Men, stop with all the online dating bullshit. You’re almost 30 and trying to fuck around with an 18 year old. You thought you were smarter than her, but she got you. Yeah she’s going to prison, but where are you? These guys go on dating sites all the time looking for girls they can take advantage of sexually. You know this girl is too young for you. What you think you are some kind of Mack daddy? What is an 18 year old child going to do for you and your little baby? She’s a child herself and she needs to grow up. But yet you’re out here chasing her because you think she’s easy and naive. You won’t talk to women your own age because you know they won’t put up with your bullshit.


Listen, these young girls are trying to get paid. And you men are so desperate for pussy that you’ll do anything to get it. Every body is worried about men, but these girls are notorious too. Everybody knows that POF stands for Plenty Of Fucking. Nobody on that site has any morals or self-respect. They are all just being tossed around and everybody sleeping with everybody. You see the same girls and the same guys being circulated on every website. The same guys that are on Plenty of Fish are also on Tagged. It’s disgusting. The same guys and girls who are on Tinder are the same guys and girls who are on eHarmony. Look this guy didn’t deserve to die. But let me preach. REMEMBER I’m Atheist. But watch this. If you were following the Commandments you would still be alive today. So many things that happen in our lives could be avoided if we weren’t such hypocrites. Going out on dates meeting girls for sex but you know you’re a Christian and you call yourself a Christian.  What is that?

Getting pregnant from a man who is not married to you and then getting upset when he leaves you a single mother. If  you had followed the rules of the book this shit wouldn’t be happening to you. A lot of rules from the Bible were set in place to protect you. I can speak for myself too.  I broke a lot of commandments. Lol But boy did I suffer.

Stay safe out there. I know it seems isolated, but I believe we will see more of these stories. Meet at mutual places. But remember, they have the same chance that you have to set them up. If you agree on a location, you could be followed on your way home. Start meeting people in person instead of acting like a pervert wanking off to internet hos.

If you’re a decent looking guy, step to a girl you work with. Stick with people who know people who they trust. All this stranger meeting is dangerous.


Story below…



A 27-year-old Florida father was lured to his death with a dating website in what cops believe was a robbery plot that turned deadly.

According to Auburndale police, Adam Hilarie met 18-year-old Hailey Rose Bustos on the online dating site before they went on a date Thursday.

After the date, cops said Bustos told Hilarie she would like to see him again before conspiring with three men to rob him, a plot they believe ended with his tragic slaying.

“Once she got home, they talked together; they worked out the details and then went back and committed the murder,” Auburndale Police Deputy Chief Andy Ray said in a press conference. “I think the plan was that he get robbed and that they take his stuff.”

Hilarie was found shot to death on the kitchen floor of his apartment Friday, some 12 hours after police believe he was murdered. The police were first notified of Hilarie’s body by his roommate, who also pointed out that some items, including electronics, were missing from the home.

Through what Ray described as tireless detective work, police identified Bustos as their suspect. Police announced her arrest Monday.

“Her comfort with the way this went, didn’t seem like it was her first time. If she hasn’t done it before, then she has talked to people who have done it,” Deputy Chief Ray told reporters.

Bustos was arrested on a probation violation and has since been charged with first-degree murder, robbery with a firearm/deadly weapon, and conspiracy to commit robbery.

Three other suspects reportedly also face those same charges: Joshua Ellington, 26; Gary Terrell Gray, 31; and Andre Maurice Warner, 26.

In addition, Bustos, Ellington and Gray are face charges for alleged violation of probation.

Hilarie’s family is now organizing a fundraiser and soliciting donations through GoFundMe, in part to benefit his daughter.

Organized by Jennifer Meyer, the GoFundMe page features a photo of Hilarie and his beloved daughter, one of countless such photos that also appear on the doting dad’s Facebook page.

“This young mans life was taken way to soon,” the GoFundMe page reads. “He was shot and killed in his very own apartment, he left behind a beautiful 5 year old baby girl and family and friends who loved him dearly! He didn’t have insurance so anything donating will help this family with funeral cost and any other expenses they may have!”

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Police: Florida man lured to his death through online dating site