Girl no! Is IT that good where you want to join a terror group? Lol

Then you make it hard on me cause you look like all these other chicks I see walking down the street. Girl I have relatives that look like you. I honestly hate when people of interest in terror groups look black. Omg it’s so annoying! I’m like, we already have enough problems without you coming on the scene looking like that. Is it a silly way to think? Yes!  do I care?  No! Listen you can’t tell me that when you see white people or Latinos who were terrorists that you don’t shake your head like oh thanks a lot! The first time I seen a blonde terrorist, I almost lost my mind. She was this pretty blonde years ago that made the news and everybody was shocked and now today I got to deal with this.

Okay yes I’m going to have to grow up some point in time in this blog and say Terror does not have a face. Terror does not have a name, and Terror does not come from a specific background. There I said it. But I’m not happy about it. but wouldn’t it be nice if you can just classify one specific group of terrorists? That would be so awesome. Every time we saw them we could just beat the shit out of them and torture them. But that’s not how it is. You have people working in gas stations that aren’t even Muslim getting attacked because people assume that they were part of 9/11.

Most of us Americans we really don’t know what real terror looks like. But in reality who can know? They come from all different backgrounds. I would have walked right past the girl in this story and just figured her for another black American. I never would have associated her with attempting to join a terrorist group. And if you think that you can just look at people and tell that they are part of a terrorist group, it is safe to say that you were stereotyping. Knock it off! Listen if they don’t have a backpack and a shotgun and maybe wearing a vest, I just can’t tell. You got to really spell it out for me. I gotta tell you the truth though. I overcompensated the other day at the gas station. FOR the first time I felt White. LOL there were these two guys in the store grabbing drinks, and well they looked Muslim or they looked Middle Eastern and they had accents and I made a mistake and cut in front of them in line. Well after I realized what I had done, and who I had done it to, I apologized profusely because I said I know what their people are going through right now. LOL and now I see how white people feel. At least some of them. It was just terrible. 

Then I was in this Asian market and well I was questioning this lady that was there shopping. There were these duck eggs and I asked her did she eat them. She rudely stated ” I don’t eat that! ” so I said oh, why not? And she said, that’s Japanese! So I’m thinking, well bitch what are you? I don’t get to be all these other things. I just get to be Ericka, I’m just black. Turns out she was Korean. Bitches I don’t care. I think all you fuckers are the same. I don’t have time to be classifying everybody into these different groups. It’s just too much work. Bitch if you from Asia, you’re ASIAN! The only time it matters is when I’m eating.

Anyway story below…


A federal judge in Mississippi sentenced former cheerleader Jaelyn Young to 12 years in prison for trying to join Islamic State (Isis) on Thursday (11 August). The 20-year-old from Vicksburg apologised to the judge following her sentencing, saying she was ashamed of her actions and for causing pain to her family.

Young, along with her fiancé Muhammad Dakhlalla, had planned to go to Syria by disguising their travel plansas a honeymoon trip, the court was told. She also informed the court she had converted to Islam in 2015 amid an emotional crisis she faced during her days at Mississippi State University.

In addition to the prison sentence, US District Judge Sharion Aycock sentenced Young to 15 years of probation. The judge also ordered her to undergo mental health treatment and to allow probation officers to search through her electronic devices for any terrorism-related materials or documents. Dakhlalla, who had earlier pleaded guilty to the same charge, will be sentenced on 24 August.

Young, the daughter of a policeman and Navy veteran mother, broke down in the court on hearing her punishment and said: “I wasn’t myself. I said and did things that were so contrary to me. Much of this remains surreal to me.

“When things really began to snap back into place, then I began to feel shame,” she was quoted by the Associated Press (AP) as telling the court.

She said: “The guilt of my father being in the military and then me being in this position, it’s like a slap in the face. There’s just so much humiliation. And I didn’t think of that.”

While testifying for the case, Young’s father Leonce Young requested the judge to show some leniency on his daughter as part of what she did was his fault.

“I wasn’t there for Jaelyn’s graduation. I wasn’t there for her senior day. I wasn’t there the day she went to Mississippi State. What she did was wrong, but part of it was my fault, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to keep my country safe. But my daughter was lost,” Young said.

Both Young and her fiancé were reportedly planning to join IS (Daesh) as medics.