The next story to read after this is a supplement to whether Cara was abusing drugs that were prescribed for Aleah Beckerle. Follow the link after you’re finished with this story if you’re interested. Watch the video or read the documents, but I have something interesting for you that you might be able to contribute to.



I worked for hours composing my first movie. It is 8 minutes long, but well worth the watch. I feel like a real producer and I’m so happy to do it for Aleah Beckerle.

This video involves all key players in the case and instead of reading 30 blogs, you can watch a video on the basics.

Please enjoy. Share if you like.

This video is not everything. But it is a direct response to Cara Beckerle stating why the neglect charges came . She didn’t admit to selling drugs. She attempted to make light of the situation. The video she posted is NOT transparency. It’s more lies and more deceit accompanied by fake tears .