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Aleah Beckerle. If she had a Voice. What would she say?

The Aleah Beckerle story is/was personal for me. I too was a child without a voice and when I see children who cannot fight for themselves, it puts me in overdrive. I will write all night and day until something moves. I will make sure you think about Aleah. You will not forget her name. This will be LONG…

There have been so many theories on this blog, someone started calling me Barnaby. As in Barnaby Jones. I must admit, it’s just the way my mind operates. Literally once I set my sights on something, I don’t stop until I feel the answer is found.

Aleah Beckerle didn’t ask to be born. She did not ask for the disability. Imagine at the age of 16 someone having to change your diapers. Imagine no dating. No boys. No going outside to run and play with your friends. Imagine the horror of sitting on a porch while you watched others play. Imagine never being part of the games. You can’t run, you can’t chase, all you can do is watch. No movie nights out with friends. No making Snapchat videos. No long phone calls on the phone with your girls. No first kiss. No shopping at the mall. No prom dress. No possibility of becoming Homecoming Queen.

No skipping school. No prank calls, no Halloween trick or treating. You watch everyone around you LIVE, while you just exist. Did Aleah know what gratitude was? Did she have an appreciation for life? She was a beautiful girl with a bright smile and yes she could have had a bright future. And even if she didn’t understand what was going on around her, she would have managed a smile. If Aleah didn’t understand happiness, it was up to those around her to usher it in. It was up to them to take her for walks in the park. It was up to them to take her for a stroll. It was up to them to keep a smile on her face whenever possible. It was their responsibility to have movie nights. Yes she was special needs, but she had understanding.

Her screams of frustration are humane. We all scream when things don’t go our way. We all cry when it doesn’t work out. So in the sense of special needs, other than body functions, Aleah was just as normal as you and I. She could feel hurt and pain. She knew joy and sorrow. She knew laughter and tears. But Aleah Beckerle couldn’t articulate what she was feeling. If she was physically in pain, how could you know? If her heart was aching, how could you tell? According to sources Aleah Beckerle spent a lot of her time sitting on the front porch.

If she saw her mother being attacked by her dad, how would she have felt? When a child sees their mother and father fighting it hurts them. They begin to cry and pout because they don’t understand the yelling and screaming. Aleah couldn’t just roll away and shut herself off from the noise. She was immobile.

Aleahs environment was conducive to her parents. Whatever lifestyle they lived, she would have been exposed to it as well. It is safe to say that Aleah Beckerle lived in a trap house. A place where drugs were sold openly. A place where police officers frequented. A place where CPS, paid visits. And this child sat by with no way to escape.


This is the last address for Aleah Beckerle. 403 East Iowa Street Evansville, Indiana.

Please take the liberty to Google map this address and check for yourselves.

Let’s look at the point of this blog. I always have one.

Indiana Law

Guardianship, to be exact. Who was responsible for Aleah? At the age of 18 Aleah Beckerle would have been considered an adult.

Please bear with me for a moment. Read this…


¶Incompetent adults and children in the long term custody of a non-parent typically need a guardian to manage their business and health related affairs. A guardianship is sought through a legal proceeding initiated with the filing of a petition in the county probate court. The individual over whom the guardianship is sought is commonly referred to as the ward or ward of the court. These proceedings are most generally handled by a probate attorney on behalf of the person petitioning the court to be appointed guardian.

