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For fucks sake. This is just. Bitch call 911 first! You had a chance with the first sign of pain. Oh I’m sorry, you’re a junkie who is addicted to pain pills. I suppose you didn’t feel a thing. You were so numb you couldn’t feel any love for your own child.

You’re in a hotel pregnant and using Oxycodone and trying to be a drug dealer!?! Listen I wrote a blog yesterday about a baby left abandoned at an apartment complex. That newborn was ALIVE and is now in the care of a foster family.

Sometimes I think we need to sterilize bitches. If they are arrested on drug charges just sterilize them. You can talk crap about a parent who willfully gives up their baby but ensures that child is safe. There is nothing to discuss. That parent has done the right thing! This slut killed her baby. This is the shit we should be talking about. Yeah no one wants to see girls continuously getting pregnant and putting them up for adoption. But DO we prefer the latter? This wasn’t some teen. This is a grown ass woman. She knows better with her selfish ass. There is a SAFE HAVEN rule but she didn’t want to get caught with her real love which is prescription pain pills and she knew she was wanted.  Bitch I hope you rot.

Two different stories on my birthday which was August 1. One baby born and taken care of and one tossed in the garbage like common waste. Let’s not make women and girls feel like shit when they do the right thing. It’s more honorable give the child up who you cannot provide for than to murder it.

Story below


Florida woman has been charged in the death of her newborn daughter, who was found dead face down in a hotel trash can.

Deputies began investigating in March after a friend of Jodi Leann Alexander, 26, found the dead baby in Alexander’s hotel room.

When investigators got to the hotel room, Alexander said she did not want to be charged with murder and that the baby was dead when it was born.

She was taken to Marion County Jail for two out-of-county warrants for possession of Oxycodone with intent to sell and sale of Oxycodone.

Investigators determined Alexander had given birth to baby Chance, placed her face down in a trash can and covered the baby’s body in towels to attempt to conceal her death.

A medical examiner said Chance was born alive and bled to death after the umbilical cord was torn.

The medical examiner also determined Chance had a generic form of Xanax and a prescription pain medication in her system at the time of the baby’s death.

Her death was ruled a homicide.

During an interview at the Marion County Jail, Alexander told police that she attempted to call 911 for assistance for her child but was unable to place the call after giving birth.

Investigators said Alexander did not notify anyone about Chance’s birth.

Alexander was charged Aug. 1 with aggravated manslaughter of a child and is being held without bond at the Marion County Jail.