images (4)Deputy Tramaine McCray responded to a call for help about 2:24 a.m. June 13, 2015 from a woman who said she’d been “left stranded” on the side of the road by a man she’d been riding with in a vehicle, according to a recently released professional-standards investigation report.

The woman said the man had her get out of his vehicle, and when she did, he took off with her belongings still inside his vehicle, according to the report. The woman then called the Sheriff’s Office.

McCray responded to the scene, picked the woman up and took her to the man’s apartment to retrieve her belongings. McCray then arranged for the woman to meet her friends at the Walmart at 2500 South Kirkman Road where they would pick her up, according to the report.

But in between stops, the deputy and woman began “flirting” with one another, and McCray drove his patrol car to a dark, desolate area where the two engaged in a sex act, according to the report.

McCray was still on duty when he and the woman decided to purchase condoms from a nearby 7-Eleven so they could have sex, according to the report.

McCray then drove the woman to the convenience store, gave her his credit card and sent her inside for the condoms because it “wouldn’t look right” if he purchased the profilactics in uniform, McCray told OCSO investigators, acccording to the report.

The two then went in the patrol car to another dark, secluded parking lot where they had sex in the back of McCray’s patrol car, according to the report.

The woman told OCSO investigators that she was “paying her dues” because McCray “helped” her, according to the (2)

“[McCray] did not threaten me. He did not put a gun to my head. He did not make me do anything I did not want to do,” the woman said in the report.

After the two finished having sex, McCray flipped on his emergency lights to escort the woman to the Walmart because the woman’s friends were en route and “he had to hurry up,” according to the report.

The Sheriff’s Office later ruled this was an improper use of emergency lights, according to the report.

McCray had been under surveillance after a tipster claimed McCray had been seen “participating in criminal acts with known prostitutes” on South Orange Blossom Trail while on duty, according to the report.

After McCray dropped the woman off at the Walmart, an investigator interviewed the woman and McCray was taken off duty.

McCray admitted to his conduct and also said it was not the first time he had sex while on the job, according to the report.

Though McCray had been removed from duty while the Sheriff’s Office conducted its investigation, McCray resigned from the department July 7, according to the report.

The investigation continued on, and on March 4, the sheriff’s office formally determined McCray had violated the OCSO’s written directives on “unbecoming conduct” and “operating vehicles,” according to the report.


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Ok so is this guy a predator or a hero? He truly does go above and beyond the call of Duty.  Why can’t I find an officer like this when I’m getting a ticket?!? I guess it’s because I hardly get in trouble with the law. Regardless,  the “victim” states that she wasn’t forced. That’s a plus. We know about these sickos who prey on less fortunate women with drug issues. The major problem here is this guy is sleeping with prostitutes. Say what? He still has a penis after fucking around with Orange Blossom Trail hookers? You never know what you will get on that side of town. Now imagine if he’s married. Oh my goodness. All jokes aside officer MCcray, sir that is disgusting.  And if you are taking that back to your wife, I feel terrible for her. You sir have a sex addiction. You need help. I have seen what’s walking up and down OBT, And none of them are prizes.

This is what I find saddening about the entire ordeal, this is nothing new. Men have been sleeping with hookers since forever. A badge wouldn’t stop them. A badge makes it easier. I hope it was worth it Tramaine. I hope that orgasm pays the bills. To go to school and training to become an officer is no easy feat. And ONE woman is able to take down a man. That’s some serious power. A hooker at that. Who society considers the lowest of the low.

 Women, check the character of your man. There’s no going back if he brings home a venereal disease. It’s hard to tell the character these days of a man or woman for that matter. But cheating is cheating,  no matter the quality of the partner in crime.  Choosing the wrong mate can have deadly consequences.