The petitioner may seek a guardianship over the person or the person and their estate. Guardians who manage the estate of a ward of the court must file bi-annual reports with the court which contain a detailed accounting of the estate. The guardian makes all legal decisions for the ward and reports to the court on a bi-annual basis as long as the guardianship is active. When there is no longer any need for a guardianship, either because the ward has reached the age of majority or the ward has passed Screenshot_2016-08-08-07-16-48on, the guardian must file to close the guardianship and submit a final accounting.
Guardians must meet the approval of the court and therefore the guardian must not have any felony convictions for matters of dishonesty or other personal issues which might negatively impact their ability to perform in a position of trust. Once a guardian is appointed by the Court they can do virtually anything that a competent adult could do legally for themselves.¶
My thoughts continued…
EVERY angle will be explored until something sticks.
Aleah Beckerle had absolutely no one in her immediate family who was legally capable of being a guardian to her other than maybe her grandmother. Look at the facts that have been presented about Mom and Dad. I cannot see a court granting guardianship to either of them. Can you? Now this blog has received some comments regarding Demarco Roach being mentally ill. Well that further solidifies my summation.
At 18-19 that would put Aleah in a place of desperation. But she’s not aware of just how destitute she is. How can she? She doesn’t understand that there is no more money.
She doesn’t know that her options are bleak and her choices few. She’s just Aleah. She doesn’t know the law. She doesn’t realize that her mother needs to apply for guardianship. She doesn’t realize that perhaps her mother isn’t actually qualified to be her parent at all. She doesn’t realize that she deserved better and has for years. She does not realize that her mother is tired of hauling her around. She doesn’t realize that she’s cramping her mother’s style. She doesn’t understand that Cara Beckerle is mad at her. Even if she detected frustration, Can she run away? Can she call 911 and say, THEY ARE HURTING ME and I don’t feel wanted? What can Aleah do? What she does best. And that is Watch. All she can do is watch.  All she does is watch and wait. She doesn’t know her fate. Her having minimal ways to communicate makes her situation all the more horrible.
We all have dreams where we feel afraid and we try to scream but all of a sudden we are hoarse. Our voices are muted. We attempt to run, but we can’t. Well this was Aleah. THIS was her life.
Have you grown up in an abusive family? Have you been exposed to mother and father fights that ended in violence? Have you ever seen your mother dragged by her hair around the room by a man who is supposed to be your father? Aleah has. What if she had the desire to save her mother? Could she? All she could do was observe. Can you imagine the cops sending this man away only for your mother to WILLFULLY allow him to return? What if he hurt Aleah? How would we know?
When CPS came to the house to investigate child neglect. Aleah Beckerle couldn’t defend herself. Asking her questions would have been pointless. So they had to take the words of her mother Cara Beckerle. Aleah never stood a chance.
Who would volunteer to take on the responsibility of a child like ALEAH Beckerle? She’s 19 and mostly immobile. Did Her mother ask relatives if they would take her? Did she try to find someone who would relieve her of the burden of Aleah?
Becoming a guardian of a disabled adult is expensive and time consuming. Disability benefits do not automatically roll over once they turn 18. You have to plan ahead and reapply. The guidelines are stricter. It required a person who is willing to be subjected to house visits and a willingness to disclose what the funds that are allocated to support the dependent is used for. Basically you have to be accountable. Annual checks and the like.
Did Cara Beckerle feel that Aleah was worth it? download (1)
Did she put in the work to make sure that she continued to care for the aging Aleah? Did she fill out the guardianship paperwork? Did she go to court? Did she fight?
