Updated March 2020 yes I wrote these things giving this dude the benefit of the doubt. But realizing that he didn’t change at all and found a way to manipulate us all, it’s only fair to update this blog. I’m keeping the original story, but updating my thoughts and positions.

It was a wonderful movie. And yes I cried as well. Even though I tried hard not to, it was virtually impossible. It’s not a surprise to find that Mr. Kelly cried as well as he strikes me as the sensitive type. Especially from all his songs, “believing he can fly” and stuff. 🙂 Ok, so for the story, divorcing because he wants more romance?

Wow, this one is quite interesting. I wonder what Robert knows about romance. Perhaps he’s just the typical man who THINKS that what Hollywood shows is actually true. One would have to believe in it in order to substantiate such a claim. Perhaps we’ve all been that naive at one time. So did he leave because of a movie or was it some other reason and he used the movie as a cop out? Romance isn’t something that you do, it’s who you are. It’s not something that you learn, it should be a part of your DNA.  Speaking about a man who has somewhat of a Don Juan personality, as Kelly shows from time to time, I’d say he sorta fits the bill. The problem with Kelly is his overall persona. Is he too perfect in his musical genius?

I remember the days when his music was sex on tape. And when he revealed the other side of himself, it made me wonder if that was a part of him that lay dormant in his younger years. When he showed up on an award show and sang a song about a woman loves, unfortunately I can’t recall the title, but it was amazing. I think I watched it a few times and I’m NOT A FAN, but he was captivating. Had something changed? Is he looking for love? His original songs were about having a good time and enjoying yourself, kind of like club scene mantras. It was good stuff. But why love? And why now? Didn’t he love his wife?

When a person says they want to go deeper and “find love and romance” the question for me is, what did you have before and what’s missing? Love is not something that is discovered, it just is. So I will tackle the romance aspect of it. How many relationships lack that certain spark? I can name a few, but is that enough to solidify a relationships growth or newness?

Relationships start out with him buying flowers or doing little small gestures of kindness and it carries the relationship to another level. This blog is not coming out right! You ever attempt to write something and the more you write it, the less real it seems? I have no idea why I am dancing around this blog, ok I do know, but I can’t share it with you. I promised myself to not go personal with my blog.

Anyway, so many people (normally women) leave a relationship because they feel that the romance isn’t there anymore, actually, no one does this! Geesh! Frankly, I don’t blame him. Of course I would not want to be the woman who he was leaving. But is romance a two way street? Lets say you want to serenade a woman and upon your attempts, she shies away and acts like she is disinterested. We all have our way with relationships and our way of dealing with a partner, and when our gestures are being ignored or unappreciated, it can sting quite a bit. A man who is romantic, needs a woman who can receive his affections and vice versa. When a man meets a woman and he decides he wants to take her to a classy restaurant, he wants a woman who IS THAT RESTAURANT. Not some woman he has to clean up to BECOME that place. The same for a woman. No woman wants to have to CLEAN up her man in order to get him to join her. Women think that it is the mans responsibility to initiate all of the romance and they rarely use their skills to entice him. That’s gotta be a drag, especially when you’re ALWAYS the only one to light the candle and set the mood and the pace. OK, I’m done with this blog. You guys know how I am, if it’s too touchy, I won’t touch it. I really wanna lash into Robert, but for some reason, I just can’t. And it ain’t got nothing to do with god. I can relate to him on this one. Can’t you? I agree with him, if it’s not there, and you’re not being fulfilled, then move on and find happiness at whatever cost. Sounds cheesy yes, but it’s what I’ve told myself.

Here’s my point. You know I don’t write from a religious point of view. So all the scripture shit just doesn’t fly on my blog. I already know so many holier than thou religious folks will say his reasoning doesn’t constitute him leaving his wife, but ummm, yeah it does. If a man or woman is not happy in a relationship, then they should feel free to leave and love as they wish. Also, I want to say that the original story line read that, “R Kelly blames the notebook for his divorce.” but I don’t like that title. It should be said that He left his wife because he wanted more and upon watching that movie, he knew that he deserved better than what he had. Whats wrong with that? It’s not to say that his wife is a bad person or not caring, but what one feels deep inside themselves is something that can’t be faked. Either your partner and you do it for each other or you don’t.

Hopefully he finds what he is looking for and falls madly deeply in love with someone. Then perhaps I’d get to write about it. I can imagine what his music would be with his heart being fully immersed in someone. He is an amazing talent.

July 2018

I updated this blog to state, Since writing the fabulous story of his I regret to inform you that this fool hadn’t changed at all.  He just left his wife because he wanted more young girls. Since this story, he’s been accused of kidnapping and holding several young girls hostage and using them as sex slaves. Despite wanting to see the best in people we have to learn to separate talent from character. RKelly has great talent, but he’s sordid immature bastard.


Updated,  2020, After seeing people show interest in this OLD BLOG,  Robert Kelly is currently in jail for sex crimes against young girls. Although he is talented, that’s just ONE aspect of his life. He seems to be a predator to say the least and when I did the blog initially,  I’d overlooked or forgotten all about the Aaliyah story of him messing around with a 15 year old girl. I was 19 when that was happening so I didn’t think much of it.  Today? He’s a predator who preyed on little girls and deserves to be behind bars.