But why? My question is why hasn’t there been an uproar regarding the lives that were stolen from us citizens.  We see on the news all the time about another black person shot and killed or choked to death by an officer. And we get upset, and they March.  It’s like clockwork. It’s the most predictable thing you can imagine. The story is hot at one time, then the case goes cold and you read months or years later about an officer who was acquitted of his charges. Basically,  he walks. They continue to walk. America has lost its judicial process when we allow cops to play judge and jury by immediately handing down death sentences.

But what do you expect Americans to do? This isn’t about color anymore although the media would like you to believe that. It’s merely choosing which stories would bring about the most tension for ratings, and then they go with that story. The media doesn’t care. They aren’t affected by our issues. Their sole purpose is to get you the viewer emotional. Emotional enough to continue to tune in. It’s disgusting and disturbing when you think about it. I’ve been doing this for a long time. And it’s evident that there is racial bias in news reporting. It’s a reverse when it comes to black and white reporting. Don’t you agree or have you not noticed it? Crimes against blacks are over exposed especially when it’s an officer involved shooting. And yet the media is mute when it comes to the same exact offense happening to whites, even under stranger circumstances. The death of Dylan Noble was sensless. He was a young white male and yet, his story didn’t go viral or make national news, or get the same resources that blacks receive. It’s unfair and it’s stupid. He was unarmed, and was simply reaching for his drivers license. He was no threat to the officers and was in a complete state of surrender, yet they murdered him in cold blood.

But we aren’t to talk about that? Because I’m black  I’m not supposed to notice or care about what happens to my fellow American? Listen, ALL LIVES MATTER. Get it in your head.  WE ALL MATTER. I understand that there was a time when crimes against blacks went unnoticed,  and many people turned their attention to other issues. But it doesn’t have to be that way. WE all deserve justice and equality.


Let’s say that Dylan Noble was mentally unstable.  Does that warrant death? Dylan was said not to have complied with officers and stated that he hated his life. Well that seems like a cry for help. He was shot twice and lay on the ground. He was told not to move, but he instead moved. Was that grounds for death? There are a lot of questions circling this death, because the officers couldn’t have felt that their lives were in danger from an already wounded man on the ground. Yet, they shot him twice more.

I assure you, this isn’t a black thing. This man didn’t have to die. There were other alternatives.  They chose not to spare him. It’s the common denominator between all these stories. Crooked, trigger happy cops. They are the problem. You can argue all you want about how the victims should have obeyed command or they wouldn’t have been shot, but that’s bullshit. There are PLENTY stories of people who did exactly what they were told and were still executed. We can’t seem to come together on this because blacks are pissed and whites are pissed. No one feels like they are getting justice.

We are having a difficult time showing compassion for other races, because it’s all about race. It shouldn’t be, but the media plays it that way. It keeps us divided. But the real issue is law enforcement.  We need to change the way they operate in our country. If we could find a way to come together and join forces, then we would be unstoppable. But it’s not happening, because we still have tension. That’s a great agenda.

In turn for sensless murders of Americans, the tables are turning and the hunter will become the prey. It was bound to happen. Don’t get in my face about rejoicing. I don’t have it in me to kill anyone unless I felt my life were in danger. But getting pulled over by a cop today is the scariest thing for most Americans. We aren’t really happy with their presence. I’m starting to detest them. I never understood NWA when they said, FUCK THE POLICE  but today, it rings true. I was a kid when that song came out and quite naive, but right now,  it’s fitting. I see them as government paid bullies.

I know I’m some what of an asshole,  but so what. I haven’t killed anyone so it’s fair to say that I’m actually pretty fucking awesome. It’s not my initial thoughts that people should operate from the bible, AN EYE FOR AN EYE, but ummmm it is in the bible, so it must be true. How can you expect people to simply get over the fact that their loved ones are being slaughtered?  If people begin to take the law into their own hands, well, who can blame them? When officers start saying to themselves that criminals are INNOCENT until proven guilty, then they will continue to abuse their powers.

I have compassion for everyone involved in these stories. But don’t expect me to shed one tear for these officers. It ain’t gonna happen.