No. What she did was report her missing.
Aleah Beckerle, I hear you. We hear you Loud and clear.
Aleah Beckerle was said to have been taken out of her home at 1-2 a.m. July 17. I posted 2 photos of the home. Each one shows the same view but different angles. The empty parking space that you see would have been filled because it’s specifically for Aleah. At the time of her supposed kidnapping, Cara Beckerle was home, which is likely, her car would be there as well. You can see the signage. There is NO GARAGE or driveway for this neighborhood. It’s only Street parking.
I’ve also checked for other houses CLOSE by with wheelchair ramps. I don’t see any.
Who would have taken Aleah Beckerle? Which route do you think is the easiest to come in and out the house without being heard or seen? The front door with the stairs or the side door with the ramp?
 Why was Aleah Beckerle reported missing?
The street where she lives to her immediate left is a one way street. THAT means someone would have to park across the street from the gray house right next to hers. That person would have to Carry Aleah who is 95-100 pounds about 100+ feet. That’s why we build ramps. So we don’t have to carry the disabled. That’s why we use wheelchairs. Whoever took her allegedly would have to have a van or some way to keep her stable. They would need their OWN WHEELCHAIR since they left Aleahs behind.  According to Cara Beckerle, Aleah couldn’t sit up for long. They would not be able to park directly across the street unless the neighbors weren’t using their spots. It was a Saturday night/ early Sunday morning. Most people are asleep, or just getting in from the club. But in this neighborhood, someone is up very early carrying a child 100+ feet.
Is it possible that Aleah saw happier times? Of course it is. There are many parents who start out good but it all ends up going downhill. The moment your mother or father brings home a drug dealer, how well can you expect things to go from there?
When a mother or father begins to use drugs, it’s all over for the child. Their top priority becomes the fix.
Aleah has two sisters. Sources are stating that this mother is hardly home for these girls and that she stays away from the home all the time. Sometimes 4-6 days in a row. These girls are afraid. They are terrified. Yes they miss their dad, WHEN HES GOOD. But as soon as this came out about Aleah missing, they went into defense mode. That’s what children do. Children can be bartered with. They will comprise the truth in order to get THINGS.
If it’s possible for a child like ALEAH to attend school without her mother, then why would Cara not put her in a home? If there was no one who could take Aleah, why go this route? Why not just sign her over to the state as a ward? Nurses in a facility would have been eager to help. Why didnt the grandmother take her? Could she not have been the payee and have nurses assist?
Are you being duped with this disappearance story?  Is this just ANOTHER way for Cara to get paid? Because her drug dealing boyfriend is behind bars, is she relying on the public’s perception? Is she relying on your compassion? Is she relying on your weakness?
According to a personal interview About Aleah
This must’ve been tough on Cara Beckerle. She didn’t ask for this either. Apparently she gave Birth to a baby with no complications and some time later, Aleah changed. Her needs changed. She became SPECIAL. A quote from Cara Beckerle.
“When I had her for 19 years none of you were there to help then, so. I mean I appreciate the help now but.”
The question is So what? And But what? So since we weren’t there when you HAD her for 19 years so……. I’d love to hear the reply to this.
So, don’t complain when I did what I had to DO???
“I’m shocked at All these volunteers coming out to search for Aleah” but…. what? Where were you guys when I needed you then?
It’s these statements that make her seem guilty.
Behind every, YOU DIDNT DO WHAT I WANTED YOU TO DO SO…. there is an action!
Behind every, IF YOU HAD DONE IT MY WAY THEN THIS WOULDN’T HAVE HAPPENED. … there is an action
So behind the statement WHEN I HAD HER FOR 19 YEARS YOU GUYS WEREN’T THERE! …. there is an action. 
What was the action that Cara Beckerle did to punish us for not being there for the 19 years that she had her?

