Okay so this mother thought that her daughter had demons in her and so she decided to I guess kill her? See this is why I don’t do religion. I don’t mind the sane ones who just go about their existence praising their God and leaving me the hell alone. But no it’s those hypocritical fuckers who always find themselves in trouble. How in the hell is she going to say that her daughter has demons in her but the mother is the one killing people? Bitch to me it seems like you are the one with the demons.

I can respect your religious beliefs if you practice what you preach. But good luck finding that. I was researching this chick from blahville who is extremely religious and let me tell you, boy is she living a lie. Her husband beats her ass and he beats up on the kids and she still stays with him. Shes always getting into fights and disturbing the peace. But if you go on her page she has all this religious talk, I love God God loves me we are a happy family. Girl ain’t nobody got time for that. At this point in my life I am looking for people who are real. Nobody has time for your screwed-up persona. This mother needs to go ahead and admit that she was jealous of her daughter.

Girl, and guys, you know think that men never read my blogs… anyway, this mother had the demon of jealousy inside her heart against her own daughter. Do you believe in bad spirits or bad vibes? Of course I do. We all have them. They are just a part of our feelings and our emotions, but when you start exorcising demons out of people and you yourself are a Natural Born Killer, we have a problem. There is nothing like living in a house with a bunch of hypocrites.

I love to talk about myself because what is the point of living if you can’t talk about what you’re experiencing or what you have experienced? Religion is not supposed to be a tote or satchel. It’s not something you’re supposed to pick up and put down when you feel like it, or hide it until it is convenient to bring it out. It’s supposed to have a meaning behind it. It’s supposed to be love and honor and respect and integrity, peace, happiness. And anger comes into play when all of those other feelings aren’t being met. The thing I don’t like about religion is the condemnation of it all. The fact that you hate yourself because you’re human. You are human you are entitled to make mistakes, you will fuck up. But the object is not to be ashamed of those things, but yet hold yourself accountable regardless of your behavior. And that is the problem that most people have trouble balancing. They want to forgive all things. But some things are just not forgivable. Shoving a cross down  your daughter’s throat, that’s not forgivable. I don’t care what your excuses is, you are a mental nutcase.

And stop using that same old excuse that the devil made you do it. If you have a conscience then you should be in control of your actions. Or what is this woman going to say? God told me to do it? I’m really getting sick and tired of these people saying that God told them to commit these heinous crimes, but he never told them to do anything good for anyone. I’m guessing that the spirits must have transferred and went from the daughter into the mother like a typical Hollywood movie. By the way did you ever watch The Conjuring? Pretty good movie.

Listen stop with the hypocritical bullshit. Don’t come on my page with that. Be yourself. But stop cursing and threatening me then sayimg GOD BLESS! What kind of shit is that? Lol a bitch told me that she hopes I burn in hell, but closed it out with imma pray for you. I said, NO THANKS! I don’t need that.


Story below…

Police arrested Juanita Gomez, 49, of Oklahoma City on charges of killing her daughter, Geneva, whose body was found by authorities stretched out on the floor with a large crucifix resting on her chest.

“Blood was visible, and she had suffered severe trauma around her head and face,” said court documents filed on Monday, according to Tribune Media. After placing the body in a cross position, the court document show, Juanita cleaned her daughter’s dead body.

Her mother told investigators that she believed her daughter, 33, who was living with her, had demons inside. According to investigators, she admitted to punching Geneva multiple times “and forced a crucifix and religious medallion down her throat until blood came out of her daughter’s mouth. Juanita saw her daughter die and then placed her body in the shape of a cross.”

Geneva Gomez’s ex-boyfriend, Francisco Merlos, told the Oklahoman that he was the one who alerted authorities to her death.

He told the paper that he and Geneva split two days before her death, and he went by the house on Saturday hoping to get back together with her.

When he knocked, Juanita opened the door and pulled him inside, Merlos told the paper.

“[Geneva] was lying on her back with the cross on her chest,” he said. “You couldn’t even recognize her face.”

Merlos tried to leave the home, but Gomez tried to lock him in the house.

“I just push her to the side, open the door and she tries to get me in a chokehold,” he told the Oklahoman.

Outside, Merlos called 911.

Juanita is being held without bail. At her arraignment, according to the newspaper, she seemed unfazed, making religious remarks to the judge and complaining that her jail cell had no toilet paper.

Mother and daughter worked together as massage therapists and, according to the paper, were described by many as being extremely close.

“They do their nails [together], they do their hair, everything,” Merlos said.



Mom you’re a religious nut and should stop drinking the Koolaid!