These bullies are pathetic. You kill someone over a stupid petty theft attempt? First of all, are you hired to be a bully? There is no just cause for this. Even if this man was attempting to steal a 50 inch TV, killing him is not the solution. Even if you are a security officer, you don’t put your fucking hands on anyone. You ask them to step back into the store. You call 911 and leave it to the cops to come along and kill him!

This is what he is guilty of.


Investigators say Kenneth E. Wisham, 64, had put $380.74 worth of DVDs into a shopping cart and tried to leave the store with the shopping cart, but was confronted by employees.

Yes I’m being sarcastic a little bit, but police officers are better at it than Walmart employees. In all seriousness though, no security officer or employee is allowed to touch a shopper. These idiots are just plain ole dumb. Walmart paying you that much? The benefits are that good? Good enough to go to prison for? You think they are going to defend you in this foolishness? No company is worth dying for. No personal property is worth losing your life or spending time in jail for. If your customers are stealing all you do is REPORT AND TRY TO DETAIN. You don’t chase. You NEVER CHASE. This guy was guilty of trying to steal, YES, but you screwed yourselves.


Story below…


LAKELAND, Fla. — Authorities say three Florida Wal-Mart employees have been charged in the death of a suspected shoplifter.

The Ledger reports that 35-year-old Nathan Allen Higgins, 23-year-old Crucelis Nunez and 58-year-old Randall Eugene Tomko were arrested Thursday and charged with manslaughter.

An autopsy showed that 64-year-old Kenneth E. Wisham died from mechanical asphyxiation while being restrained during a Feb. 7 struggle outside a Lakeland Wal-Mart.

The exam showed that Wisham suffered 15 broken ribs.

Wal-Mart spokesman Charles Crowson said in an email that the employees have been suspended and their employment is under review. He says the company will continue to work with law enforcement officials.

Jail records didn’t list attorneys for the Wal-Mart workers.

How it all went down… according to the employees

Wisham ran away and was chased by Walmart employees. Police say that during the chase, Wisham kept pulling his pants up, because they were falling down. At some point, Wisham fell to the ground and was detained by employees. At this time, employees discovered Wisham had stopped breathing and they kill1began life-saving measures and called EMS.

A Lakeland police officer arrived and began using a defibrillator on Wisham. EMS crews arrived and continued CPR and transported him to Lakeland Regional Health in critical condition. Wisham was pronounced dead at 3:40 p.m. on Feb. 7.

Detectives with the Lakeland Police Department Violent Crimes Unit responded to Walmart to investigate Wisham’s death and obtain sworn statements from witnesses.

The Medical Examiner is working to determine the cause of Wisham’s death.

Wal-Mart responds

Walmart suspended the employees involved and released the following statement on Wednesday:

“Our condolences go out to the family. We are working with police as part of an ongoing investigation and performing a review of our own. All associates involved in this incident have been suspended pending the investigation as we continue to learn all of the details.”

Their job titles

  • Nathan Allen Higgins, 35, Support Manager at Walmart
  • Crucelis Nunez, 23, Customer Service Manager at Walmart
  • Randall Eugene Tomko, 58, Loss Prevention at Wal-Mart


So basically as you can see during the initial report, somebody lied! Wow, these Killers lied their ass off.

And Crucelis Nunez, girl who were you trying to impress?

In 2012 an employee at Wal-Mart in Florida was killed for attempting to stop a thief from stealing $16.00 worth of t-shirts. Really is it worth it?