40 thoughts on “Aleah Beckerle. If she had a Voice. What would she say?

  1. Ericka I have read your blogs. I have some interesting things if u would like for me to send the to you I will. Idk if you have seen this yet but I love reading your blogs on this case. Please let me know how I can send this to you. Thanks


  2. I’m not mentioning it because it wasn’t made public. EPD said no one is clear in this case. Who are you by the way? I appreciate your comments, but leaving anonymous comments don’t do any justice. Aleah is still missing and I believe Cara Beckerle knows where she is.


  3. There are so many stories going around. Lets stick to the facts. Cara did not kill her child. I don’t know what happened but cara did not kill her. Cara did not get that much money a month for aleah enough to help but not enough to kill her child over if she was no longer getting it. Cara always worked. Cara just got out of the hospital right before aleah went missing. Ik for a fact if cps comes in the house and parents test positive for meth they remove the children. Her children have never been removed. I believe the two who were arrested had something to do with it. Nobody knows what cara does off camera. So instead of bashing her all day. Do something productive and find aleah. Cara has passed a lie detector test but your not mentioning that.


  4. That is so sad and a eye opener praying that someone saw and heard ALeah silent cry for help and I am praying someone has her and is taking care of her! God please protect your child (ALeah) in Jesus name Amen


  5. This is so true, ive worked with special needs for 30 years….but why am i hearing all this from a concerned individual…not once has the media or cops mentioned these things…once a person is shot or killed, they run down the whole entire history before all the family is even notified of the death….thanks for sharing. ..this is just a sad deal, i knew something was crazy when i found out the door was left unlocked, why u have 3 teenage girls…somebody needs to beat the truth out of her stupid a….

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  6. Thank you.. I appreciate it! That’s why I just do not understand how someone could do something to their own child… my heart went out to her as soon as I heard about this story.. I live 30 minutes from Evansville so it hits close to home… but as the “conspiracy theories” started coming out the more I watched her… and noticed something isn’t adding up… But thanks for giving us a very good topic to discuss… look forward to reading more of your blogs..

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  7. 😳……. Um I just watched a clip from YouTube makes it even more suspicious that she disappeared with the mom and sister sleeping literally 10ft away
    Thank you for your blogs it makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one

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  8. The truth would never come out without conspiracy theories… just remember that.. but I’m curious not to who’s paying you, but which family member you are, because you are so sure that they loved and took good care of this poor child the way she needed to be.. but not sure if you have ever really lived a hard life, but if you are a true Hardcore junkie your morals go out the window.. you will negotiate many things to get your fix, or money or whatever.. I hear your anger.. I know this is a tough thing to hear… I know it’s hard to comprehend… but theories need to be discussed.. this little girl is missing… and has been for many weeks…if she is dead and the if the family is innocent they deserve to put her to rest.. they deserve to know what happened… if they are guilty then that needs to brought to light.. Miss Cara doesn’t act like a “concerned mother” I have many friends who have been searching for her and Aleah Beckerle’s family has been only 1 time.. They are going to Holiday world and having a blast within 2 weeks of this little girl being missing.. I buried my little girl June 2015 by a freak accident… A tree limb fell on her and my husband.. he miraculously survived with life long injuries, but my daughter did not… So I KNOW what and grieving mother goes thru.. I KNOW how a grieving mother acts.. I KNOW the stages of guilt.. If my daughter would have survived she would have been in similar shape to Aleah.. if not worse.. and if this was MY daughter how can I lay right in front of her room and not hear someone open my front door,walk right passed me, pick her up out of bed not even 5 feet from where not only my head is laying but also my preteen/teenage daughter is laying right beside me, carry her right back passed us, out my front door, shut the door with her in their arms and me not wake up… not wake anyone up!! Do you know how heavy 100 pounds of dead weight is… its really heavy.. and to not make a sound on top of it? Please tell me how does this happen?? I’ll answer that myself.. It doesnt.. the actions of this family and the mother call cause for this kind of concern.. Noone is trying to bash them and noone is trying to portray this family badly.. not intentionally… it has been 3 weeks… 19 days this little girl has not had her medicine, the care she needs etc..We as a community want to help reunite a mother and child… bring her back to her siblings…THOUSANDS of people are donating thwir time, money, effort etc to help walk the streets of Evansville to find her… If they are wasting their time then THEY have the right to know and stop searching.. either way there will always be people gossiping about situations like this because noone knows what happened except what has came out and what has been said from the family and the actions of the mother.. but we have to keep an open mind and CONSIDER all the facts..consider everything being said.. You and I are not Cara.. if she did do something we don’t know what was going thru her head. We don’t know why.. but there are laws for a reason.. you cannot just “get rid” of someone when you are tired of them or whatever lmao that’s not how this works.. If Cara is truly innocent then she out of everyone in this world needs closure.. she needs the truth.. she has the right to know… doesn’t she?? Anyway just my 2 pennies.. Have a great day!!

