So is he wrong if all the girls were basically over 18? And was he arrested for being a pimp?  I suppose I forgot the little detail about prostitution being illegal, but they were willing weren’t they? I understand the racketeering, but these girls knew what they were doing. Was anyone kidnapped? They actually had to look online on Craigslist for his ad and they had to reply and they had to show up! I’m not calling these girls victims.

Women learned a long time ago that sex sells. And being an escort is just a glorious way of saying high priced hooker. Even if they thought it was just Escort service. Are you that naive?

I even understand A little violence when it comes to being a pimp. It’s hard out there. OK now I’m being an ass, but I’m just saying. If they were little girls, I can relate. But this isn’t like TAKEN PART 1-1000 LOL this isn’t Liam Neeson screaming into the phone “WHERE IS SHE?!?!?! And don’t tell me that the ad suggested that Fernandez was looking for models and they arrived and discovered that he meant hookers! I’m not buying that either.

If it were my daughter’s I’d be pissed, but they should know better so stop calling it Trafficking. Trafficking victims to me is all about forcing someone into drugs and img-Human-trafficking-ring-busted-in-Seminole-County-two-arrests-madeselling them on a market against their will. I know that this exists, but this ain’t that. This guy was merely a pimp and they are hos.

Story below…

Orlando man and his girlfriend were arrested in connection with an alleged human trafficking ring, a Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation official said.

Christian Pena Fernandez, 30, and Rachel Gonzalez, 24, were booked into the Orange County Jail on Tuesday.

Pena Fernandez is being held on no bond and Gonzalez, who was allegedly aware of the operation but did not play as large a part in it, on a $52,000 bond.

Pena Fernandez faces charges of human trafficking, racketeering, solicitation to commit prostitution, deriving proceeds of prostitution and aiding and abetting prostitution.

Gonzalez, faces charges of racketeering, deriving proceeds of prostitution and aiding and abetting prostitution.

Detectives investigating prostitution in the area noticed Pena Fernandez was tied to a few people officers knew engaged in prostitution, Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation Sgt. Dave Allmond said. MBI and Seminole County detectives started investigating him about a year and a half ago.


Pena Fernandez would allegedly post ads and notices on websites like and Craigslist, soliciting women to work as escorts, Allmond said.

He would then post ads advertising the escort services and take the women as far as Miami for work, Allmond said. They found allegations of violence in at least one case.

Over the investigation, detectives connected him to more than 20 women. All were adults, most in their late teens and 20s, Allmond said. Detectives believe there are more victims they do not know of, Allmond said. They would like to speak with them, Allmond said, in part, to connect them to help.

“We’re not only investigating the bad guys. We try to connect the victims with social services to get them off the streets,” Allmond said.

Story above Courtesy of Orlando Sentinel