Tamar I’m sorry but I gotta do it.


Girl you are an old fool. But I guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Lol

Listen I seen this one a long time ago. I knew Vince was verbally abusive and it’s just a matter of time before the physical abuse starts. I read somewhere on another site where they said they did not see this coming, those are not my sentiments I saw this coming from 20 miles away. And I’m glad that it finally surfaced. Tamar loves her husband but he is controlling and manipulative.

We all marry men with flaws. Some of them have attitude problems, some of them bitch and moan and gripe about everything, some of them insult you. Some of them are jealous of your success and feel intimidated by your beauty or by your power. You cannot tell me that you have never looked at Tamar and said why is she with this?  Listen, I do not think that Vince is a bad guy. But he has anger issues and he needs help. He has insecurities and he needs to deal with them instead of taking his anger out on Tamar.

He needs to fix himself. And she needs to take a break away from him for a short time. I have always been a fan of Tamar . She can sing and she reminds me a lot of myself. I love her personality. And when you are a strong woman like that, you feel like you can handle a man like Vince. You feel that because your confidence is high and that no one can shatter your image of yourself you tolerate abuse. But that is not the thing to do. You need to correct that behavior and if your husband continues to verbally abuse you you have to leave. If he loves you as much as he says he does, he will stop hurting you. I’ve always known Tamar to call him Ike Turner, and I sent a message to her asking her why did she call her husband that. I specifically wanted to know because when you call your husband Ike Turner you are calling him an abusive, drug using rapist. Now of course I never got a reply, but I knew something was wrong. This was well over a year ago, possibly even two years.



She needs to put a stop to this shit right now. Tamar is so much better than this. I know she loves her Teddy Ruxpin, but does he love her? THATS the question!

And he bit her hand then fled. That fucker. I wish a negro would. I am willing to get into a relationship right now just so a bitch can try me just so I can kick his ass.

I saw something with Vince one season and on this particular episode, Logan was much smaller. He purchased a dog for him without Tamar’s consent. I saw his demeanor and it reminded me of an EX. If she decides to divorce him, he will give her hell to get Logan. It will be the biggest fight of her life. She needs to prepare.

I read a comment about how Tamar gets mouthy? Umm excuse me? What does that have to do with him biting her? If he doesn’t like her mouth, then he should leave! That’s no excuse. You don’t have permission to assault someone because they talk shit. A real man knows when to walk away. You don’t put your hands on her. Same goes for women. Don’t be a bully to your husband because you KNOW he won’t hit you.  I’m so tired of hearing all of the excuses for physical and verbal and emotional abuse. If she was cheating, leave. It does not matter what your spouse is doing, if you don’t like it walk away.

Tamar you’ve seen what he can do. He is showing you what he is. Believe him! It’s time to focus on YOU. Cry, pout, pray , if you must, but dammit don’t put up with this.



Story below… courtesy of Bossip and Inquisitr

Looks like trouble is still brewing within Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert’s rocky relationship. The couple got involved in an intense physical domestic dispute at the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead Atlanta last night, resulting in Tamar calling the police on Vince. BOSSIP has exclusively learned the details of the incident.

According to our sources, Tamar and Vince got into an extremely heated argument that turned physical. During the altercation, Vince actually bit Tamar on her hand so badly that he drew blood, and she ended up calling the police.

Witnesses say that Tamar’s finger was in extremely bad shape as she left the premises, and she very likely needed stitches to close up her wound. However, Tamar refused EMS services when they were offered.

Vince was apparently NOT arrested, as he fled the scene before police even arrived.


Bossip revealed that Vince was not arrested following the supposed domestic violence incident but “fled the scene” before the police arrived.

Lovebscott.com also reported the pretty shocking domestic violence accusations, claiming to have received an email from an employee at the hotel who confirmed that the incident took place between Braxton and her husband.

The eyewitness, who was not named in the report, told the site that Tamar and Vince have allegedly “had multiple domestic abuse issues in the past” but admitted that “this time there’s evidence” because of the multiple eyewitnesses who are thought to have seen the incident go down.

The source then went on to admit that Braxton and Herbert have supposedly had tension in the marriage for some time and claimed that it’s not unusual for the two to get into “fist fights.”

“Anyone who works with the Braxtons knows, that Tamar & Vince literally fist fight,” the source alleged, “then they do a video after to dispel rumors.”

While Braxton and Herbert are yet to confirm or deny the reports, Lovebscott.com‘s source claimed that tensions have hit boiling point in the couple’s marriage because Braxton reportedly recently hired a new manager, leaving Vince somewhat in the lurch.

“The real tension is because Tamar has a new manager, who is Steve Harvey’s manager,” the insider said, just two months after it was revealed that Harvey had offered to give Braxton her own talk show after she was sensationally fired from her gig on the daytime talk show The Real back in May.


“After being dropped from Epic Records, and fired from The Real, Tamar hired new management, which has left Vince feeling some type of way,” the source claimed.

Tamar and Vince have so far stayed mum regarding the domestic violence reports on social media, though Braxton did share a number of photos from her appearance at Bronner Brothers Beauty Show in Atlanta on August 21 on Instagram.

Just hours before Bossip reported the domestic violence incident, Tamar posted a short video of herself backstage at the beauty show where both of her hands appeared to be mark free, though it’s not clear if the clip was taken before or after the alleged altercation took place.

But while Herbert and Braxton are staying quiet as the domestic violence rumors swirl, their fans are talking.
A number of the couple’s biggest fans took to social media to speculate on the reports, with some sending love to the couple while others denied that the incident ever even took place.