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  9. I just have to say I believe you 100% I remember having a special needs family member. But I was a kid though. I remember that people would yell at her as if she were stupid. But she could function. But you could tell she was mentally challenged. Just think about how people care for their aging parents. Many are abused, neglected and forgotten about.


  10. I have worked with this population, and trust me their are more parents that use them than love them. The care is never good the child is never cared for properly and when the money is gone it gets even worse

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  11. I’m really trying to allow people to think. I’m trying to be objective and point out everything. It’s frustrating not having any actual answers. So scenarios are created. Thinking patterns are suggested. I don’t know who reads my blog, but maybe a motive or agenda will stick. Thank you for reading.


  12. This blog made me think of things I didn’t think of before. I think everyone has had their own opinions on this case and everyone is entitled to their own thoughts. I just wish someone would have respect for Aleah and come forward with some information. If she isn’t alive then she deserves to be layed to rest and have peace. I pray she is found safe but the longer the days and weeks get without a sign of her, who really knows? Such a heartbreaking situation.

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  13. That mom of this poor girl knows something and in my eyes GUILTY god knows hope it will all come out eventually I trust in god to talk some since into your head and give yourself up lady!!!

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  14. Bobbi tell me exactly what you think investigators would do. Tell me exactly how they would come up with their answers when there are none. Exactly what is one to go on when EVERYTHING is a mystery. You say that I’m reaching but you are too. But you’re not reaching with rationale. I AM. Did you read everything and still come away with this comment? It’s NOT a seamless process. As a matter of fact I was awake for HOURS studying INDIANA disability law. Why do you think that I posted the excerpt? I STUDIED! I don’t write anything without researching it first. If it were a seamless process, great. But Cara Beckerle would NOT have qualified to house Aleah. So then where is she?


  15. Everyone that is opinionated on the case is leaning towards obvious scenarios. The mom, Cara, won’t get a check now because she’s over 18? You cited “GUARDIANSHIP IN INDIANA
    ¶Incompetent adults and children in the long term custody of a non-parent typically need a guardian to manage their business and health related affairs”
    It says non parent. Yes, if a person is applying for guardianship they are checked out but if the parent is to continue custody, it is a pretty seamless process, I believe. Cara had caseworker(s) who helped with filling necessary paperwork all this time, they would have been doing nothing less than their job to say, hey Cara you have to sign this to continue her care and benefits remain as such…
    I see quite a few fallacies in your blog here. I know they are opinions and its a blog and your opinion overrides actual documented facts and quality references but I can’t help but notice the overreaching and exaggeration. You may be trying to appeal to a certain audience? I apologize for being offended but I have better critical thinking skills I suppose.
    I too must face the unfortunate assumtion that Cara does have information she’s withholding. I feel that she was not living her current life with the full on intent and dedication 100% but she has taken a huge responsibility on for all these years so far so it’s hard to fathom where a “snap” occured. I know someone who cares for a very disabled child whom is now around 24. They have many resources, they have a good life, I think upper middle class but with medical expenses they don’t have unlimited funds of course. But they are involved in many things in town as well as around the world. They travel, go to events for a cause, rub elbows with politicians and celebrities. They are not living in a shitty house on Iowa stuck in Evansville around mainly people who are also not going to live to their best life. When people make decisions in life to change anything hopefully for the better, it’s easy to not think through and make things worse. I hope this innocent girl has not suffered due to someone’s not thinking about her best interest but their own. Whatever that may be.
    From darkness there came light.


  16. Ryan we do not know. But there’s no logical reason to believe she’s alive other than hope. I don’t like being presumptuous, but the chance of her being alive are slim. Pardon if you find this blog offensive. I assure you, I wrote it and I’m just as offended.


  17. Do any of you know the family or any of the facts about this case. Do you really think the family and police have released everything??
    I do know them and they aren’t perfect. They made stupid decisions. That doesn’t mean they hurt Aleah.
    To say they bought her is ludicrous.
    They love her.


