Aleah Beckerle’s mother has a message for the individual or individuals responsible for abducting her disabled daughter: “How dare you take her out of her home. Why would you do this? Why would you take a child that depends on me? Why would you want to hurt me, my child and my family? I’m begging for you to return her,” Cara Beckerle told The Huffington Post.

Aleah, 19, of Evansville, Indiana, has been missing since July 17, when family members reported her missing from their home.

“Present in the home the night of her abduction was her mother and two teenage sisters,” Evansville police detective Brent Melton told HuffPost. “They’re reporting that during the night someone came into the home and abducted her and that’s where we’re at.”

Melton said there were no signs of forced entry to the home.

“Information was provided that the doors were unlocked,” the detective said.

According to Beckerle, whoever abducted her daughter had to carry her out of the residence. The teen is unable to walk and her wheelchair was left behind.

“I’m 5’2, 170 pounds and I can put my daughter over my shoulder,” Beckerle said. “She’s dead weight. She can kind of sit up a little bit, but only for so long. Somebody can pick her up, put her over their shoulder and walk out. If she’s disturbed in the middle of the night, she’s not going to scream or anything.”

Beckerle said her daughter suffered from a meningitis-induced stroke when she was a baby. As a result, Aleah functions at the level of an infant.

“She depends on total care,” Beckerle said. “She knows her name and she interacts with you. She can say ‘mom,’ ‘up,’ meaning she wants to get up, and she can say ‘ba-ba,’ meaning she wants her drink. She also loves making song type noises and shouts when she’s excited and cries when she’s hurt. We know exactly what she wants from us. We know when she’s happy and when she’s irritated. She has the cutest personality in the whole world. She’s a little angel sent from God for me to take care of.”

Beckerle said she has her own theory about what happened to her daughter, but she declined to share it.

“I only share that with the FBI and detectives,” she said. “I get a lot of negativity because of that, but I cannot discuss this case like a soap opera.  [The people who complain about that] have not been here for the 19 years that I had her. They’ve not been here for all the stuff that I been through with her like struggling to find daycare [and] struggling to find jobs that I have to leave because of her seizures. Nobody was there for me then. I’m obviously grateful for everyone helping now, but I’m talking about the people who are being negative. There’s some people that are ignorant about everything.”

Beckerle and her mother, Lydia LaRue, said they are doing whatever they can to raise awareness, including sharing their story on social media. They’ve also enlisted the help of Texas EquuSearch, a nonprofit missing person search and recovery organization.

My thoughts. …

OK WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE! So NOW she can talk??? Man this bitch of a mom is really pissing me off. I swear this woman is lying. But let Cara keep talking with her stupid ass. Keep right on talking and eventually the truth will come out. The thing about a liar, they can only keep up the lies for so long. Then they start to forget what they said, then BAM!! We got her. Lol yes yes, let her keep talking.

There are 20+ reputable news sources that all say, ALEAH CANT SPEAK. Courier is just one of them . I thought I was losing my mind for a minute there and went back and checked and sure enough, it was initially reported that she couldn’t talk at all. Lies lies lies. People always forget what they stated earlier.

This entire time this witch said she couldn’t speak. But now she screams and says little words? She said Aleah couldn’t talk. That’s why we’ve all been saying, POOR BABY CAN’T SCREAM OR HOLLER OR ANYTHING! Y’ALL, she is trying my patience. The more updated stories are Saying she can mumble little words.

This interview above is from Huffington Post July 29, 2016

I couldn’t breathe if it were my child. Come on. I would hate to see this case go cold! The lies and deception makes us turn away from the story and makes us forget that this girl may be dead and she won’t receive any justice. This is annoying to everyone. And those who feel that Cara is telling the truth, that’s fine. But don’t get upset with the people who have doubt. If this story seems too good to be true, then it is.

All this MY ANGEL Bull she’s talking is getting on my nerves. She sounds so selfish. And what about this stuff about her THEORY?!? You would think that with her THEORY thats the first thing she would have mentioned! Before being completely naive like the rest of us and ignorant of her daughter’s whereabouts, she has a theory.

People are still searching for this child in scorching heat and she has a theory that she refuses to share with the public. Don’t you think this THEORY might be useful to those searching for YOUR CHILD?