unresponsive in the street, after consuming a morphine equivalent daily dose greater than 4,000 milligrams from 3½ years.

At least 15 others died on the medication, earning Thota a dubious reputation in California. (“We tell them every time when they come for follow-up: This medication can kill you,” he said during a 2013 NPR interview on overmedication. “You know that, right? But I will say it so many times: Be careful with them and use them carefully.”)

Even before the deaths, there were warning signs. An anonymous reviewer in January 2012 described a frightening encounter with a paranoid doctor who touched her inappropriately, then accused her of being a Drug Enforcement Administration agent.

“I have NEVER EVER been treated as poorly by a Doctor as I have Dr. Thota,” the reviewer wrote. “I went in to ask a simply question of Dr. Thota and was screamed at and called names I won’t repeat here. I am a stable, mature, great communicator and never lost my cool. This man has issues. He touched me inappropriately, went on and on about the DEA and how he thought I was a DEA person (WHAT)!!???”

The reviewer claimed Thota has “severe issues,” and left prospective patients with a warning.

“RUN from his office… one should have to put up with his unprofessional manner. I wish I had a tape recorder with me with all the things he said to me, including…’you look just like someone I dated and I loved her so much’ I could go on. I have never filled out a form like this and hope I never have to again.”

Thota’s bail has been set at $100,000, but he still has his medical license. He’s barred from writing prescriptions for women without the approval of a medical partner. A bad reputation hasn’t stopped him from practicing in the past.

“Somebody has to take care of these people,” he said in a 2012 interviewwith the Los Angeles Times. “And I am the chosen one.”

Here is the complete report

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