Ok so it’s not a huge number, but many were stabbed or beaten when the LGBT COMMUNITY and others against the radical group showed up with knives and sticks. The Neo Nazi group had scheduled a protest and weren’t expecting opposition.

Well my first thought is hooray. Because honestly it’s about time someone stands up to these bullies. Now of course I have to be a responsible citizen and say, that’s not right to disrupt a peaceful protest with violence.  But NeoNazi doesn’t have anything peaceful entailed in its meaning. These groups don’t want anyone here but themselves. They think this country is tainted by color. They are organized just like the KKK. It’s really sad that they consider themselves a religious group. More again with the teachings of god. These people are seeking for a pure race. But so was god. He had a chosen people. That’s where the first ideas of racism and prejudice is recorded. God was extremely discriminatory. Jews versus Gentiles. The list goes on. And if you were on the opposing team,  you would be dealt with. Usually your land taken by some man whom god had chosen. Example, the children of Israel were constantly fighting wars and taking land from people. They were instructed by god on how to go about getting said land too. God would strategically place opportunity in their path for them to inhabit new found land. And yes this new land was occupied,  that’s why they had to kill the men in order to acquire it. Sounds familiar?  Of course it does. Joshua fought the battle of Jericho and the walls came tumbling down.

See its been this way for thousands of years. Land and other loot has been fought for. And now we fight for our rights to remain on this earth and be treated fairly. Is it just an American thing? Of course not. But we are indeed still a country that identifies a man is  leather pants and a pink wig as a tranny or gay or cross dresser, meanwhile in Japan a man can wear full makeup, wigs and women’s clothing and it’s considered the norm. No one will bully this man. No one will attack this man. He’s allowed to express himself as he wishes. BUT America Is the land of the free and the home of the brave?  This country doesn’t behave as a democracy. Gays are attacked for their sexual preference and their expression of love and we cover up the fact that the amendments allow for every one to be free and to speak freely. So it’s ok to call each other names in a public setting, like nigger or Spick or faggot because we have freedom of speech.

We also have the right to bear arms, but within reason. Of course this varies from state to state. Which is bullshit as well.

I’m proud of the LGBT COMMUNITY for standing up for what they believe in and making sure that their voice is heard.  We may not like the way they approached the scene,  but look at Pulse. THEY ran and hid. They didn’t fight because they were afraid. Much like black people still do today. Bullies don’t respect it until you stand up for yourself.

Now yes there was a difference. There wasn’t a shooter opening fire on the crowd. They were in charge this time and it must have felt good to them. There are those who feel like the LGBT community shouldn’t have been violent. But tell me exactly how do you stop these idiots from chanting this foolishness?  All this white power garbage that’s  meant to create even more division. Black power and White Power aren’t the same thing. Black power is PRIDE in your race but being able to live amongst all others. White power means, WHITE SUPREMACY. We are better than you.  We don’t want you here. See the difference?

From what we know, at least 5-10 were admitted to the area hospital with non life threatening injuries

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