“Now the folks at The Real aren’t looking so foolish after all. Clearly, they were spot on when said Tamar and Vince were problematic,” @MelanieHenshaw claimed, and Twitter fan @callmedollar tweeted, “All the best to Tamar and Vince! There’s been more rumors about their marriage than music videos for her Calling All Lovers album.”

“Vince fled the scene? Really? Tamar’s hand needed stitches? Really? Stop it,” Tamar fan @TamartionsOnly hit back at the reports. “Wait a minute Tamar and Vince… Domestic Violence… I don’t believe it,” @amourwest added.

What do you think of the domestic violence reports swirling around Tamar Braxton and husband Vincent Herbert?



……. shall I continue?

These aren’t rumors. I know what domestic violence looks like and this relationship has been a strain on Tamar from the very beginning. She walked into this relationship like this. She has choices. She can either walk away and start over and let this be a lesson, or she can stay and fight like the song says and remain a victim. But nothing will change until he decides he wants to change. And it’s sad that Logan will be caught in the middle. That poor child does not deserve to be brought up in an abusive home. Sometimes you have to walk away when the relationship is no longer serving you well. She needs to understand that she can do better than him. He’s gotten into her head so bad to where she just is confused half the time. I can’t stand when guys do that. So annoying. All these Petty mind games. And he’s going to eventually start making her look bad.

You can believe that whoever the source is, everything they are saying is true. This is not their first fight, this is not the first time things went physical. You can bet on that.

Listen to me ladies, you can not fix a man! Read it again. YOU cannot fix a man. If he is fucked in the head that is his problem not your problem. And all this religious bullshit talking about pray for him and stay beside him and help him, no! That is the reason why this girl is stuck in this relationship to begin with. Religion makes women prisoner and you don’t have to be. Once a man is physically hurting you and verbally hurting you you have the right to leave. Vince probably treats his dog better than he treats his wife. Enough is enough. Pull a Tina Turner and walk out the fucking door and don’t look back. You women are so dumb at times. You think just because you’re beautiful and that guy is not so attractive and overweight that he will be grateful to have you? Just because you’re the beautiful one and the guy is ugly does not make him appreciate you any more. If he’s not treating you right Leave! What is the point of staying in a relationship when you have to constantly prove yourself? When your loyalty is constantly tested. When you threaten to leave your guy and he says BYE. What type of bullshit is that? All of you guys supporting this, should be ashamed of yourselves. You’re acting like desperate THOTS! You know what a THOT IS? That ho over there. Basically you don’t even have a name, you just something to do. He’s just wasting his time with you while he looks for something better.

Listen, let me school you. Look up FRACTIONATION. Life is too short to be somebody’s fool. These guys have mastered the mind game. Guys today don’t even have to beg because women are so desperate and so insecure that they end up being the chaser. I don’t know when women started chasing after men, but not on my watch. You guys better switch that shit up and start having some self-respect and decency about yourself. Domestic violence is not cute. It’s not a laughing matter and that shit causes people to lose their mind. And then one day you’ll look back and realize that you were crying over a  350 pound ugly mother fucker. One day you’ll wake up and realize that you were crying over a cross eyed no job having asshole. And you know why? You fell for the mind game. You fell for the fractionation. You ever wonder how these ugly men get beautiful women?  That’s how.

Yes I’m mean, yes I’m harsh. So what? Just read!




Fractionation | How To Seduce A Woman – SeductionFAQ.com

Fractionation Seduction • How To Use Fractionation And Other “Female Psychology” Tricks To Attract Women

Fractionation – How To Learn The Technique In The Shortest Time Possible • Fractionation Seduction

How To Get A Girl To Like You With Fractionation Seduction Tricks – The Sonic Seduction Hall Of Fame

And there are so many more. All it is is a way to reverse the roles. You the woman becomes the man and he becomes the woman. It’s the worst thing ever. You will be chasing him for life and he’ll never be satisfied. Real men don’t use this. But we do have a shortage of real men.


UPDATE, YES she stayed with him because as the desperate woman says, a piece of man is better than no man at all. Some women only appreciate a man when he’s beating their ass and treating them like shit.

Every player knows, treat a lady like a ho and a ho like a lady. Works every time. I’ve lost respect for her.

Alright Update
November 7, 2017
She’s officially filed for divorce. Thank goodness. I’m just saying. He reminds me of my ex, not in looks, but in behavior and attitude. She’s a beautiful lady and a sweet person. She deserves better. As I mentioned earlier, her troubles will come through Logan. Sometimes life says NO for a reason. I don’t believe she should have had a child with Vince. He’s petty and bitter. I said a lot about their relationship a year ago and figured I’d just sit back and wait. I’m hoping that she stays away from him. He’s in her head big time. He’s not willing to talk about Custody yet because he doesn’t feel it’ll be necessary.
Well Evelyn, Tamars mom has spoken up and makes statements like she believes he’ll try to kill her daughter. Do I believe Vince Is capable of this? YES I DO. WHY? He hates her And he’s jealous of her. He’s spent the entire relationship putting her down in order to feel good about himself. He cannot do better than her, but she can do a million times better than him. What she should do right now is build a case against him. Since he’s been violent towards her, get a protection order and beef up her security. And if she wants her son, get ready for a fight. If I were her, I’d give my husband full custody of Logan and take my life back. Pay the child support and keep it moving. Don’t give Vince any leverage. Since Vince is such an ass hole, give him his son and Tamar should focus primarily on her career.
I truly hope the best for Tamar.I’ve always been a fan of hers.