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A purple heart…

I’d like to take the time out of my life to thank the brave men and women who protect our streets from these thugs.

Micah Xavier Johnson,  two words for you.  THANK YOU!  You’re fucking awesome!

downloadIn Micah We trust.

If you don’t like my post,  well, fuck you.  I really don’t care at all.  I cannot tell a good officer from the criminals.  So basically it’s just come to this.  I have absolutely NO COMPASSION for their families,  friends, or acquaintances.  They’ve been killing innocent human beings for years. It’s not about these killings being against blacks,   but let’s face it, that’s all we hear in the news lately.  It’s getting ridiculous. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!


BEFORE you pull your gun out officers,  THINK about whose life you’re affecting. These innocent men left children and families behind too. Your wives and children are no better than theirs. ALL lives matter. You pulled a man over for a broken tail light and killed him.  Shame on you. Philando Castile had a concealed weapons permit. What the fuck you shot him for?

The thugs (officers) that were killed will remain NAMELESS on this blog. I don’t even care about their lives at all.  Lol I’m actually going to get some good sleep tonight.  Finally someone did something. Finally someone made a difference.  Finally someone gave his life.

images (4)We will never forget your sacrifice Micah.

We love you! !!!!!!!!!! You’re a real American HERO. A dedicated military man who gave his life selflessly and fought for his country.