Please remember in the case of renting an apartment or home if it seems too good to be true it is. The couple that was attempting to rent the home in CLERMONT had to find out the hard way that you do get what you pay for. You can look at the photos and tell that the rent on this home would be much more expensive than what the supposed owner was offering them. That is the first red flag.

Caveat Emptor to all potential renters at this time in Florida. This state is notorious for scammers. Even when it comes to purchasing a home you have to be extremely careful and make sure you follow all procedures. Every piece of property that you look at actually has a website that is designated to that prospective property. If you’re interested in renting an apartment or a house you can verify ownership by merely typing in the address. Now for apartment complexes that’s not necessary because it’s on private property and they have a leasing office so at best most things are legitimate. But when it comes to renting houses Anything is Possible.

Visit a site called Home or visit your county property appraisal online site. Also call the utilities company BEFORE handing over any cash.

It will give you tons of information regarding the neighborhood even including Sexual predators. And if that’s not enough, call around and find out who would know. Don’t fall so easily for some advertisement on a website that you have not done any investigation on. People are not honest these days, hell people have never been honest, but it’s worse now, and they may get away with your $1,500 and for you that is everything but to them you would be just another number. The scams are not always about taking twenty thousand fifty thousand or $60,000 from you. Sometimes it’s just about taking $500 or $700 or even $100. Because it’s money that they did not have to work for. And they don’t have a conscience and they rarely get caught. This guy was lucky that he recorded everything. But that still doesn’t stop him from Living inside of a van with his two children and his wife. Nobody feels responsible for your ignorance and they don’t feel accountable to help you when you are negligent.

This young lady is out on the streets and she is still looking for someone else. This guy was not her first Target and he won’t be her last and there are so many more just like her. They are seeking out the desperate.


Turns out that Madalen Miller is also desperate. She and her family of 6 were just evicted for failure to pay. She has 5 children and is married. Desperate times call for desperate measures. They had not paid rent in 5 months so the owner was forced to evict. I have no judgement there, people struggle all the time and it’s not fair to judge them. But dammit MADALEN it ain’t fair to scam either!!!

Madalen Miller you’re an ASSHOLE. Please try to actually get some help. I know you’re struggling too, but girl, this ain’t the way to do it.

But Antonio Johnson, you’re stupid. How? Well look. If YOU HAD TO PAY INSTALLMENTS TO MOVE into a house, bitch you ain’t ready either! If you didn’t have the money upfront then how were you going to stay on top of your monthly responsibility? On a wing and a prayer? Next time, take your money and go to a hotel. I know they have hotels that offer weekly rates at about $250.00. Don’t complain about the price either because that’s BETTER THAN YOUR KIDS SLEEPING IN A FUCKING VAN! Your eyes were bigger than your stomach and your wallet combined. You’re looking quite like a failure right now. Put your kids in a hotel room so they can have a nice warm bed and a shower! Stop playing the victim.

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kb kathi belich raw sound L_20160801213641642_5572216_ver1.0_640_360this house would be around $1500.00 to $2,000 a month. So that means you should be putting down at LEAST a $3,000 deposit! Anything less than that for THIS HOUSE is a con.


A man in Clermont said he and his family are living in their van after being swindled out of more than $1,000 in a bogus rental scheme.

Antonio Johnson said he and his family paid deposits on a Clermont home, but deputies said the person who rented the home to them wasn’t the owner.

Deputies said former tenant Madalen Miller took advantage of them.

Lake County deputies said Miller was evicted for not paying the rent. Miller then posted an ad on Facebook, pretending to be the owner, deputies said. 

Within 12 hours, the Johnson family went from living in a 1,500-square-foot home with a pool to living in a 112-square-foot van. 

Johnson, his wife and their two young children get dressed in their storage unit, catching showers where they can and parking in public lots overnight.

Investigators said they paid Miller $1,500 to move in, believing she was the homeowner.

 “It’s pretty bad,” Johnson said.

Johnson said he started recording Miller once he saw the pool was green with algae.

Johnson said Miller promised to take care of it.

“I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt,” Johnson said.

But the morning after the move, they had no power. He called the power company and found out he’d been scammed.

Miller called the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, and so did the owner, after he found out someone was living there.

Johnson helped set up a sting.

With his camera rolling, he met Miller to pay her the last $400 he supposedly owed her. That is when officers arrested Miller.

Miller posted bond on fraud and grand theft charges.   

Meanwhile, the Johnsons are trying to regroup.   

“My daughter keeps saying she wants to go home,” Johnson said.

The real owner of the house has offered to rent it to the Johnsons after it’s been repainted.

But the Johnsons said they can’t afford it at the moment.


It’s no one’s fault but your own when you get taken. Trust me I been there and nobody gave a shit. Lol I’m not trying to be mean but it’s true. HOPEFULLY DCF doesn’t step in and take the damn kids away. It sucks when you’re struggling but instead of helping you, they just take your kids. What kind of shit is that? I get it though, but that’s gotta be hard. Children didn’t ask to be here and they shouldn’t suffer from our mistakes.