So after some careful thought on the subject, and one who thinks or at least thought that Tom was a hunk at one time, and I also like shorter guys, being taller myself, I know the reason he can’t keep a partner.

Tom wants his woman to be a wife and a lady and nothing else. He is shorter, so of course he has a complex about his height and has to fight harder to maintain his position as the head of his household. What he shows is that he is quite anal and really wants his relationship to be cookie cutter. Basically, the women are leaving because he wears them down. He likes taller women, as most short guys do, but when they get with them, they get all uppity and want to control everything about her, career included.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t abusive at least verbally or emotionally. He does give off that vibe that it’s his way or the highway. Katie got tired and wanted to live her own life and not be stuck being a housewife and nanny, and they couldn’t come to terms and so she walks. He may choose girls who aren’t that popular and who Hollywood wouldn’t miss much, and he has his way with them.

He seems like a decent guy, but you have to watch out for guys who want to DO AND BE everything. They may make you an offer to can’t refuse, but what will you give up of yourself in the process?

These guys are a dime a dozen and just because they are wealthy doesn’t mean that they don’t have bad intentions. Matter of fact, it’s even easier to be this way because of the money. Most people would say, (especially women), Katie Holmes should be happy to marry a guy like Tom Cruise, until they find out that he’s 5’6. Then the story changes. Some of these guys make it impossible for a woman to say no with their charm, but it’s really deception.

Regardless, Tom is a good looking man so it won’t be a problem with him getting another woman. Perhaps it was an arrangement to use Katie as a “surrogate” so to speak or maybe it was genuine love. People fall in and out of love all the time, so this isn’t rare. Now the fact that Cruise’s ex wives all were the age of 33 at the time of their split with him may be something else to talk about. Point for me, I have nothing. So anyway, you might need some tips on dating shorter men.

Tip #1 Wear your heels.
Tip #2 Wear your heels.
Tip #3 Wear your heels.

always wear your heels ladies. No matter how HE FEELS. If YOU ARE dating a shorter man and he has a problem with your heels and your height, then you might wanna consider dating another man. Seriously, if you’re insecure in a relationship with a shorter man, his height WILL NOT CHANGE! So stop wishing and hoping that you will wake up and and find him all of a sudden 6’0. It ain’t happenin. You must come to terms with your choice to date him. First of all, don’t you know that he will know that you like him honestly or not? He will know that you are fronting with him about it so…knock it off.

I know that Katie was taller than he was, but in the photos, she is most of the times looking slouchy. So that would naturally do something for her image if she has to continuously slouch in order to make him look good. Ummm, Tom Cruise already looked good, so there was no need to help him. But I bet her insistence on attempting to ease his ego could have ultimately caused the demise of their relationship. Tom Cruise walks big, even from watching his movies, he looks like a ‘man”, a real man. That’s attractive, and even his 2nd wife Nicole Kidman stated that she was basically so impressed with his sweeping her off her feet that she forgot about all “her own plans” and just wanted to be his wife. Well that was only able to last for a while, because even she at the ripe age of 33 decided to move on with her life and her career. So the big question is this. Is Tom Cruise the problem in his relationships or…???