Ok, so we have many workers who will be very upset about this rule. The number 1 reason is, THEY HATE OBAMA!  It really doesn’t matter if the plan works or not,  its the source where the assistance comes from,  that’s the problem. If they were drowning and the president tried to rescue them, they’d still refuse or accept the help but say that he had an agenda. So let’s understand that some people won’t be satisfied with anything.  Ok for the rule which should begin in December 2016.

From Huffington Post…

Right now, the salary threshold is very low — just $23,660, as set by the George W. Bush administration. Don’t know many salaried workers who earn less than that, do you? That’s a big reason why so few workers currently qualify for overtime pay. Since the rules haven’t been updated often over the years, the White House estimates that just 7 percent of salaried workers are covered by overtime law, compared with 62 percent back in 1975.

On Dec. 1., the administration is going to roughly double the salary threshold, setting it at $47,476. That number isn’t random. The administration says they chose it because it represents the 40th percentile of salaries in the Southeast, which is the lowest-paying region in the United States. (They were originally looking to set it even higher, at $50,400, but walked it back about $3,000 after getting public comments on their proposal.)

The upshot: If you earn a salary between $23,660 and $47,476 and you weren’t entitled to overtime pay before, you will be entitled to it now. For the folks who were earning below $23,660 and were therefore already covered under the law, nothing will change.

From The Author/Blogger

Of course the whiners and naysayers will be invading my blog because they are ultimately blog bullies and don’t like women who take advantage of their freedom of speech. So here I go.

Listen idiots, this is to HELP. I know you don’t know what’s good for you, so allow me to briefly explain how this helps. Your employer wants to get as much from you as possible and pay you as little as possible. The president wants to ensure that you the employee gets treated fairly. Therefore,  he set a guildeline with he and other big people In the government and they decided to CARE FOR their citizens. They want to make sure you get a fair wage for your labor. Now you might be afraid because you’re scared that your employer will now cut your hours and you won’t be able to make your bills. Well let me tell you this. You are in an abusive relationship with your boss and you need to either demand respect or leave and find a company who is willing to invest in you and appreciates all your hard work. OvertimeJUL1015_hero-635x325

Americans need to learn a lesson in strength. You need to strike and stand up for yourselves. FLORIDA is a right to work state, and basically that makes it an eternal Employers market. THEY can and will fire you with little or no cause and it’s totally lawful for them to. That’s not good. Yes I’m speaking very elementary today because, I got a feeling that the freaks ( oh nevermind) anyway. The big black guy who sits in the white house is trying to help you. He’s fighting back against the bullies. This is long overdue. The threshold was too low before. I don’t like having to speak this way to grown people, but sometimes people have to be schooled. It’s simple math. It really is.

Think about it. If your income as a manager is now 46,000 and you are working 60+hours  are you really getting paid fairly? Especially when you realize that you have NO LIFE, your company thinks they own you, is it worth it? You will get the same pay but for hours worked. AND anything over 40 hours, you will be compensated. How does one lose? The first thought is your employers attitude. You have to expect negative feedback. But nobody can tell you what your worth is. They have already been getting away with providing very little for their workers, including sky rocketing insurance premiums for workers with families. The benefits don’t add up. If you have a healthy relationship with your job, good for you. But if not,  don’t blame the government.

Tell me your thoughts.