In 1861 the American Civil War began. It was about the abolishing of slavery.  The slave states consisted of Virginia, North Carolina,  South Carolina,  Florida,  Texas, Georgia, Louisiana etc…and yet today we are faced with discriminating circumstances again. Many of them leading a global feeling that another civil war needs to be had. As nonchalant as that sounds, I assure you, I’m not taking it lightly. I’m really afraid for this country and don’t see a lot of UNITED in these states. We are at war right now with EVERYTHING. WE can’t agree on anything. And the biggest attribute that any American brings to the table right now is tolerance. We are fighting over restrooms and who can pee where. We are fighting the rights to smoke a natural herb that your GOD created, and I say your because the people who are fighting against Marijuana legalization are mostly christian. I therefore am NOT christian. I support it being legal in all states. But let’s dive into my blog and see what you can get out of it.

Quote from a white pastor from the south

God had chastised them and given them a special mission – to maintain orthodoxy, strict biblicism, personal piety, and traditional race relations. Slavery, they insisted, had not been sinful. Rather, emancipation was a historical tragedy and the end of Reconstruction was a clear sign of God’s favor.

Quote from a black pastor from the south 

God’s gift of freedom. They appreciated opportunities to exercise their independence, to worship in their own way, to affirm their worth and dignity, and to proclaim the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. Most of all, they could form their own churches, associations, and conventions. These institutions offered self-help and racial uplift, and provided places where the gospel of liberation could be proclaimed. As a result, black preachers continued to insist that God would protect and help him; God would be their rock in a stormy land.

I decided to place these two quotations above to show a variation of opinions regarding The Civil War and possibly the aftermath of the war.

It is with deep regret that America has come to a place where another war might ensue.  Looking from the perspective of an individual who hasn’t been engulfed in this year’s political debates and have very little scrutiny, still my thoughts linger in that direction. Some might even argue that we are already involved in war with each other,  although subtle,  it still rings true. Most Americans would agree that our local law enforcement officers have become untrustworthy.  We have racist politicians like Donald Trump who are blatant in their hatred toward foreigners. Imagining Donald Trump as a frontrunner for the Republican party is something most of us would never have foretold.

There isn’t much to be said for the blatant disregard for peace among citizens. So what’s next? War? Well we can pretty much guarantee that the sale of guns and ammo will definitely increase of Donald Trump wins. The same thing happened with President Obama. Fear gripped radicals and they immediately turned to their guns. Intimidating attitudes ran rampant all over the net. Threats of assassination spread like lava. Yet and still 7 years later and Obama is still alive. Although, he is probably the most protected president this country has ever seen, he lives on.

What would happen if Trump won?

Would there be martial law immediately enforced? Would Trump be assassinated?  How would we live peacefully knowing that we have a president who incited riots?

When people think of war they think of hundreds of thousands of men standing on the battlefield weapons drawn while waiting to attack the enemy and defend their rights , whatever the case. But this is America, we all have rights and freedoms, so how will this work?

If there is no collapse of government and our financial structure,  then all should go as normal, with many hate groups fighting each other. There will be sporadic attacks nationwide, and perhaps attacks during Cinco de Mayo, and MLK parades where a large group of ethnic residents would be, much like the brothers who terrorized the Boston Marathon. So of course those man were classified as terrorist.  Is it fair to say that anyone inciting riots is a terrorist?  What if you’re just trying to instill fear and intimidate a particular group? Is that terrorism? KKK, is that a terrorist group? does it make it ok because they are doing it all in the name of their god?

Who is the race that should feel the most fear at this time? Blacks, Latinos, Mexicans, who?

We have had home grown terrorism happening here right now under our noses and it’s being swept under the rug. Tell me how you think our government will protect us this time. Will the military turn on its citizens and pepper spray, tear gas us when  we have protests? Will we be threatened and beaten into submission again if we don’t return to our homes, instead of attempting to stand our ground? Will our rights be enforced and we maintain our rights to bear arms in this country? What would the war be like if there was to be a war? Are we about to embark on another rendition of slavery?

Tell me your thoughts on this subject.