Can you tell me how? Her bond was $20,000 CASH. I can’t imagine a meth addict having that type of cash stashed away.  Did she give up the goods on Aleah Beckerle? What will we see in the coming weeks? Will we see arrests?

I can’t think of any way possible that this woman, if you will, had that kind of money. I hope this leads to more information. You know I was going to hold back in this blog, but I can’t!!! I want to know who got to her. How was she suicidal one day and in the hospital and all of a sudden posted bail?!? Talk to me people.




I don’t really know anyone who I would spend this much money on. Especially if they are a career criminal. Also upon reading about her release, there are people congratulating her and stating how God, answers their prayers. Are you serious? So god can answer your prayers to release Debra Wollner, but nothing for Aleah Beckerle? Fucking idiots. And you wonder why I’m Atheist.