  18. No not at all. Especially with cp. the amount of impairment depends on the extent of brain damage. Some are very minor while others are totally dependent. And trust me, I have opinions about this case that are very similar to yours. I’m just not saying yet!


  19. Thank you for the reply. I was hoping someone would come on and share a different side. But I’m going to ask you this. What type of lifestyle has the Beckerle family portrayed of Aleah? Are MY FACTS WRONG or are their facts wrong? ACCORDING to the family Aleah Beckerle was an invalid. She couldn’t do anything.

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  20. I can agree with some of this to an extent but your facts are not right. As the mother of a disabled child who is now 22 I have a little bit of insight into not only her disability but the Guardianship procedures. Even though her body may have her trapped and she doesn’t say much it doesn’t mean that she can’t do a lot of the things you listed here. My son is 100% dependent on me. But he did go to his prom he never just sat and watched other kids play and long to be like them. When you are born with a disability and have never experienced some of the things that you listed, you lose the desire to do those things. I’m positive this poor girl didn’t just sit on the porch and watch her siblings play and was totally left out so that’s unfair to portray that picture of her. My son has no desire to go hang out with people his own age he’s very private and he likes to watch TV read a book use his iPad and through the years I’ve constantly heard people say why isn’t he out here with us? Because he doesn’t want to be. I have always been a single-parent to my son and whatever help I have with him is from nursing aides that may help for an hour a day to bathe him. At no time do I consider my son a burden. Also the guardianship procedure is not lengthy in cases of these kids. They do not require home visits, you simply walk into the court room and apply for guardianship and they grant it. There are no background checks if you are the parent and no one is there to object they just give you guardianship. This isn’t like getting guardianship of someone else’s child or grandchildren the courts are aware that we have to have guardianship to take our children to doctors appointments and things of that nature so it is an extremely easy procedure. I’m not going to comment on whether or not I believe her family failed her because the timing is not right for me to do that. I will wait until all the facts come out before I make that judgment.


  21. Awww fuck that. That girl wasn’t happy at all. Knock it off. How much are they paying you to say this bullshit? How many pills they gonna provide for your services? You have a lot of nerve talking about people don’t care about Aleah. Do me a favor. Pretend I have a dick and suck it. Listen this is my world. This is my blog and I’m not trying to hear that foolishness. I never met a loving drug addict. Nobody said anything bad on this blog about Aleah. Why don’t you learn how to read and actually interpret good writing. Oh and did I say kiss my ass? I almost forgot.


  22. You people are really something. You sit in your conspiracy theories and talk of yourselves not Aleah. These are the poor and indigent in our society and yet do any of you do anything for them besides blog and give your twisted accounts of what you “think” may have happened. Are you people involved in your community? I didn’t think so. Your account of Aleah’s life is wrong, she was happy, loved and although he life was not perfect for sure, her parents did the best with what they had being poor and indigent themselves. Have you have ever known anyone who was confined as Aleah was? I didn’t think so, because if you did you would know they LOVE LIFE more than you could ever imagine. Their spirit is more wonderful than you could ever imagine. “Y’all” as you put it so intelligently should go and volunteer with these children/adults who you view as not living or having any kind of lives. When you do that, then please, please be sure to “blog” about it.


  23. I quite possibly watch too much TruCrime, but ever since you posted about the mom’s judgement made earlier this year, the possibility that she -sold- her has been lingering around.
    Her family was in with super shady people and has no regard for morals. No one has had any luck in the 3 weeks she’s been missing. There’s absolutely no trace of her.
    And her grandmother’s stuttering on how long they’ve had her makes me think they may have bought her as a baby. Now that she’s no longer profitable, maybe they decided to sell her to someone else?

    Ahhhh. I don’t know. There are so possibilities with this case. Wherever she is, I just hope she’s alive.


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