I’m always saying this. If you read any of my blogs you will see me saying why can’t we all get along and just live our lives without others interfering? Now of course if living your life is hurting other people then damn right we’re going to interfere. But Why do we feel so compelled To put our personal convictions on others? It’s no longer a matter of personal choice when you do that.

People should have the freedom to worship or not to worship as they see fit. People should have the freedom to believe in whatever God they choose. In your mind there may be only one true God. But any other person’s mind and another part of the world they have their own God as well, so who is actually correct? We don’t just have freedom of religion in America we also have freedom from religion…

WHAT is going on in someone’s mind when they feel the need to threaten someone because of their own personal beliefs? Calling a place of worship and threatening to cut their heads off is horrible. I’m certain my readers come from all different backgrounds and religions or lack of religions and I absolutely respect them all. I am certain that they all come from different races and nationalities and I don’t have a prejudice against them. Okay yes I have a prejudice against stupidity period but other than that I’m cool. Listen we don’t have to agree, but we need to respect or at least tolerate the other person. People tell me God bless you, and that they will pray for me and I accept it. Now if they just finished cursing me out and calling me all types of names, I’m not so sure how I would receive that one but nice try. Fucker!

I’ll give you an example. ” Ericka Courtney, you’re a stank bitch. All you do is judge every body you cunt! But you know what? Imma pray for you! Imma pray that God have mercy on you! Good night!” When I get those kind of messages I don’t even know what to think. I don’t know if I’m blessed or cursed, I’m just not sure what’s going to happen to me. Sometimes I don’t even go to sleep at night because I don’t know what my fate will be. Okay I just made that up. But you get my point.

I mean to me that’s just like somebody shooting me in the chest and then telling me they’re going to pray for me. I don’t really know whether to be grateful or just really hate that person.

We need to figure out a way of coexistence. Is it impossible? Hell yeah. You know it and I know it. But it’s a great thought! You ever just think, What am I doing here? Why are people fighting all the damn time?

The older I get the less drama I want around me. I don’t have time to be getting all upset because someone is praying 30 times a day to the North, and WESTSIDE like the Muslims do. I don’t have time to get upset with Christian drug dealers. I don’t have the energy to get frustrated when Buddhist monks have motorcycle gangs and terrorize Amish communities. That’s life ya know? Gotta roll with it.



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Courtesy of MSN

Leaders of the Masjid al-Sahaabah mosque in Watauga, Tex., have grown accustomed to receiving several threatening voice mails on their answering machine each week.

Normally, the messages are deleted and quickly forgotten at the mosque near Fort Worth.

But a message that arrived one recent afternoon was different.

The caller identified himself as a local Army veteran and a Christian who was “armed to the teeth.” Referring to Islam as a “violent religion,” he accused Muslims of trying to import sharia law to the United States and called for “another Christian crusade.”

“We will cut all of your heads off,” the caller said. “Do you understand me? All of you.”

The message wasn’t discovered until a week after it was left, Simon Vincent, the head of mosque security, told The Washington Post.

Instead of deleting the recording, Vincent said, the mosque decided to report the incident to law enforcement officials and the media.

“Our community is fed up with this,” he said. “During Ramadan, we had someone shining a laser sight from his rifle at the mosque as well.”

A spokesman for the FBI’s Dallas field office said the agency is working with local police and mosque officials to investigate the phone call, but he declined to comment to The Post on the specifics of the case.

Vincent said investigators have told him the call was made using Google Voice and that they are attempting to track it to an IP address and a home address.

“The person tried to hide, but they weren’t that good,” he said.

Vincent, a Marine veteran, suspects that the caller was merely posing as a veteran himself.

Watauga Police Chief Glen Fowler called the threatening voice mail a “significant incident” and said he has directed his staff to handle the case as a “priority investigation.”

“We will continue to work diligently on identifying the person responsible for this horrific phone call,” Fowler said in a statement, adding: “We value our relationships with the community, of which the Islamic Center is certainly a big part.”

Alia Salem, executive director of the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), told The Post that the specificity of the message suggested that the caller was someone who had possibly “become radicalized.”

“In our assessment, this was an actionable threat,” Salem told The Post. “He’s identified himself as being local to the area and given specific instructions about what he would do.”

“The call starts off docile, but then it escalated,” she added. “For us, it kind of gave us insight into the mentality of the person, which made us nervous.”

Such calls are not entirely shocking, Salem said, given the anti-Muslim rhetoric being spewed by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and other conservative politicians and commentators.

“People think that if their lawmaker thinks or says something hateful, then that means it’s okay,” Salem said. “There have been no consequences for someone like Donald Trump, and he grows in popularity, which sends a clear message to people who espouse this type of bigotry.”