Really though? Grrrrrr!!! Just when I was thinking about downloading the app I hear this. Nope, not gonna get it now until the violence stops. Lol

For what it’s worth, HOLD YOUR HEAD UP AMERICA!!!!!

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Really???? LOOK AT EACH other!!!!

I could be getting robbed and y’all wouldn’t even see it! We don’t need a good Samaritan law if you don’t look up to see shit going on all around you.

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This is why we have ONLINE DATING because you men aren’t download (2).jpgeven looking up!!!!! How can you see the hottie walking by when you are playing POKÉMON GO?!?

WE shouldn’t even try to look sexy anymore. What’s the point of trying when we gotta compete with Pokémon? Is this what life has come to?? Fuck Imma get a POKÉMON costume for you bitches. I betcha I get seen then you tunnel vision fuckers! I will be the ULTIMATE POKÉMON LURE!

You know what’s bad. It was BROAD DAYLIGHT! You can’t even say you got snuck. The sun was out you nutcase. Pay attention. This was not some dark alley. Your friends will laugh at you for life. hqdefault I can’t even breathe anymore after this story. Lol 😅😅😅😂😂😂😂😂

maxresdefault (1)Godammit this ain’t even CRACK OR FLAKKA OR METH!?!?