Each state has a mayor, governors, and other elected officials who we the people voted for. Everyone is voted in. So depending on the major that you voted for that if you decided to vote a lot of times that determines your outcome in the event of a disaster. it is not the president’s responsibility, it is your Governor responsibility to ensure the safety of his residents during a crisis. If you voted for a stingy governor then expect funding to be very minimal in the time of need. If you voted for a corrupt governor you can pretty much expect the same reaction. Governor’s vary from state to state. Some care more than others. But one thing they all have in common, in the event of a crisis they are not touched. Did you vote for who you have in office right now? Did the black community actually get out and vote for the governor they have in office? That is who your initial argument should be with. That is why they are called a governor. Their job is to govern the entire state to make sure that everything runs smoothly. All funding goes through the governor first. The governor decides where the money is spent.

About Black Lives Matter. I am with the firm belief that this organization however disorganized they may be at this time is unnecessary. I also understand the need to have such an organization. Although I personally believe that all lives matter. NO one is better than the next. I will say this organization is wrong. If you were there when the land was dry you should be there when the land is wet. Every organization attempting to claim their efforts to assist blacks should make their presence known during a catastrophe. A 24 case of generic water cost around $3. If all you can supply is 100 cases of water then so be it. But to not show up at all is distasteful and it is a slap in the face. I understand your need to protest when a seemingly innocent black person is killed by the hands of law enforcement. But there is nothing that could be done for that person, that person is deceased. Therefore you need to focus your efforts on the living. The people in Louisiana need your help, get your ass there!

Listen to me. Louisiana has a stigma behind it, and a lot of black people do not like Louisiana because supposedly they practice witchcraft and the floods are seen as a sign from God to punish them for their evil ways. It’s the way Christians think. the same thing to place in Haiti. Blacks have a negative opinion of Haitians because of their religion and the fact that they believe that Haitians practice voodoo. Well being that Louisiana is also of a French descent, the punishment landed there as well. I recall during Hurricane Katrina many people believed that the storms and the flooding was God punishing those people. You could hear the stories all over the news. You could see pastors preaching from the pulpit. It was disgusting. I was a Christian at that time so I witnessed all of it. But I don’t like to see history repeat itself. There was no black lives matter back then. But they are there now and they should make their presence known. Take up donations through all of your billions of churches, because you know black people love church. And send people there to assist them. You are a hypocrite if you do not do that. If you do not help then you are a hypocrite and your organization is useless. And you do not deserve any type of funding at all.

If you are African American and you do not like the way your Governor is handling your state at this time then make sure the next time you don’t vote for him. If you did not vote then you cannot complain.

As far as THE BLACK PANTHER PARTY, hmmmm. That one is a little different. I think they can help if they want to help. Their organization is not based around that Forte. So if they did not show up I would be okay with that. It would be nice if they did, but okay if they didn’t. But how is BLM going to let Donald Trump out do them? You do realize that Donald Trump did show up correct? And I am the furthest away from a Donald Trump fan as you could get. But even he showed up. So that should tell you something. Even if it was just for publicity, he showed up.

Let’s talk about a scripture. Now you know I’m Atheist right? But I am very well versed in Scripture. I believe it is Malachi 3:10 where the scripture is specifically speaking about bringing all of your tithes and offering to the storehouse so that there may be meat in my house. And then it goes on to say and prove me says the Lord of hosts that I will not open up a window of Heaven and pour you out a blessing that you won’t have room enough to receive. Listen to this, churches are storehouses. They are tax-exempt and they can get a lot done that us regular citizens can not do. So can you tell me why these churches are not filled to the max with supplies? Now listen, let’s not be victims. This always happens in Louisiana. Everyone knows the lower levels flood. They’ve done it before. This state is shaped like a soup bowl. It is designed to hold lots of water. So where is your preparation? Where are your pastors to whom you’ve been giving to Faithfully? You shouldn’t need Outsiders to come in especially when I know your community is flooded with churches. There’s probably a pastor on every corner right alongside a drug dealer. Knock it off. Don’t play the victim, how did you get here? It’s a disaster, it’s not your fault. The lack of preparation is.

Black Lives Matter is terrible naming because that carries a lot of weight. And although your group may only specialize in one area, anything relating to black people you’re going to be held accountable if you don’t make some type of appearance. There are 30 chapters of blacklivesmatter. In America and even England. They received a one-hundred-million-dollar pledge, so providing a little water shouldn’t be an issue. Even the most disorganized person can rent a U-Haul and go to a store and purchase cases of water and drive to a destination and drop it off. How hard is that?

I support Any organization that provides help to those who are powerless. That is my reason for blogging many of the stories I choose. It’s giving the powerless a voice.