I’ve decided to move to PineHills said NO ONE EVER! OK maybe in like 1960 but as of recent, no. It’s not that it’s terrible, but it tends to get a lot of bad element there. There are plenty homeowners who take care of their property. It has great potential. But some areas are just more prone to crime. Well I can laugh about this particular story because well nobody dies so, it’s fair game! It’s so funny.





. Here…PINE HILLS, Fla. —

Two shootings early Tuesday in Pine Hills sent three people to the hospital, and investigators are working to determine whether they were connected.

One shooting was reported about 12:30 a.m. Deputies said a juvenile was walking on Cortez Drive when two men shot him and ran off.

Deputies found a stolen dark-colored sedan abandoned nearby, the Orange County Sheriff’s Office said.

At about the same time, two men showed up at a hospital with gunshot wounds, deputies said.

They told investigators that someone in a dark sedan shot them.

None of the victims’ injuries were not believed to be life-threatening.

An investigation into the shootings is ongoing.


So you see the humor and the irony? What are the odds that the same two guys who shot the teenage boy were shot themselves shortly after? I had to do a double take on this story because I felt like I had missed something.

Maybe these idiots shot themselves and abandoned the car In order to appear innocent. Lol man the stuff that criminals do is just ridiculous.